Micheal Fordays – Slowly Now

With a new EP slated for release early 2023, Los Angeles vocalist/guitarist/songwriter MICHEAL FORDAYS has just unveiled his first single of the year and in Slowly Now every reason to keenly anticipate that proposed larger release.

Fordays is a musician with a rich history and experiences across the years. From the alternative underground he has toured and played around the world, from Memphis to Rome playing “clubs, squats, and theaters.” He has been part of the ultra-experimental MIND OVER FOUR and from his residency with KMFDM as guitarist, played alongside JOAN JONES as touring guitarist and co-writer and been LA’s OVERBREAKER guitarist.

From his 2015 six-track All The Rusty Keys and his album Into The Black Air four years later to last year’s single Black Snake, his solo outings have made for ear pleasing offerings yet from a selection of recently unveiled new songs led by Slowly Now, something in his creative waters has risen and is calling out for even greater attention.

Slowly Now bursts into life with a blaze of guitar, it casting melodic enterprise with immediate contagiousness as Fordays aligns alt and indie rock in the song’s subsequent infectious stroll. Equally, his vocals carry instinctive catchiness too, an essence of pop punk only adding to the temptation.

With Fordays’ guitar prowess as magnetic as his rousing songwriting, Slowly Now effortlessly had the body bouncing, vocal chords roaring and pleasure rising with, in turn, the anticipation of that new EP fired up.

Slowly Now is available @ https://michealfordays.bandcamp.com/track/slowly-now

 https://www.facebook.com/micheal.fordays  https://www.instagram.com/fordays/

Pete RingMaster 19/01/2023

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