According To You – No Love Lost EP

2011 is proving to be a defining year for London band According To You; April saw the release of their debut EP No Love Lost then in June the young Shepperton quartet won the Brooklands College Battle of the Bands but it was the overwhelming positive response to their Saturday appearance at Guilfest on the Surrey Advertiser stage and since then airplay to the world wide audience of The Reputation Radio Show that has marked the cards of a great number of people that there is a special band breaking out to grace their ears.

For a young band there is an impressive mature quality to the songwriting musically and lyrically of According To You but they still retain the breath of freshness youth always brings. The four tracks on their No Love Lost EP burst with vibrant personality, engaging adolescent earnestness and inviting melodies all riding upon choppy punk riffs and punchy hooks. Grab a pinch of Arctic Monkeys, the attitude of Maximo Park and the humour of Young Knives, mix it with the flowing addictive hooks of New Killer Shoes and you have an idea of the sound and quality of According To You

Kiss On The Doorstep’ opens up the proceedings and immediately the ear and heart succumbs to the bands captivating sound, the  vocals over an acoustic intro soon erupts into a hypnotic bassline and repetitive riff as the emotive vocals of guitarist Dennie Cook unveils a desperate story of youth. This track alone shows the talent of the band from Cook’s clean and expressive voice, his and Harry Gough-William’s striking and at times spiky jangly guitar play, to the deep mesmeric pulsing bass of Jack Tough and the solid and neatly controlled thumping of drummer Connor O’Shea, the unit is tight, impressively creative and charismatic.

The tracks ‘Why’ and ‘One Step Ahead’ continue the quality with the same alluring skill and blend. The first saunters in on a cracking almost Buzzcocks like guitar start before slipping into a flowing sharply cutting melodic sound complete with pleading vocals and chorus punk vocals from Tough and Gough-William backing up Cook’s again excellent vocals.  The second of the two songs brings more throbbing bass, heartfelt words and vocals cruising on engaging guitars and sentiment. Each song feels like a friend immediately, not because they sound is like something else but because they come with a warmth and passion that will not be denied.

The EP also includes a secret track, which as long as you do not tell anyone can be revealed as an acoustic version of ‘Why’. Sshhhhhhhh!   Though the song is a simple strip down it sounds distinctly different from the full version again showing the skill and passion of the band. The song is no add in to pad out the release like many bands seem to do; it is an essential and seductive track that completes an impressive release.

There is no doubt you will be hearing a lot more of According To You in the months and years ahead, their wonderful No Love Lost EP the starting point to their and your uncompromising relationship of joy.

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