Thee Exciters – Perpetual Happening

From the opening pulses of its first track, Perpetual Happening the new album from Thee Exciters grabs hold of and parties on the senses.  The experience is raucous, at times very dirty, and constantly refreshing as the UK garage punk band unleash track after track of vibrant infernal rock ‘n’ roll. The second album from the Southampton based band leaves one sweaty, energised and totally fulfilled which is all one can ask of a release though Perpetual Happening satisfies far deeper than most other releases heard in recent months if not the past year.

Formed in 2003 Thee Exciters have garnered increasing acclaim and drawn more and more to their sonic sounds via their self released debut single ‘Johnny’s Too Messed Up’ in 2004 and their releases since joining Dirty Water Records of the EP Dial ‘E’ For Excitement of 2006 and impressive debut album Spending Cash, Talking Trash two years later. Their follow up album again released on Dirty Water Records brings more gutsy fuzzed up almost primal slices of rock ‘n’ roll that sound like the bastard offspring of a beer soaked union between the likes of MC5, The Stooges with The Clash and Sham  69, with added seed from the psychotic delights of The Cramps and Reverend Horton Heat. An infectious flavouring that spurs on Thee Exciters own scuzzed up garage punk sound.

The album breaks loose with opening track ‘Dinosaur Traffic’, the track throbbing with bluesy riffs, swinging basslines and group shouts behind the brazen vocal delivery of Paul Le Brock. A delicious start toned in echo that riles up the senses for the even more impressive and excitable things to come. There is an instinctive feel towards the music that Thee Exciters make, it wakes up the raw energy within as well as in some ways give that wonderful feel of reinvented nostalgia. Though it has to be said for any bands or sounds they remind of or bring in they are mere spices within the distinct Thee Exciters feast of sound.

The fuzzy title track follows to mesmerise and pulsate within the ear, the insistent yet veiled key sound sweeping across behind the acidic guitar of Justin Cunningham a teasing element. From here the album explodes into a higher intensity and pleasure. The filth coated punk rock of ‘Flower Punk Girl’ sees the band living up to its name thrusting irresistible original UK punk intent with traces of Stiff Little Fingers and Subway Sect. Its raw, dirty, and with the drums and bass urgent and forceful totally outstanding.

The album is highly consistent but certain tracks stand out more as in the again punk fuelled garage rock gem ‘Paint Me’. As with all the tracks really it is impossible to fully tag the sound fully for in this alone there are plenty of psychedelic tones, psychobilly blooded veins and more running through the punked up rock ‘n’ roll, the diverse elements combining to make the band as exhilarating as they are. The album’s two other classic tracks are the same, varied and irrepressible. ‘Hang Loose’ may not have the most original sixties sound but it is an infectious burst through the ear to sweep one up in its distorted melodic arms, and make it impossible to resist its eager hooks and intention to ignite the senses.

The best track on Perpetual Happening is easily ‘Devils Make Up’, pure hypnotic psychobilly. The track gyrates with insistent rhythms, voodoo spawn riffs, and seedy barroom piano, and with essences of The Cramps, Meteors, and Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers oozing throughout, the album is a must listen from this track alone, though it is backed up by plenty more impressive tracks like the psychotic ‘Mirrors Never Lie’ and the uncomplicated and direct glory of the blues punk ‘Killing You’.

Perpetual Happening is masterful and a deep pleasure that whips up a storm as it winds itself into the senses to incite and ignite more pleasure than can be found in a blues and spirit fuelled whorehouse. Thee Exciters are back with a bang, rejoice and enjoy yourself with Perpetual Happening.

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Baddies – Bronto

We all have certain bands and artists that offer that extra excitement when news of a new release from them breaks. So it is here at The RingMaster Review whenever anything escapes from the creative ingenuity that comes in the guise of Baddies. Since the release of their debut single ‘Battleships’ in 2008 there has been a lust and passion for their hi-octane, fiercely melodic, hook littered indie punk pop here that could be classed as stalkerish. So when news of a new single broke out juices dribbled and anticipation rocketed.

From Southend in the UK, Baddies made up of identical twins Michael and Jim Webster (vocals/guitar and drums/vocals respectively), Simon Bellamy (guitar/vocals), and Danny Rowton (bass/vocals), blew a musical storm with their debut album, Do The Job in 2009 and impressive performances at the likes of the Reading Festival and Glastonbury. Their infectious and energised high intensity pop taking the band to the hearts of a multitude of passionate fans who previously thought the likes of Kaisers Chiefs, The Fratellis, and Franz Ferdinand were the real deal. Tracks like ‘Colin’, ‘Open One Eye’, and ‘Beat Our Chests’  on their debut album easily set the band apart as the most essential  and outstanding pop punk band in the UK if not the world. So news of a new single, as it was when ‘Tiger Face’ was released last year, raises the temperature and pulse rate and makes time whilst waiting aggravatingly slow.

Previously single ‘Tiger Face’, impressive as it was also raised questions, for it was in many ways a more experimental track than seen before. Well crafted and as always giving an abundance of dazzling melodies it was less hook loaded than expected and was a track that demanded a more focused attention, though the reward for that was as satisfying as ever with Baddies. ‘Bronto’ finds the band fusing the same intricate craft heard in its predecessor to the incessant attention seeking glory they instinctively blaze upon, and sees Baddies back to their rip roaring insatiable best. The quartet has evolved and dare one say musically matured too but without losing or neglecting the urgent fun and irresistible lures they are loved for.

Bronto’ released via Medical Records and the first single from their forthcoming album Build out in March, announces itself upon a prying synth sound, its flow permeating the ear before exploding into incisive and exhilarating thumping basslines, sparkling melodies and expressive enthused vocals. Group chants, addictive hooks, siren spawn choruses and cascading key bursts pulsate throughout the track to mesmerise and draw one into its wonderfully consuming kaleidoscope of sound. The single also has a firmer bite to it, the band adding a punk fuelled intensity that nips at the ear as the sounds swoop and flutter their seductive melodic eyes lashes within.

The song is stunning and Baddies have shown they are still the most exciting pop band around by far. If addictive melodies and perfectly formed songs were illegal Baddies would not see blue skies again. The only problem with ‘Bronto’ is now we have to wait for a few more long painful weeks for Build, the swines.

Ringmaster 31/01/2012 Registered & Protected


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