Sounds of the Shameless Pt 2

Still keenly exploring the latest selection of new singles discovered by our friend Shauna (UMMAGMA ) of SHAMELESS PROMOTION PR we now present Part 2 of our dip into the creative richness within, drawing out another handful of encounters which had ears caged and the imagination weaving.

     With their new album poised for unveiling, the release the successor to their acclaimed 2020 full-length, Melting, A SHORELINE DREAM has just released another potent taster in the shape of its title track. The Denver hailing band’s new single is a beguiling teaser, a bold whisper upon ears and emotions with a rich vein of almost raucous infectiousness.

The creation of Ryan Policky, the Loveblind album will see A SHORELINE DREAM again wrap the senses in their inimitable shoegaze/post-punk woven gothic hued sound, its breath atmospheric and touch bright yet tenebrific. As the single and its predecessor, Alarms Stop Ringing, reveal it comes aligned to an open and fresh embrace of darker shadows and bolder enterprise which just invites ears to get involved in.

A song exploring “the observation and realization that so many of us are lost in a sea of past visions of love”, Loveblind calmly but keenly strolls through ears from the off, its melodic sways rich in seduction and its crepuscular air bound in thought and dilemma. Similarly, Policky’s tones are a union of warmth and anxiety, the track under the skin in swift time as all the elements and its evocative textures unite.

With an eighties bred breeze to its evocative climate and a great GENE LOVES JEZEBEL tint to its orchestration and inclinations, Loveblind proved instant captivation and persuasion to head the way of that September 23rd, LATENIGHT WEEKNIGHT RECORDS released album.

     Virtually a week later from the release of that album comes the new offering from BLACK MARKET KARMA, the eagerly awaited Aped Flair and Hijacked Ideas unveiled September 29th. Following up the compelling lures of lead single, Dead Trajectory, the UK psychedelic rockers have just released In My Child Mind (E to A) and it has to be said that together the tracks make the most compelling invitation to go exploring the FLOWER POWER RECORDS released encounter.

The project of multi-instrumentalist Stanley Belton, BLACK MARKET KARMA has offered a host of captivating adventures across nine full-lengths yet the anticipation, courtesy of the singles so far, is for Aped Flair and Hijacked Ideas being the most fascinating and striking yet. Listening to In My Child Mind (E to A) is like swimming through a calm but eager sonic sea, the senses floating upon its electronic waves with ripples of guitar and rhythmic intimation for company. Equally, vocals are like a warm sun upon ears, the tapestry of psychedelic enterprise a fusion of adventure and intimacy.

The song is another which simply drew us in and with the slightly steelier and earnest enticement of THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN kissed Dead Trajectory keenly inviting too, the songs have made Aped Flair and Hijacked Ideas a horizon of sound we keenly wait.

        Another track which in a way dips into the atmospheric richness of psychedelic essence is Double Helix, the new single from American-Irish artist RONAN CONROY. It is a track though which draws on a host of styles and flavours for its indie rock set weaving; the likes of folk, shoegaze and post punk all lying in varying degrees within its richness of breath and enterprise.

Brooklyn-based, Conroy also has a new album set for release this October, The Slow Death of the LoveMyth; a Charlie Nieland (Her Vanished Grace, Lusterlit) produced, engineered and mastered proposition which sees its creator embrace the guest contributions of vocalists such as Shannon Brown and Susan Hwang of LUSTERLIT, and the rhythmic prowess of drummer Justin Wierbonski (a.k.a. Demonic Drums).

Double Helix unites the vocal beauty of Julie Dicterow of OH HALO with Conroy’s evocative songwriting and sound. The opening rhythmic lure was enough to see us eagerly attentive, keen curiosity swiftly rewarded as the warm suggestiveness of keys and Dicterow’s harmonic radiance wraps the senses and the song’s shadows. Similarly, the wonderfully claustrophobic atmosphere of the track is a fusion of keen light and darker essences, its climate and the song’s contemplation simultaneously ethereal, provocative and intimate.

Sublimely beguiling, Double Helix is also yet another beckoning we have found impossible to ignore or not find a hunger to check out a larger adventure from.

     Lastly we offer up another outing with UK’s REE-VO. Automatic (Ree-Vo Remix) sees the Bristol duo of rapper T. Relly and DJ /producer Andy Spaceland (a.k.a. Andy Jenks) link up with US collective NØISE (a project made up of Joe Cassidy, Shepard Fairey, John Goff, and Merritt Lear) for a track taken from the electro-hop conjuring pair’s limited edition bonus 10″ vinyl release which accompanied the vinyl release of their richly acclaimed debut album, the Dell’Orso Records / SRD  released All Welcome On Planet Ree​-​Vo.

The EP is now available digitally and Automatic (Ree-Vo Remix) for us takes centre stage in a collection of tracks which all brought new imagination stirring proposals. Previously NØISE had created an ear gripping remix of Ree-Vo’s track, Spacebox, and asked the pair to do the same with their track, Automatic.

Ree-Vo’s remix sees the hypnotic dub kilned original taken on a fresh exploration; it is almost as if they have placed it in the centre of a hall of mirrors, every second and moment finding new twists and opportunities to venture down new avenues and electronic imagery. Even so the beauty and heart of the original, if now united with the shadows and the array of crepuscular lights which had lain quietly but openly within in the originals and now have risen to the fore, intensely radiates.

The track is superb, a kaleidoscope of romance and beauty amid challenging apocalyptically hued trespass broad and intimate.

Pete RingMaster 15/09/2022

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