Draconic Eliminations Project featuring MiXE1: In:Parallel


In:Parallel is the first collaboration between two rising forces in UK industrial/Electronica/EBM. The release sees the creative union of Draconic Elimination Projects and MiXE1 and makes for a thoughtful and thought provoking experience. The tracks within the EP scale industrial subgenres pulling them into a fully intriguing and at times mesmeric relationship with the ear. Imaginative and unpredictable the EP ignites sure promise for further artistic merges as well as a keen trigger to investigate the individual work of those involved in the release.

      Draconic Eliminations Project comprises of Guildford musician Mark Haigh and is a project exploring the dark shadows of electronics. With a 2011 self titled EP and a track on the recently released This Is What We Call British Industrial compilation already grabbing attention, Haigh has created the striking music and sounds for this new EP with MiXE1 through his lyrics and vocals brings an emotive atmosphere. MiXE1 is the solo project of Mike Evans who has only just released his second and impressive EP Module 02 on Static Distortion Records. Before hearing any music the thought is that the pair makes for an interesting and almost obvious fit, In:Parallel easily confirms.

Released July 1st the EP keeps one guessing and fully focused through its expressive and inventive tracks. The release opens with We Are Inside Your Head, a song which within seconds of its haunting whispers and disturbed early ambience has the ear captivated. As the breath and pulse of the song lifts to find a little more urgency the vocals clasp every note with a melodic caress whilst a distinct shadowed undertone and predatory blackened sounds prowl the lighter sonic grace. The track infests the senses with a schizophrenic air behind its dazzling surface, a distressed energy permeating the ear in sound and vocals which seemingly are fighting the smooth sonics of the song. It makes for a track which triggers thoughts whilst slowly and secretly corrupting at the same time.

Violet shifts into a livelier and brighter atmosphere as it twists and flows through varied electro premises. The song is a blistering and insistent intrusion with an eager energy and drive within the acutely composed structures. With its sonic spattering upon the senses alongside the acidic manipulations as well as the coarser underlying intensity the song leaves one rife with instinctive thoughts and feelings.

Opening up further EBM areas the following electro stomp of Reversal is a breathless electronic surge through the ear with a darkened snarling heart preying on the senses. The track is a fine blend of venom and rampant electro lust to ensure a song again igniting evolving ideas and emotions. As with the previous two tracks it is not a song to immediately pull one right into its heart, the shadows and spiteful edge  a preying energy within the hypnotic light but it does bring a deeper intrigue than many similar veined releases.

The EP closes with Close To Me, a song which slips easily through the ear with a smooth and warm atmosphere in sound and voice though as ever there is a roughened edge to keep things unpredictable. The final song is a remix of  We Are Inside Your Head from Haru Yasumi Daibakuhatsu. The mix offers an inventive and consuming soundscape whilst highlighting a different facet of the original for n overall slightly destructive captivation.

In:Parallel is not the most infectious release in recent times but is one of the more imaginative and whilst it may not ignite the fullest fires for its sounds it certainly engages thought and emotions far more than most.  The EP is strong and enjoyable but feels like just the foreword on something much better and greater to come from the pair, with a second EP and album in the works.
Homepage: http://www.DEProjects.co.uk/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MiXE1 (MiXE1)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DraconicElimination (D.E.P)

RingMaster 25/06/2012

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