Zedi Forder – Ditties 2 EP

Experience has proven that a Zedi Forder release is where craft, mischief and pleasure come to play and another of their inimitable playgrounds has just been unveiled. The Ditties 2 EP sets free six acoustic tracks which resound with the wholly individual songwriting and sound of the band but, as previous escapades, explore a fresh aspect and adventure to the band’s creativity and imagination not forgetting devilment.

As the Ditties 1 EP of 2018, the new encounter offers songs and ideas which maybe do not fit the band’s rock and metal inspired albums but stand united as ear gripping protagonists. Last year saw the band release two albums which devoured acclaim. Both also revelled in that diversity in the Zedi Forder sound and creativity, Isolation a rock and alternative metal bred incitement while Judgement was a varied metal protagonist for which the band applied the name Zedi Forder Superium. As we said, Ditties 2 sees the trio of vocalist Chris Kerley, guitarist Wayne Clifford, and bassist Richard Tomset court the imagination with their acoustic prowess but with songs which bear a bigger and bolder breath with the potential to forcibly ignite any full on live stage.

As soon as Around My Neck opens up the release there is no denying the lure of the distinctive tones and lyrical suggestion of Kerley, both a temptation we have nurtured an instinctive appetite for here. A melodic stroking of ears initiates the captivation, an orchestral rising escalating the tempting before the song magnetically ambles into the imagination. There is a courtly baroque hue to the song also which only adds to the seduction on offer, one we easily succumbed to.   

The following Conjoined just as swiftly had ears to attention; the string plucked coaxing keenly enticing as it leads to the song’s blossoming summer of romance and contentment. Vocal resourcefulness and musical enterprise align for the warm day, the song’s inner smile infectious before the more primal instincts of People We’re Supposed to Love take over. A song “lovingly inspired by Cardi B’s song WAP”, it also has the pastoral scent of older times as embraced in the EP’s opener alongside which Kerley uses his dexterity with poetic language to create a salacious landscape of lustfulness. As to all songs, there is a beauty which seduces and a drama that sparks the imagination.

Hauntingly atmospheric, The Dark Place bears the captivation of shadows and matching emotions within another melodic tapestry as infectious as it is eloquent while Why So Sure with similar melancholy evokes thoughts and captivation with crepuscular radiance. Both tracks have an intimacy which rattled one’s own emotive cage and an impossible to escape enthralment.

Wilderness closes out the EP, its insular air and open thought compelling with melodic suggestion and creative enterprise casting an understanding embrace of the song’s reflection. Increasingly volatile in emotion and breath, the track is a rousing finale to one provocative and irresistible release.

Every appointment with Zedi Forder has brought adventure and skilled endeavour wrapped in thick pleasure and Ditties 2 is no exception, just a different aspect to their addictive kaleidoscope with the added temptation of being a name your price download, though more than worth any penny offered.

Ditties 2 is available now @ https://tricore.bandcamp.com/album/zedi-forder-ditties-2-acoustic-ep

https://www.zediforder.com/   https://www.facebook.com/zediforder  https://twitter.com/ZediForder

Pete RingMaster 25/03/2021

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