Entrails – The Tomb Awaits

With a release of the darkest intent and the relentlessness of a reanimated extinguisher of life, Swedish death metalers Entrails return with their second album hoping to and more than likely succeeding in, laying waste the next multitude of souls to fall before their monstrously intense sound. The Tomb Awaits released via Dark Descent / FDA Rekotz is an aural beast standing proud and tall side by side with the growing multitude of old school Swedish death metal bands and releases that are lurking and emerging from the dankest pits and blackest shadows currently. It shakes its targets to the core whilst gratifying them even more deeply, showing that things influenced by the past do not have to come without a vigour, potency, and an attack that is as harsh as modern times can deliver.

Though formed in 1991 and having in those early times recorded rough and in the end unacceptable demos to band founder Jimmy Lindquist, their debut release did not come until 2010 with the strongly acclaimed Tales from the Morgue album. The massive delay came down to the fact the band split up early on and did not resurrect until 2008, when they then re-recorded many of the early tracks and eventually released them as part of their debut album. Now The Tomb Awaits goes even further in satisfying their fans and the anticipation inspired from the debut as well as undoubtedly gaining an even larger and more fervent following. 

It is worth again reminding ourselves that the band began two decades past, seeing in and participating in the birth of the genre, the original sound influencing and flexing its muscular power within The Tomb Awaits. In some ways comparing them against new bands that try and often just fail in their attempt to reanimate the aspects and sounds that made Swedish death metal so powerful and inspiring is unfair, Entrails are one of the originals now simply infusing current sounds and progress to expand on their own creations and ideas.

The quartet of Jimmy Lindquist (guitars), Joakim Svensson (bass/vocals), Mathias Nilsson (guitars), and Adde Mitroulis (drums) have unleashed twelve angry and devastating tracks  on their album that make the earth tremble as they bring forth an intensity to see off the brave and make mindless wrecks of the weak. The album starts off on the instrumental melodic beauty of ‘The Tomb Awaits’, though brief it attempts to fool the senses with its glamour and siren like strains and almost succeeds until the bedlam cries of the wretched break through at its end revealing that the gates to hell are now open. ‘Unleashed Wrath’ hits hard and low to confirm the fact, the guttural strains of Svensson bringing forth venom to match the driven violence of the music. The album has taken hold and is in no mood to let go as the subsequent tracks prove.

The Tomb Awaits has an impressive intensity across its consuming bulk but the likes of the incessant senses stripping ‘Crawling Death’, the light and shadows of ‘Undead’ thrusting its evil potency and gang vehemence forth with some blazing guitar solos to illuminate the way, and the black hearted declaration of ‘End of All Existence’ with rampaging riffs, seamless tempo changes, and enough intensity to tear flesh from the bone, make the album a force not to be denied.

It is obvious upon hearing The Tomb Awaits the band have not turned over new stones or waded through fresh waters of creativity but that is the point and the appeal of the release and Entrails’ approach. The band began in and is steeped in the genesis of the genre, it is their driving force and musical breath and the reason they sound as they satisfyingly do. They may not be openly original with the likes of Entombed, Grave, and Dismember an obvious comparison, but there are few that make such powerful and striking old school metal better than they do. The Tomb Awaits may not be essential listening but only a fool will not give it a go.

RingMaster 15/09/2011

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