James Domestic – Push On Through

Pic by Lu James

This November gives another intriguing glimpse of the forthcoming debut solo album from James Domestic as he releases the second single to be taken from it. Renowned for persistently nagging and challenging hardcore boundaries in a host of varied bands and projects, James does so again with Push On Through revealing itself a whole new proposition in sound and invention to its predecessor, his quickly acclaimed first single Faze Out.

Predominantly notable for fronting The Domestics and bands such as Pi$$er, Hazard Profile and Tokyo Lungs as well as being part of a host of other projects, James has become one of the most familiar voices and irritants upon the world in the British hardcore scene yet the hand of unpredictability has fuelled every moment of his songwriting and creativity and has full freedom within his solo adventure with his first two singles as our guide.

Whereas Faze Out was bred in a fusion of electro punk/post punk and rogue pop to try and describe its character, Push On Through is an aberrant pop song cured with post punk droning and psych nurtured ambience. It is akin to a mix of Rema-Rema, Ian Dury and Fad Gadget cast in James’ punk instinctiveness and enthrallingly unique.

Inspired by the numerous long night-time drives endured across a decade of playing gigs, Push On Through takes the imaginations on such a haul. An electronic bassline draws ears first; its singular lure a repetitive and hypnotic pull throughout the tarmacked regularity of the track. In turn, keys and guitars cast their own suggestive incitement with James soon in the midst narrating the experience. 

Like taking such a drive in the early hours, body and thoughts tired, the song echoes that mesmeric repetition of asphalt and signposts whilst suggesting that essence of drowsiness which often accompanies such an endeavour, yet inciting richer involvement and pleasure with every passing moment of scenic intimation with senses startling bursts of post punk coarse guitar erupting upon the captivation.

Also featuring the guest vocals of Clare Gillett within its pop fired chorus, Push On Through is surprise and enthralment combined but with a manipulative trespass which similarly burrowed deep. So with two tracks greedily under the skin, the first James Domestic solo album, Carrion Repeating cannot arrive soon enough.

Push On Through is out digitally on November 19th with Carrion Repeating scheduled for release April 2022 on Kibou Records / TNS Records (UK),  and  Amok  Records (Germany).

https://jamesdomestic.com/   https://www.facebook.com/jamesdomesticscott   https://twitter.com/DomesticJames    https://kibourecords.bandcamp.com

Pete RingMaster 04/11/2021

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