We Are The Physics: Your Friend The Atom

Back in 2008 Scottish live wires We Are The Physics ensured a lasting adoration here with debut album We Are The Physics Are OK At Music, a release of excruciatingly addictive sonic blistering and unparalleled melodic wickedness. The past couple of years have seen the band lying below the radar on the whole leaving bands like Baddies to fly the flag of discord and synapse twisting creativity. Now with the demise of that band, the timing of the highly anticipated second album from We Are The Physics could not have been better planned and more welcome, and what a sensational return Your Friend The Atom is. Bigger, better, sharper, and soaked in a deeper well of mischief, the album is a glorious sonic sandstorm of eager energies, whiplash causing rhythms, and hungry ingenious hooks to set the senses ablaze, simply it is sensational.

Formed in 2005, the Glasgow band have returned as they left off in their debut, stretching sonic manipulation beyond sanity and fusing melodic flames and incendiary hooks into a seduction on par with the lure of women. Their sound has evolved into something which is quite rabid for your lust and attention, the band finding even greater explosive invention and devilish intent. They have become a musical WMD, a weapon of mass delirium. Continuing to sound like the mutant son of the insatiable union of Cardiacs, Devo, Polysics, and Spizzenergi, the quartet has tortured things to their limits and beyond to create something devastatingly unique and irresistible. Yes there are moments where you think Baddies, Franz Ferdinand, and Futureheads, but it is easy to argue that neither of those found the key to unleash the satanic attraction to be found on Your Friend The Atom.

From the fizzing circuitry opening up Go Go Nucleo For Science there is immediate notice that senses, emotions, and sanity is in danger. Within seconds the rhythms are thumping the ear for attention and the sonic mists twisting like electricity deeply within. Into its feisty stride the track is soon disrupting thoughts with its agitated rampage and sci-fi sourced weaves. It is brief, acute, and so delicious, the perfect start to the album and to mark the full return of the contagion which is We Are The Physics.

Applied Robotics scampers and teases over the emotions next with crazed vocals and harmonies thrust through entangled and surreal melodic expulsions. Like the first track once into the full adrenaline driven core of its presence, the song burns like sonic lime and ignites orgasmic ardour, band and track devious sirens for which there is no defence.

The crunchy (e.g. Apollo 11), with its menacing leering basslines and abrasive guitar tooled sonics is brilliance at its most greedy, the song a flaying and bruising wanton intrusion leading into the equally sexy yet less destructive Napoleon Loves Josephine. The new single from the album, it is a crescendo of surf and indie punk sounds fired through an unparallel yet connected discord driven elegance. With vocals as unrestrained as the sounds, which actually applies to every song, note and syllable on the release, the track is a mesmeric and addiction sparking glory.

Without boring by going through every song and leaving plenty for your discovery, just take it as read that the album never meanders from sheer musical lawlessness and irrepressible magnificence. The likes of And So Now We’re Wrestling With The Body Politic, the downlifting heart igniting There Is No Cure For The Common Cold So Don’t Expect A Cure For Cancer, and the sonically ravenous Dildonics, not to forget Goran Ivanisevic, a track which is a corruptive celebration of either determination or craziness, just send the passions into uncontrollable overload.

Further favs in what is an album of nothing but wonderful invention include All My Friends Are JPEGs, a slap in the face for us all, and the masterful Junkie Buns which just presses the button to unadulterated desire with its scarring energies, intimidating rhythms, and barbed hooks. Fourteen songs long, Your Friend The Atom simply goes viral once it slips through the ear to bring one of the most enjoyable and rewarding releases to the senses and heart for quite a while. We Are The Physics have elevated our passions to greater heights and are sure to enflame all others who step into their scientific, cultural, and social disassembled world.


RingMaster 19/10/2012

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Lizzard: Out of Reach

Out of Reach from French rock band Lizzard is one of those releases which is not going to exactly set the world alight but ensures with accomplished ease that the time in its company is highly enjoyable and satisfying. It is a release which draws from many seeds and influences to create its own commanding and attentive sounds to fully engagement with. Often new interpretations of existing recipes with some fresh imaginative ingredients can be as pleasing as any new invention; Out of Reach is the certain proof.

Lizzard was formed in 2006 with the meeting of vocalist and guitarist Mathieu Ricou, drummer Katy Elwell, and bassist William Knox. Finding a common musical vision the trio set about creating their own unique and powerful rock sounds, and from their demo La Criée the following year the band began grabbing close attention and acclaim. Shows around France followed as the band released their mini album Venus in 2008, all the time strong responses, reviews, and fan reception building. The past couple of years saw Lizzard sharing stages and supporting the likes of Gojira, Punish Yourself, Loudblast, Enhancer and more, again furthering their stock and standing within rock circles.

Last year the band reunited with Rhys Fulber (Paradise Lost, Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly…), who they recorded Venus with, to record their debut album which sees its release through Klonosphere/Season of Mist. The result is a collection of songs which ripple with craft and impressive songwriting. They have a distinct individuality from others whilst pulling many essences from bands to tone their appealing presences. It is a fine line the band walk, bringing a sound which has its own breath whilst using open influences in its creation but they achieve it with success.

The album opens with the powerful and impressive Disintegrity. It is a song built on striking riffs and a seductive groove fuelled by beckoning melodic whispers. With its crunching bass tones and commanding rhythms, not to mention the fine expressive vocals of Ricou, the track more than echoes the crisp sounds of Sick Puppies. There is a definite similarity which is moved into a different element by the sharp guitar play and imaginative twists in direction. Sometimes they are subtle, mere aural winks but always noticeable.

The following track The Orbiter adds extra coarse energy to the air through the perpetually impressive bass sounds of Knox and the incendiary guitar craft of Ricou. Like many of the songs it is one you feel you already know though its passage is a continually new unveiling, the effect making the enjoyment all the more instant and compelling. As it plays mixes of bands such as Tool and Soundgarden come to mind to which you can easily add spicery from the likes of Foo Fighters and Nonpoint too.

As the likes of the title track, Loose Ends, and the excellent Fake World share their varied and impressive invention, the album continues to capture the imagination and enthusiasm. It does not take one into new inspiring realms but is as potent in igniting pleasure from a band that feels like a new but destined to be friend.

The two instrumentals Skyline and Backslide are more than decent, the first the lead into or at least atmosphere setter for Loose Ends, and the latter a fiery piece of sonic expression. Both do not exactly over whelm the ear but do not feel out of place within the context of the album.

Twisted Machine stands alongside the first two tracks as the biggest highlights on Out Of Reach. It is a pulsating and snarling piece of rock which is full of intrigue and inspiring energies to leave one absorbed by its imaginative and infectious adrenaline driven attack. Once more it reminds of Sick Puppies which is not a bad thing as the track shows.

Out of Reach is a great album which is full of passion, skill, and undemanding but riveting songs, what more could you want?


Ring Master 19/10/2012

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