Dan Webb – Hyperspace Clearance EP

The vibrancy and energy that pours out of the Hyperspace Clearance EP from Australian singer/songwriter Dan Webb is not only impressive but reassuring, restoring belief that the genre does not have to be downbeat and moody to sound powerful. With his new four track release the 21 year-old ignites the senses and pleasures the ear with his keyboard driven pop rock songs and defies anyone not to have a good time whilst enjoying his musical fruits.

The first thing that is obvious from the Melbourne maestro is the fullness of sound he brings to each track with simply keyboards, his stylish vocal, and an incisive rhythm backing. The well written tracks are packed to their seams with exciting delivery, colourful melodies, and pulsing harmonies, resulting in an energy and fatness of sound many bands would beg for. The EP also suggests Webb’s live shows are a breath taking thrilling burst of energy, something the UK can find out in September with his upcoming live dates. Webb said about his live shows that “The live experience always contains a sense of spontaneity. I’ve got a great band and I like to keep them on their toes so if I want to extend an instrumental jam or something… we’ll just go for it. Each show’s bursting with frenetic energy – it’s no dismal affair”.

Webb first came to notice with his first EP Capitulation, garnering great acclaim in his homeland as well as leading to being part of the 2011 St Kilda Festival (which was attended by 420,000 fans) and being the main support act for Conway Savage (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds). Hyperspace Clearance will increase this already eager support and take him into the wider world to what surely will be equal enthusiasm.  

Hyperspace Clearance, the name inspired by the theme of ‘travel’ in a personal sense and situation the artist was in at the time of writing the songs in regard to friends and family, and taken from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy starts off with Way Out’. The tale of “lust and opportunities” was one of the first songs Webb wrote and is a joyous pop tune with addictive hooks and engaging melodies supporting Webb’s fine vocals. The 60’s psychedelic like insertions within the overall pop rock flow are inspired and take the song down different avenues to keep the listener intrigued and guessing.

The next track ‘Weathered Mind’ comes with an 80’s feel, at times sounding like a jazzed up mix of XTC and Elton John, yes you read that last name right but trust me it is only in the best sense. As before and in the subsequent tracks, Webb’s keyboard prowess is exceptional. His skill and the use of multiple layers of keyboards, on some tracks up to five or six, brings a stirring life to each track and provides many avenues for the ear to explore on each listen.

The last two tracks on the EP are just as exceptional, ‘These Walls’ a rhythm driven stomp with forceful bass and drums surrounded by expressive keys from Webb recall Manfred Mann crossed with MGMT , the spaced out break mid way smile inducing and adding to a strongly compulsive song. The closer ‘Weekend’ is a varied satisfying track bringing a jazz funk vibe over changing paces and directions leading to a robust climax, and once more deeply enjoyable.

Hyperspace Clearance mixed and engineered by Matt Voigt (Powderfinger, The Living End, Cat Power) and mastered by Steve Rooke (The Beatles, Animal Collective) is a masterful and extremely enjoyable release. It will not take long before Dan Webb is a household name and his stunning music unavoidable but why wait when Hyperspace Clearance, released September 26th and its rousing and lively sounds will soon be awaiting your attention.


RingMaster 25/08/2011

Upcoming Shows

Wed, Aug 31 The Dublin Castle

London, United Kingdom 8:00 pm £6

Thu, Sep 1 The Donkey

Leicester, United Kingdom 

8:00 pm


Sat, Sep 3 

Folly Bridge Inn 

Oxford, United Kingdom 8:00 pm £5

Wed, Sep 7 Mello Mello

Liverpool, United Kingdom 8:00 pm Free

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