Novacrow – Black Syrup EP


Giving their own distinct riff driving snarl to hard rock, UK rockers Novacrow are another band beginning to grab attention right now; partly through a sound which grabs the spirit with anthemic tenacity and in many ways through a stage presence, already renowned for its high octane anything goes nature, which promises “an energetic and erection-inducing live show”. Add the recent release of the band’s debut EP, Black Syrup, and it is easy to see a snowball effect on new fans and acclaim being incited by their sleaze coated and blood strewn, rebellion in the belly rock ‘n’ roll.

Formed late 2013, Liverpool hailing Novacrow quickly sparked local attention whilst last year saw an already expanded presence sparking national spotlights as the band played gigs all over Britain and lit up the web with the release of their zombie-spoof horror music video for the track Fight The Horde!!!

Now they are truly introducing themselves with their eagerly awaited debut EP; five slices of raucously melodic rock ‘n’ roll keen to nudge the broader UK rock scene into closer attention. From the opening track, it is a success easy to see; the groove infested Fat Frog getting kicking things off in virulent style. A throaty riff is the first lure, it soon igniting a prowling entanglement of fiery grooves and predacious rhythms with mischief in their creative eye. The sultry flame of Jonyx’s guitar sizzles as it wraps the song’s already established dark hues and in turn the swiftly emerging tones of  Kitty Synthetica (Staunton). There is the air of a temptress and the snarl of a fighter in her expression and delivery; a union rhythmically matched by bassist Federico Spera and drummer Torben Schmidt-Hansen. Continuing to crawl over the listener with spicily enticing grooves within a stoner-esque hued devilment, the track boldly rumbles and forcibly entices with its anthemic irritability and sonic enterprise; the increasingly magnetic vocal presence of Synthetica sitting at the helm.

Novacrow EP 2016 - Blacky Syrup Cover Art_RingMasterReviewFight The Horde!!! engulfs the listener in a voracious zombie outbreak with a tide of hungry riffs from Synthetica and Jonyx courted by Spera’s predatory bass cast bait. Hooks and rhythms catch ears and imagination at every turn whilst the vocals and melodic flames add further magnetic drama. Again the band fluidly mix contrasts of textures and aggression, seducing and assaulting with an eager and accomplished prowess before unleashing the EP’s title track, a re-recorded version of a big fan favourite. This too prowls and stalks ears as flirtatious vocals and winding sonic tendrils almost ooze over the senses whilst rhythms jab and grooves smoulder. Spera’s bass bait is especially grouchy and in turn irresistible, adding a threat around the sultry tones of Synthetica and the similarly suggestive exploits of the guitars. A blend of hard and alternative rock with classic and surf rock hues, the track keeps the impressive tempting and imagination of the release on a lofty high.

Warm melodies and captivating harmonies colour the following Set in Stone, the song a less invasive proposal than its predecessors as it shows another side of invention and ideation to songwriting and sound. It still carries an irritable essence to its riffs and adventurous rhythms though whilst exploring a melody rich tapestry resulting in arguably the most inventive and adventurous song on the EP and definitely one of its most striking and enjoyable.

Closing on the brief evocative instrumental of Colourless, band and EP leave ears gripped and enjoyment full. It is fair to say that the Black Syrup EP might not be embracing major originality as a whole but it has plenty of fresh and exciting twists and turns that suggest Novacrow are on the right path to finding the ingredient which will truly set them apart. Certainly from start to finish, the release is nothing less than thorough rousing fun; the kind of quality which makes a first look at any band standout.

The Black Syrup EP is out now digitally and on CD @

Pete RingMaster 22/03/2016

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