Mind Museum – The Power Of Three

Fresh from exciting people with their impressive Rat Race EP, Bristol rock band Mind Museum release their new mini album The Power Of Three which should put them into the focus of many more eager ears. Consisting of six alternative rock tracks the album is a powerful mix of strong riffs, meaty basslines, emotive vocals and lyrics all layered with creative melodies. The songs within also bring a melodic punk energy and post punk attitude that brings a vibrant edge to the release.

Formed in 2010 the Mind Museum trio of vocalist Justin E Percival, guitarist Will Slater, and drummer Chas Bacon set about working deliberately on creating and writing songs that carried the exact sound and quality they wanted resisting the urge to simply rush tracks out and it has paid off magnificently, the songs, their realization and production on The Power Of Three are impressive and confident. The fact that the trio were not novices to a band, Percival and Slater having played together in I AM THE DOOR and Full Scream Ahead previously, gave them the experience to take things at their natural pace and time to bring the sound they wanted at its prime, the previous two EPs and this album the result and successful proof of their method.

The album opens with the ‘The Watcher’, with strong guitars, firm guiding drums and Percival’s passion fuelled vocals the song is dramatic and absorbing, bringing the listener into the heart of the songs content and sound. To be fair each and every song has the same invitation and lure making each track nicely varied, engaging and irresistible, which is perfectly illustrated by ‘Rat Race’. The song is a lively rhythm stroll with a beefy bass attack and striking melodic punk guitar play with edges that remind of the likes of Jimmy Eats World, Lost Prophets and via Percival’s Brian Molko like passion lined voice, Placebo.  

The trio are a tight and very efficient unit in sound and inventive ideas as songs like ‘Everything Eventually’, the dramatic ‘Gambling Man’ with its guitar charging start, and the stunning ‘The Secret Of Happiness’ all show. The last of the three with its choppy guitars reminiscent of Midnight Oil, big deep bassline and again strong expressive vocals is a stirring joy to the ear and senses.

The album ends with ‘Seal The Cracks’, a vibrantly paced track with the darkest of delicious basslines and a edgy almost desperate tinge to the vocals especially through the chorus that has the song dripping in emotion.

The Power Of Three is an incisive slice of rock, its immense sound of eager riffs, immediate hooks and earnest vocals making the album one of the most essential releases that needs to be investigated this year by all rock music lovers. Mind Museum are destined to be a band in the ears of a rapidly growing amount of people as they make a certain and striking mark in rock.


RingMaster 14/08/2011

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