Zero Again – Revert To Nothing 7” EP

We will warn you now, trying to grab a copy of the new 7” single from UK punks Zero Again might be on the side of impossible such its demand in pre-orders and from its release on March 19th but TRY because it is one must have incitement.

Featuring members and ex-members of Warwound, Grand Collapse, Stampin’ Ground, Regret, Flux Of Pink Indians, Decadence Within, Bring To Ruin, Ephemeral Foetus and many, Zero Again is a proposal which immediately sparks intrigue, one already escalated by the band’s debut EP, Out of the Crooked Timber of Humanity​.​.​., released this past February. With barely a breath allowed to take that striking introduction in, the band uncages Revert To Nothing to further ignite the excitement of their emergence.

From the first second of the EP, the band’s hardcore bred sound gripped eager attention, its fury and voracity courting a weave of esurient grooves and hooks matched in dexterity by ravenous rhythms. My World Now is the source of that immediate captivation, the song erupting on the senses with corrosive intensity and dextrous fury before breaking into a virulent stride driven by swinging rhythms and lit by post punk hued sonic intoxication. It proved swiftly irresistible, indeed an addiction as hooks fly and feral vocals roar. Like a twisted fusion of Gang Of Four and The Dead Kennedys dosed with Killing Joke ravening, the track alone makes the release worthy of greedy attention.

It is not alone in that strength of draw though, the following Not As I Do just as ravenously tempting even in its more corruptive and ferocious design. Barely seizing a minute of one’s time, the track is punk rock ferity, an insatiable onslaught of crabby intent and uncompromising quarrel which had us savagely swinging before, to open up the EP’s B-side, Tomorrow Disappears unleashed its own creative barbarity. Again the band’s dual vocal trespass sits perfectly within the tempest of sound, the third track compared to its predecessor bearing a more even tempered and creatively animated tempting for ears to devour and again proves one which is bold in imagination and devious in manipulation.

Angry Corpses is a gloriously nagging affair with its riffs instantly scraping at the senses, softening their resistance ready for the vocal and physical enmity to follow within which guitars spin a sinister web where every thread is raw captivation as rhythms relentlessly jab. That mix of styles the band evokes once more invigorates their hardcore breeding, the result something which keenly burrowed under the skin as post punk trespass worked on the psyche and punk grooving incited the body.

The EP finishes up with Making Sense Of Reality and maybe its most insidiously manipulative moment. That Killing Joke spicing again colours its initial insistence, a broader punk and new wave fusion awash in the track’s primal hardcore uproar with just a touch of PiL to its corruption.

It is a glorious end to a simply superb and irresistible trespass. As we say it might prove hard veering towards impossible to get a physical copy of Revert To Nothing even a day after release but try and persevere, the rewards are ground breaking.

The Revert To Nothing 7” EP is available now through Kibou Records (UK) / Cimex Records (Sweden) / Sick World Records (New Zealand) / Little Jan’s Hammer Records (Spain).

Pete RingMaster 20/03/2021

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