Inferion – The Desolate

The Desolate is an album with simply one intent, to crawl within and consume through blistering incessant riffs and dark malicious melodies and grooves. Offering black metal in a more traditional direct form, Miami band Inferion has created in The Desolate an album that registers deeply even if it does not quite enflame the heart at the same time. Accomplished and very satisfying the release successfully engages the ear, filling it with incisive groves that swarm around the senses whilst pummelling with an eager intensity which never threatens to derail the creative elements of the music.

The Desolate has been a long time in the making its initial recording beginning back in 2005. It began with the band as a four piece writing songs, eventually becoming a project of just  band founder  guitarist/drummer/vocalist/composer Nick Reyes and bassist Frank Gross (ex-Kult Ov Azazel). From its beginnings Reyes’ other musical obligations and his duty with the US Army kept the album on the back burner though still an ongoing if slow project. The album was written and recorded in various locations including Iraq where Reyes was stationed for a while.

The band itself began in 1996 as a quartet influenced by and playing songs by the likes of Dimmu Borgir, Venom, Bathory and Burzum. Through line-up changes Inferion released their debut Infinite Dying Souls in 1998, Given to the Ground in 1999, The Cursed Path in 2002, and the acclaimed Firewar in 2003. This last album brought them a firmer and more eager attention than ever before as did the 2005 split release with Heaven Ablaze called The Arts of Blasphemy (Divine Hatred).

The album shows its intent from the opening notes of first track ‘Among the Twilight’, Reyes spewing out venomous growls over rampaging dark imposing riffs and rampant nasty rhythms. It and the album lay their cards ion the table straight away, a declaration of what is ahead, proud and formidable black metal steeped in its origins. The scorching groove that veins the track is delicious showing that aggressive black sounds can come with pure irresistible essences. The melodies are precise and openly evident without weakening the strength and intensity of the track and vice versa the power does not diminish or consume the intelligent and emotive sounds within.

On the surface the album carries a similarity across its chest but dig within its heavy ribs and there is a strong varied creativity waiting to be discovered. ‘The Killing Process ‘, the excellent ‘Underlife’, and the album’s best track ‘Purest Evil’ are the finest examples, all three at the closing end of The Desolate. The trio grind across the senses with irrepressible but intelligent thoughtful ideas that grab the imagination. They still hit hard and with little mercy but carry something extra to engage and intrigue with and easily stand out as the highlights on what is a very good album.

The remainder of the songs are a lesson in how to punish and destroy without leaving their target a bloodied wreck too soon. Songs like ‘Forgotten Ethereal Visions’ and the ferocious ‘Moment Of Anger’ strike with a maliciousness that makes one wonder how much is inspired by the situations the writer has found himself in via his military duties. Harsh and merciless the tracks throw assault after assault upon the ear ensuring their victims wither and whimper whilst enjoying every second.

The Desolate admittedly might not be the most original but it offers plenty to create an eagerness to absorb. The album also does not exactly ignite a burning passion for it or inspire an invitation to make frequent returns but it certainly draws the respect and appreciation of its creativity and satisfying body it deserves. Inferion has returned with an album that is impressive and that everyone should at least check out which you can @ their bandcamp profile

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