Rendezvous – Another Round Please

Vibrant and rich in brightly lit melodies the new album from Israeli duo Rendezvous mesmerises and tantalises with well crafted sounds that form a weave of electronic finesse and refined creativity. The eagerly awaited Another Round Please will not disappoint with its blend of classic synth and progressive melodic flows wrapped in a chilled yet expressive collection of electro expanses.

The pair of Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg release their album via Rough Trade / Moot Records on the back of their recent single The Murf which reached number 5 in the UK club charts. The impressive video that backed up the song gathered over 150,000+ views online in a matter of weeks, the combination inspiring a sure anticipation for Another Round Please. Mixed by legendary producer Dave Bascombe (Kylie Minogue, Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears) the album is a kaleidoscope of dazzling sounds that sweep through the ear to invite and incite imagery and feelings. With what are undemanding but intriguing and thoughtful sounds it is a blend that finds a welcome home within the ear.

Another Round Please is actually surprising in its light and glowing sounds due to the fact that a large amount of the albums tracks were recorded during the “second Lebanon war”. With neighbouring cities and towns feeling the destructive might of Hezbollah missiles and a mere few miles away from the duo Israeli planes dropping bombs on Lebanon it would have been expected that the music reflected and was affected by it. Despite that though the album removes itself from the background it found itself created in and other than the presence of obvious shadows within tracks like the darker toned Prisoner No. 251, the tense and dramatic Hands Up, and the fractured melodic laced emotive End of The World, the release offers positives, hope and vibrant light.

From the dazzling crystalline melodies of opener C Sharp the album is a compelling release which admittedly across its length does at times rely on a familiarity and similarity within its compositions but is always thoroughly intriguing and inviting. Adagio For Tiesto is a strong example, through its well drawn travel the piece does not step into any avenues of distinct ingenuity but constantly winks and flutters its creative eyes. It is suggestive as it slowly unveils its charms to eventually and slowly evolve into a climax that is dramatic, stirring and elegant.

The wonderful soundscape of Egypt is the highlight of the album, vast and sweeping it takes one across warm addictive sands immersing into an ever expanding majesty and visualisation within the mind. This is closely followed by the exuberant Blues In Space, a track infectious in rhythm and engaging in melodies. It offers a sound that is very recognisable and feels like one of those glorious soundtracks to an eighties sci-fi movie. This only adds to the fun and makes it a friend to play with often.

Rendezvous has created an album in Another Round Please that does nothing less than satisfy and place a smile on the face. Whether it does any more than that is debateable and will depend on personal preferences, but for 46 odd minutes it certainly gives a warm glow.

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