DA GROINS – 100% GROIN 7” E.P.

In a frenzy of garage punk ferocity and just as voracious irritability, the 100% Groin 7” E.P. is unleashed this week and no more a savagely addictive debut have we come across in recent times.

The release comes from UK punk protagonists Da Groins, a new uncomplicated yet experienced trio with a sound to match, one caked in the soiled droppings of punk rock cellars and infested with the contagious devilment of garage punk miscreancy. Offering four tracks of feral incitement, band and release explode on the senses; sonically and physically raging yet uncaging ear worm hooks and menacingly swinging grooves which defy the animosity.

With a surge of noise akin to something like a fusion of Suburban Studs, The Domestics, The Reatards, Armitage Shanks and The Mummies but undisputedly isolated from familiarity to another, Da Groins launch at ears with opener The General Pub(l)ic. An initial tease of guitar soon erupts with the ever familiar feral roar of Jim Groin, his lead soon joined by the hook loaded jangle of his guitar and the rhythmic rousing of bassist Zero Groin and drummer Matt Groin. The tirade only becomes more compelling and infectious by the second, garage punk devilry colluding with crust caked punk intolerance in one rousing assault.

It is an ear gripping start which Pu(b)lic Execution more than cements, the rhythms of Matt a catchy invitation into the song’s uncompromising dispute. Swiftly the bass voraciously swings with equally carousing beats alongside before but just as quickly the jangle infused guitar and vociferous tones of Jim escalate the punk skirmish and viral incitement; the track a rapacious incitement and pleasure.

Side B is no less urgent, aggressive and infectious in its exploits, the EP whipping up its fury and manipulative incitement with Kick Him In The Pu(b)lics,  a track with a touch of bands such as Thee Mighty Caesars to its infernally appealing hookery and caustic attitude. The song is superb, an unforgiving virulence in design and ferociousness with mischief in its uprising but still managing to be slightly eclipsed by release closing Public Enemy #1, further evidence that the EP just got better and more compelling by the second.

The closer immediately entangles ears in the wiry strings of guitar, a riveting but barbed coaxing which Matt’s barbarously manipulative rhythms soon whip up into another viral shuffle equally urged by bass and guitar enterprise. With the esurient catchiness of bands like The Mobbs to its atypical catchiness, the track grabbed favourite track with glee and brought one irresistible release to one mighty close.

The 100% GROIN 7” E.P. is a must for all punk fans, and those with an appetite for wild rock ‘n’ roll, the first of hopefully many raucous stomps with Da Groins.

100% GROIN 7” E.P. is released February 25th digitally and on limited 100 On Red / 200 On Black Vinyl through Kibou Records (UK), Amok Records (Germany), No Front Teeth Records (UK), and Serial Bowl Records (UK).

https://kibourecords.bigcartel.com/   www.kibourecords.bandcamp.com   https://amokrecords1.bandcamp.com   https://www.nofrontteeth.co.uk   https://serialbowlrecords.bandcamp.com

Pete RingMaster 24/02/2022

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