So Long, Space Girl – Your Heroes Are All Dead

It was more than a murmur of good things happening which accompanied the sending our way by our friend Tom at POLYMATH PR of the new album from UK outfit SO LONG, SPACE GIRL. It was a wide spread suggestion sparked by the band’s previous debut full-length, Stranded of 2021, and has continued to gather pace and sparked keen anticipation of its successor by a great many. Your Heroes Are All Dead is our introduction to the quartet and we can only say that every breath of positivity has been proven and more.

Formed in 2019 by bassist Paul Coppock and drummer Anina Barrett, SO LONG, SPACE GIRL springs a sound which is part alt rock, part pop punk and all contagion. To be honest there is plenty more flavouring and genre embracing inclinations in its breath and creative character as proven by their new offering; a variety which has drawn references to the likes of PLACEBO, GREEN DAY and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE amongst others. As we said, Stranded earned much praise and many eager fans the way of a band, the trio of frontman/guitarist AJ Willis, Coppock and Barrett using the pandemic to further hone their sound and bring the release to fruition. With guitarist Rob Mauro joining the band mid-2022, SO LONG, SPACE GIRL look set to stir up keen attention again with Your Heroes Are All Dead and we cannot help thinking with even greater and broader success.

As with its predecessor, Your Heroes Are All Dead was produced, mixed and mastered by John Mitchell at Outhouse Studios (Reading, UK) and, after a quick hindsight listen to the first album, we can reveal it brings a heavier thrust and keener edge to the band’s sound yet without defusing or diminishing the instinctive catchiness in its energy and incitement. Indeed, that aspect is if anything even more virulent in its tempting and immediately luring ears within the album’s opening title track.

It is a song which straight away moves in on the senses with a sense of drama and tension, almost prowling the listener as rhythms entice. Quickly the track breaks into a robust stroll, Willis’ vocals just as keen as the alignment of choppy and nagging riffs and enlivening rhythms. As mentioned, that inherent catchiness is swiftly at play even within its shadows and evocative musing, the track providing the album with an impressive start.

The following Spineless shares a calmer invitation as melodic intimation wraps its welcome and continuing blossoming alongside the potent tones of Willis. Captivation certainly lines every aspect of the outstanding track but equally there is an emotive anxiety which resonates and fair to say that it was soon under the skin inviting participation; its alt rock and heavier, more imposing instincts only adding to that manipulation before Peaches And Cream uncaged its punk ‘n’ roll exploits. Pop punk energetic and indie rock resourceful, the song similarly had us hooked, bouncing with relish to its animated infectiousness.

Even if our favourite track choice nestled between the album’s first three proposals, there was no let-up in rousing and rich temptation across the release, next up I Hate You But I Hate Myself More luring our keenest attention with its sonic spiralling and melodic vining around almost pugilistic rhythms while Reasons had us swiftly adding our shuffle to its creative dance. Again, a mix of styles honed into a lively and alluring slice of pop rock, the track shared more of the band’s growing individuality, one ringing out with zeal within zestful dynamics. There is also something familiar to the band’s sound involved here and throughout the release but one hard to define and it certainly adds to the easy accessibility and involvement in their songs.

The glorious Turn It Off with its sonically fiery and rhythmically compelling incitement more than held court next, vocals and its multi-styled fertility similarly orchestrating the keenest reactions before Like A Bomb aligned punk and rock instincts in its evocative contemplation and in turn Rust entangled inherent catchiness with feisty almost irritable rock ‘n’ roll. Even if having to follow a major moment in the album’s landscape, both tracks left ears greedy for more as did Tonight with its emotive ballad, the song initially a simple but rich union of keys and voice which grew over time into a powerful, mercurial and spirit enlivening serenade.

 The album goes out on a real high through the final trio of the contagion and defiance sharing Pull The Trigger, the atmospherically beguiling and physically dramatic proposal of The Great Undying and A Long Way To Run, A Longer Way To Climb which flows out of its predecessor and subsequently escalates in ear sweeping anthemic prowess. The final two are like two parts of a greater creative exploration and together bring the rather fine release to a mighty conclusion, Your Heroes Are All Dead a release which just grows in impressiveness and enjoyment with every listen.

Your Heroes Are All Dead is released February 23rd. 

Pete RingMaster 17/02/2023

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