End of the Spectrum – Self Titled EP

To come across a musical treat by simply having the fortune to open a page or randomly notice a post somewhere, is always a neat pleasure and even more rewarding when it leads to something that contains more than simply good music. Such is the case with the self titled EP from London band End of the Spectrum, a release that not only contains four juicy and rewarding moments of progressive pop finery but the promise and sure footed knowledge that this band is on a swiftly moving rise.

The quintet started in 2009 working hard and intently on their songwriting and delivery so that each of their songs brings forth every ounce of their creative juices and skills. Their debut single Better The Enemy You Know was the first step and opening for people to notice there was something extra going on with the band and with this new EP the band will surely awaken many more to their melodic rock. Each track is carefully constructed and layered with varied sounds that are distinctive but never competing over each other, instead everything blends seamlessly within the stylish framework.  

Ashes opens up the EP with a stride of confidence that is impressive. The guitars of Jamie Finch and Mark Laurie kick off boldly immediately crafting the songs direction as the drums of Sciz Cloono firmly set the pace and tone ably assisted by the prompting basslines of Sean Cavill. Then things really take off once the vocals from Rebecca Need-Menear start to flow throughout the music. With a natural control she soars throughout the song, melodic and punchy where needed and the slight tremble her voice carries is a delight. As always with female vocalists and a pop rock style of music there will be comparisons with a certain well known front lady but let us close the case now, Rebecca has a distinct grasp of melodies and style that is hers alone.

Through Cross The Line and Speechless the band continue to serenade with big sounds and soaring melodies and harmonies, the production on all tracks allowing the feel of the bands touch to come through cleanly. The guitars pounce and dance over the strong rhythms whilst vocally the words flow vibrantly. The final track Safe In Sound is arguably also the best track on the release, a stunning and seduction piece of music. Moving from acoustic through to a full musical moment of pleasure it shows Rebecca’s voice at its height. As with elsewhere though the track is not just about her singing, every member contributes a vital and polished ingredient that transforms each track into a real pleasure, this song being the biggest joy of the lot.

With many dates and shows ahead and with that little pinch of luck this might be the year End of the Spectrum really start their way to the bigger steps in music and if not quite yet with releases like this EP it is only a matter of time. It has everything you need to know about the band within its four parcels of joy so the only sensible thing is to go take a look and find out why they are on the verge of being the latest buzz word in rock music. Their End of the Spectrum EP is available as a free download at http://endofthespectrum.bandcamp.com/

Pete RingMaster 02/06/2011

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