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Lights That Change 2_RingMaster Review

For four minutes, Welsh dream popsters Lights That Change simply lure the listener away from the real world and into an enveloping new realm with their latest single Voices. Once allowing it to enclose around ears, sinking into its ethereal embrace and melodic seducing is inevitable, as too the expectation that the band is destined to become amongst future guardians of ambience bred, shoegaze hued, and provocatively immersive dreamscapes.

Lights That Change - Voices_RingMaster Review (artwork)   The ethereal wave project was formed by Marc Joy, an artist already renowned for years of producing, engineering, and mastering artists from a broad range of genres as well as solo and collaborative creative endeavours. It was founded a few years back, as a fresh vehicle for his own explorations and place where he could create “the perfect dreamscape sonic horizons, created primarily on the basis of guitars.” Debut EP Rainbow On Your Shoulder, emerged in 2013 with Whispers in February following, both receiving attention and praise from fans and media alike. Over time, the project has evolved into a band with the current line-up of vocalist Mandy Clare, bassist John Bryan, and additionally Mal Holmes on programing, joining Joy over the past year. The first Lights That Change album, Byzantium, is now fast on the horizon and to offer a tantalising teaser the band recently released Voices.

The song comes at the senses from a distance, its subtle energy and melodic caress a floating tempting swiftly shadowed by the throaty air of the bass and a darkly haunting atmosphere inspired from it. The voice of Clare is immediately siren-esque, again her beauty laced with a dark melancholic tone against the wiry and evocative lure of the guitar. There is a definite slither of post punk to the song too, its presence understated but a ripe blossom in the depths of the shadows cast by the song’s melodic and harmonic sunspot. Each listen invites a different reflection and flight of imagination, and every touch of its magnetic sound is a bewitching adventure that lingers and incites further involvement.

It is only one song and our personal introduction to Lights That Change, but a single which sparks thick anticipation for the impending album and an increasingly greedy appetite for the band’s sound.

Voices is out now on Ear to Ear Records @

RingMaster 05/08/2015

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