The Wild Mercury Sound – Miss Frost

Age, ability and confidence of sound really do not have to be linked and one should not be that surprised when a young band sounds just as good as any veterans of experience. After saying that though there is something about The Wild Mercury Sound that, because of none of its members being beyond 19 years old, brings a small sense of awe and wonder of just how good this band could become upon hearing their debut single ‘Miss Frost’. The single is a stylish and powerful track accompanied by the equally impressive b-side ‘Itchy Skin’, two songs that do not just sound great but emotionally touch more than just the ears.

The London based band with the single to be released through Hearts & Minds Records on October 10th, have already gathered a strong acclaim for it and themselves that is growing all the time as more ears are graced by the intelligent and eager music. The quartet of Benji Compston (Vocals, Guitar), Ashley Cooper (Drums), Johnny Lillis (Guitar), and Jonny Allan (Bass) infuse the songs with loaded feelings and passion that comes from personal insight and experience that even their young years have felt.

Sitting and cradling the listener as it expels all its powerful emotions, ‘Miss Frost’ brings forth a resourceful flow of sentiment, tactile lyrics, and  freshly crafted  chords enthused within its firmly driven sounds. A song written on Christmas Day about “a bizarre relationship with an ex-girlfriend” of Compston it moves through a slow paced sorrowful start building into a rampant pleading crescendo that is as stirring as it is touching. Compston brings a vocal display tinged with suffering without sinking to pleading, his impressive delivery adding distinctly to and combining with the music to create a sound that plays with the emotions. Sensitive guitars alongside a vibrant bassline erupt into a scuzzy explosive and powerful summit to the song, reminding a little of the The Keys and resulting in a track that is more than satisfying.

Itchy Skin’ is another personal felt and led track composed about a friend who had to go through ‘cold turkey’. It’s soulful and prickly attack has an uncomfortable spine behind the melodic and again slightly distorted tones of the song giving a sense and representation of the physical aspect of the songs source. Raw and potent it strikes home firmly without going too far and bringing unease that might lose the listener. Again the likes of The Keys and The Loud are touched and at times especially with the vocal harmonies Jane’s Addiction also came to mind.

The two tracks are great examples of the skilled songwriting the band has within its abilities. Produced by Peter Miles (The King Blues, We Are The Ocean, Dry The River) the single is a mature example of a band that is destined to go far and will create life touching sounds along the way, right now it is one of the freshest and most enjoyable singles so far this year.
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