Dyatlov – Wound Man / Barren Lands

Intent on abusing and corroding your senses whilst seemingly diminishing your worth as a human being, Dutch noise punk band Dyatlov has just released their debut single and one glorious assault it is too.

Not to be confused with Canadian outfit Dyatlove, Rotterdam’s Dyatlov rose out of the ashes of Beach Coma and Jibber Jabber & the Jams, grabbing a member of Iguana Death Cult along the way. The band’s sound is a “sonic representation of despair, poverty, pain & hopelessness, drenched in sin and substance abuse” and as we said, oh is it a debilitating pleasure. The band’s single unites the twin assault of Wound Man and Barren Lands, two tracks that sear flesh, dissolve the senses and forge true addiction in their victims; certainly that is our experience.

Wound Man immediately erupts upon ears, the guitar of Ruben Middelweerd a merciless trespass with the beats of Diego van der Heijden a matching aggressor. Even so, it is an instinctive call to devour their almost contagious assault, one matched and escalated by the hook weaving keys of Jeroen Reek and the swinging groove of Jeroen Rijnart’s bass. The track is irritable punk and voracious noise punk with vocalist Steffan Hofland a compelling incitement in its midst but equally there is a psych/garage rock lilt to the band’s sound which just as thickly captivates.

Barren Lands is a predacious confrontation from its first breath, initially sizing up its victim, sonically stalking them before unleashing its carnal animus. It floods and devours the senses yet again those keys only seduce from within the blistering harassment; the song’s infernal nagging, which is just as potent in hooks and vocals, continuing to plague, molest and arouse.

With ears still ringing and the senses whimpering in recovery we can only declare the Wound Man / Barren Lands single one of the year’s most thrilling moments so far and we suspect to come.

Wound Man / Barren Lands is out now on 7” vinyl via Spazz Records; available @ https://www.spazzrecords.com/product/dyatlov-wound-man-barren-lands/ 


Pete RingMaster 28/03/2021

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