Bang Bang Firecracker – See Evil

It was back in 2019 that we were introduced to Bang Bang Firecracker courtesy of debut album Welcome To The Slaughterhouse. It was a fusion of familiarity and fresh individuality within a fiery weave of varied metal and classic/modern rock that gripped attention and stoked great pleasure. It was also the first outing of the solo project of guitarist/vocalist Kieron “K” Berry (Razorwire, Pain Control, Extreme O.D, and Enemo-J). Since then the band has become a trio with bassist Marcus Wrench, who also featured on that debut, and drummer Bob Ansell joining Berry who recently got in touch to introduce the band’s next outing, the See Evil EP.

It is the first of three EPs which will make up second album, See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil. With the band seemingly already hungrily writing songs even as that first album was emerging in the world of attention, the See Evil EP brings more of the same dextrous sound and nagging temptation which lit up Welcome To The Slaughterhouse yet also finds its own character with a more classic metal breath fuelling its roar. It makes for a potent proposal which swiftly sees EP opener Unleash The Devil preying on the anticipation and appetite fired up by that earlier encounter. The song prowls almost stalks ears, at times a predator with ill intent but in other moments an infectious tempest of metal and heavy rock.

The great drama loaded start is followed and soon eclipsed by G.F.Y, the gnarly bass of Wrench quickly hitting personal tastes. Its own thrash bred instincts are soon brewing within another metal borne sonic web, the song also predacious in air and catchy in grooves and enterprise as Berry snarls at the world. Individual prowess and united craft forge gripping drama which is escalated by the release closing Chase The Wasted.

As the second song escalated the success of the first, so the EP’s third raised the game again, its thrash nagging addictive and cauldron of grooves and sonic flames gripping; the united call of vocals epitomising its anthemic might. It is a superb end to the first part of the new album, a release which snarls and challenges a corrupt world and its societies with thickly rousing prowess.

The See Evil EP is out now.

Pete RingMaster 29/07/2021

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