The Bobby Lees – Hollywood Junkyard EP

THE BOBBY LEES is a band which certainly has come to the attention and passions of a great many including people such as Henry Rollins and Debbie Harry as well as Mike Patton and the good people at Ipecac Recordings to which the US quartet has just signed but not yet breached the rich widespread recognition and awareness that their releases and rabidly individual sound has deserved. Indeed the press release for new EP, Hollywood Junkyard generally talks of introducing a new band in 2022 and for a great many THE BOBBY LEES will be one but surely for not much longer given the thrills and spills provided by their new release.

Woodstock, New York hailing, THE BOBBY LEES hooked praise and a potent following through their 2018 debut album Beauty Pageant and especially its Jon Spencer produced successor, Skin Suit, two years later. The Hollywood Junkyard EP is another unique proposal of the band’s garage rock/punk rock bred sound, feral rock ‘n’ roll which is a joyful itch on ears, a taunting fusion of essences seemingly drawn from the likes of Johnny Thunders, Pixies, The Stooges and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs but hungrily unique which only incited regular scratching.

The release opens with one formidable track of the year contender, the EP’s title track strolling in on a rhythmic march to prowl ears and the imagination with the vocals of Sam Quartin leading the virulent predation. With greater authority by the second, the track burrowed deep and with manipulative prowess, equally Quartin’s tones grow wilder as the song edged to the psychotic and became even more irresistible just as swiftly. Blazes of sound and ferocity only escalated the track’s inherent pull on ears and lust, as we said, a song of the year contender by a mile.

Given a challenge by the might and addictiveness of its predecessor, the following Strange Days laughed at any doubts it could compete as keys and voice immediately cast a spell on ears with low key but greed fuelling tempting. There is also a predacious quality to the track even in its less menacing and imposing character and similarly a glorious nagging in its simplicity which was under the skin in no time and orchestrating body and vocal chords as well as the imagination, its exploits blossoming with almost theatrical wonder.

 Dig Your Hips had a punk rock familiarity to it which instantly gripped ears and appetite, its untamed demeanour and equally wild rock ’n’ roll instincts infesting limbs just as dextrously. As with the first two tracks, it is a proposition which almost stalks the listener, springing further menace and captivation within its clamorous finale.

EP closing Be My Enemy is a fiery slab of rock ‘n’ roll; garage rock with seventies punk inclinations and a sweaty heat of sonic dexterity which additionally shimmered in the melodic haze of the track. Though maybe not gripping as those before it or bringing on lustful vapours, it certainly had body and spirit wrapped up in its rhythmic incitement and impassioned flames, again pleasure headed and escalated by Quartin’s tenacious and wildly compelling tones.

The Hollywood Junkyard EP is simply glorious, a thickly rousing and exhilarating slab of feral rock sure to make THE BOBBY LEES indelibly prominent on far more and broader radars.

Hollywood Junkyard EP is out now via Ipecac Recordings.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

June 29   Birmingham, UK  Hare & Hound

June 30   Nottingham, UK  Bodega HLD

July 1  Dublin, IE  The Workman’s Club

July 2  Limerick, IE  Kasbah

July 3  Belfast, IE  Ulster Sports Club

July 5  Glasgow, UK  Broadcast

July 6  Newcastle, UK  The Cluny 2

July 7  Leeds, UK  Brudenel Social Club

July 8  London, UK  The Shacklewell Arms

July 9  Brighton, UK  The Hope

July 10  Gierle, BE  Sjock Festival

July 12  Malmö, SE  Plan B

July 13   Copenhagen, DK  Stairway

July 15  Riegsee, DE  Raut Oak Festival

July 16   Breitenbach Am Inn, AT  Gasthof Schwaiger

July 19   Montpellier, FR  Secret Place

July 20  Meymac, FR  Open Air Marketplace

July 21  Binic, FR  Binic Folk Blues Festival

July 22  Bordeaux, FR  Relâche Festival  

Pete RingMaster 23/06/2022

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