The Refusers – Eat The Bugs

Never a band to pull their punches musically and lyrically upon a world venal in its governing, society and the establishment behind it all, THE REFUSERS are swinging away once more with their latest single, Eat The Bugs. The band is described as one which “performs songs of musical defiance” and their appetite to go against the grain with open deep disgust at all wrongs is again as unwavering as ever.

Seattle based, THE REFUSERS is driven by the dispute, anger and the irritation loaded songwriting of Michael Belkin who is joined in collaborating rage and prowess by Brendan Hill (drums), Eric Robert (Nord Keyboards), Joe Doria (Hammond Organ) and Steve Newton (bass and background vocals) within the band. THE REFUSERS sound is an ongoing multi-flavoured proposal which never sits with expectations; a fusion of rock nurtured styles which has no difficulty in embracing other flavours. Eat The Bugs is further evidence, the song an animated displeasure of punk and indie rock sharing garage punk nurtured exploits within its uproar.

Since forming, the band has have opened for the likes of Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Joan Jett, X, Jane’s Addiction, Black Crowes, Alabama Shakes and The Flaming Lips and draw keen praise through their releases, Freedom Fighter, the latest album especially and hungrily embraced by fans, media, and critics alike.

 Eat The Bugs swarms over the ideologies ‘recently put forward by the World Economic Forum (WEF) revolving around the consumption of bugs to further the food chain.’ It is a parody and attack which aptly scuttles under the skin in no time, its contagion escalating the venom and attack of its lyrical incursion. It perfectly epitomises Belkin’s craft of word and emotive spite as well as his incisive humour and similarly the band’s musical prowess.

It is said that “The Refusers speak today’s spirit of rage and simmering revolution against the establishment”, check out Eat The Bugs as an introduction and find a voice which echoes that claim with creative enterprise and unpredictability.

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Pete RingMaster 15/09/2022

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