Bound In Fear – Eternal EP

If like us you have heard the suggestion that British deathcore quintet Bound In Fear is one seriously striking and potentially ground-breaking protagonist upon the UK extreme metal landscape but not yet felt their menacing power then let us and their new EP back that intimation. The Eternal EP is a gripping slab of the band’s fearsome and seriously compelling sound which for five invasive tracks had us enthralled, terrorised and opening up to inner fears and external menaces. It devours every second of attention and every aspect of the psyche whilst rewarding with equally intensive enterprise for one ravening pleasure.

Formed in 2016, Bound In Fear has since forged a rich reputation and perpetually evolving, heavy debilitating sound; a trespass which has seen their debut EP, Regicide, of the following year and 2019 debut album, The Hand Of Violence, gather eager plaudits. The latter truly sparked declarations of major things ahead as it laid the seeds of invention, sound and imagination which similarly has ignited their acclaimed live prowess and now hungrily blossoms within Eternal.

Wrapped in the stunning artwork of Shindy Reehal at Shindy Design, the EP instantly immersed ears and thoughts in the clutches of opener Cardinal Sin, the guitars of Ben Sutherland and Steven Hunt weaving an atmospheric cloud which looms over the senses whilst bearing the invasive throes and textures of the band’s creative tempest. The throat running declarations of Ben Mason magnetically pulled attention as the sounds rising up around him, his mercurial delivery matched by the twisting maelstrom of enterprise that soon devours the listener. Every second is unpredictable and invasive, the carnal savagery of rhythms as skilfully cultured as they are rabidly delivered by bassist Keir Campbell and drummer Alex Richins. It is a gripping start to the release, every breath and touch thick drama and infernal trespass which consistently pulled us deeper into the song’s hellacious depths.

The following Left to Drown similarly imposed itself on ears and pleasure, invading the body with salacious intent and fearsome threat before unleashing venomous grooves and rhythmic encroachment which had body and emotions doing its bidding. With again, atmospheric melodic intimation haunting the climate of song and thought as menace stalks word and breath, the track proved a corrosive fascination.

My Mind, My Prison is next up, immediately burrowing deep with its grooved vines and rhythmic intensity. Again each passing second brings fresh twist and unpredictability matched in strength and endeavour by the band’s individual craft and united imagination. At times the band’s sound is uncomfortable as their uncompromising lyrical and emotional exploration but always gripping ears and feeding keener captivation, this and its successor Everblack epitomising that prowess. The fourth track draws thoughts into the nightmare of domestic/child abuse, descending the listener through various inescapable levels of menace and intimidation until it has devoured every aspect of emotional attention. Such the tormenting drama and intimate openness of the song, it took many listens to fully digest all the musical dexterity and imagination behind its power and every time new awareness and revelations only increased its potency and impressiveness.

Being released from the track’s clutches only leaves the exhausted senses open for the devouring of The Harrowing, the EP’s closing track brewing in threat and daunting suggestion until, with the ever spiteful and resourceful lead of Mason, its uncages its intrusive tentacles. Every creative corruption and insightful vocal assail is a physical and emotional infringement yet equally a succour to unite with even as the predacious encounter skilfully terrorises and broodingly prowls the listener.

Thick in evolving imagination and never relenting in its shifting dynamics, the track imposes a deep imprint which is only outdone by the overall impact of the Eternal EP, a release which indeed ravenously confirms Bound In Fear as one of the UK’s seriously exciting extreme metal prospects.   

The Eternal EP is out now via Unique Leader Records; available @

Pete RingMaster 20/03/2021

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