Ophelia’s Eye – Fight For Us

Unleashing their individually ferocious tempest of metalcore meets melodic death/modern metal, Swiss outfit Ophelia’s Eye has just released their new EP, Fight For Us. It is a three track tempest of sound and enterprise which simply commanded attention.

After going through the guises of Project Penny and later on Red Fire Dragon, their name inspired from E. T. A. Hoffmann’s novel The Sandman, Ophelia’s Eye solidified their line-up and refined their sound as last year opened up. Consisting of vocalist Michel Egloff-Sieber, guitarists Remo Lemp (lead), Corinne Ryter (rhythm), bassist Sandro Suter and drummer Marco Schweizer, the band has been stirring up praise and attention as they released the tracks singularly that make up Fight For Us. Now united in the EP’s own uncaging they make for a formidable proposal that unites something familiar in certain ways and individual in a host of other aspects.

The likes of As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage and Arch Enemy are cited as providing inspiration to the band’s sound and where that recognisable essence arises but as opener and EP title track swiftly reveals the character and trespass of the band’s music is theirs in full roar. The force of riffs and wiring of grooves that unite provide an instant surge of tempting, rhythms a rallying harassment around the voracious tones of Egloff-Sieber and as the song grew, twisted and turned so the enterprise and craft of song and band caught the imagination.

Though making a persuasive call straight away it is fair to say that the release has increasingly impressed and gripped ears with increasing listens with second track Speak Words of Destruction especially compelling. Again, it is a track which harries the senses whilst bounding them in a web of melodic and sonic intrigue, escalating both with imaginative moves and captivating enterprise without either defusing the instinctive at times feral tempestuous which fuels its discontent. The closing track, itself called Ophelia’s Eye, opens with a calm suggestive melodic caress on ears. Swiftly though its inner turmoil is exposed and confronting the senses, in turn sparking a nagging of grooves and voracity of riffs and rhythms. The hook of those grooves continued to tease and compel increased attention, the song growing by the second in bestial and creative resourcefulness to firmly take favourite track honours.

From potent seeds Fight For Us is a grower which has us backing the claim of a great many that Ophelia’s Eye are destined to swiftly climb the metal scene, certainly with more striking moments like this.

Fight For Us is out now; available @ https://opheliaseye.bandcamp.com/

https://www.opheliaseyeband.com/   https://www.facebook.com/OpheliasEye  

Pete RingMaster 12/08/2021

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