Norm & the Nightmarez – Dr Phibes

Though there is no doubt that Norm & the Nightmarez is one essential and potent part of the UK psychobilly/rockabilly scene but equally there is a great cult classic essence to the band; that spirit of the unique which sparks a certain kind of attraction few others can spring. There is also a taste for cult classics within the band and its vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Norm Elliott, an appetite evidenced across their previous releases and latest track, Dr Phibes.

Hailing from the vaults of Birmingham and the creators of such devilish treats such as the albums Psychobilly Infection, Psychobilly D.N.A., and earlier this year The Chamber of Chills, Norm & the Nightmarez has an invasively manipulative sound which relishes its sinister control of its ‘victims’. It also has an appetite for embracing decades and different flavours of rock ‘n’ roll within its psychobilly bred invention.

Taken from forthcoming new album Sinister Tales, the band’s latest track revels in its creator’s instinctive psychobilly heart; a classic Meteors inspired essence which deviously gets under the skin whilst swiftly revealing its own individual prowess and character. Recorded at Norm’s own NormZ Studio and also produced by the frontman, Dr Phibes opens with a sample from the movie, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, the inimitable tones of Vincent Price liquor for the memory and imagination.

Quickly rhythms control limbs and attention with Norm’s dark grooves casting their devious deeds, mere seconds passing before the track is in control and the imagination embracing memories of the film with the narration of Norm’s tones for company.

Caught in its eager tenebrific stroll  and bound by the skilled instrumental tendrils of the guitar between its just as manipulative verses, Dr Phibes is prime cut Norm & the Nightmarez and spirit rousing psychobilly, the kind of moment which sparks an urge to pick up your own six string or upright bass and stomp alongside.

Dr Phibes is available now @

Pete RingMaster 05/11/2021

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