The RingMaster Review Interview – Sluka

Hi, and thank you for sparing time to chat with us.

Could you first introduce yourself/the band and tell us how it came to be?

I’m Christopher Sluka. Anna Eppink is on bass. Michael Bedard on drums. On this latest album I played guitar & keyboards as well as the vocals and came up with the songs. Anna also played bass on the previous album. There have been 13 studio albums released for Sluka and the line-up has changed for just about every album depending on the direction and sound I felt was appropriate for the songs at the time.

Away from your work as a musician, you’re a flight instructor. What inspired you to learning to becoming a pilot?

I’ve always been drawn towards endeavours that I find magical, such as music. And the very sight of an airplane in flight I find incredibly magical… how can that thing fly? Just as I immersed myself into as many aspects of music as I could, I did the same with aviation. Often while on tour, when the other musicians would seek out rock n roll adventures, I would seek out the nearest airport.

What were the main lyrical themes you sought to cover on this album?

A common theme in all my music is the recognition that we are all doomed. Nevertheless, I desperately try to find glimmers of hope and evidence of our greater selves individually, and as a species with a creative civilization. With each album I explore these avenues ever more intently.

Tell us a little bit about your time in Japan, what are your fondest memories from your time there?

I’ve probably spent a total of about two years in Japan. Every time I was there, whether recording, on tour, or for promotional engagements, I kept asking myself the David Byrne statement/question, “This is not my beautiful life… well, how did I get here?” I was fortunate to record my second album in a wonderful studio at the base of Mount Fuji. And every time I was in Tokyo I kept thinking I had been transplanted into the movie “Blade Runner.”

You moved on to Europe after that. Where did you go, and how did you find the reception?

The drummer at the time, Nico Looser, was a Swiss citizen. So, he could legally rent a place for us in Switzerland. It was on a lake with a view of the Swiss Alps. That was our base of operations from where we branched out all over Europe touring and promoting the second album. After almost 2 years we moved to Milan where the label that distributed the album was based. Eventually I signed with Time-Warner for the third album.

What has been your most thrilling moment on stage to date?

There was a cancellation of a main act at a festival in Switzerland and we were asked to fill in. I had never performed in front of 10K people before and it was definitely psycho exciting. And it was much more fulfilling than being heckled by drunks at CBGB’s in New York.

Who are your major inspirations, musically?

It’s all too obvious, but really unavoidable… The Beatles. They demonstrated that music can be just about anything when it finds the right vibe and pulse of the times.

Many thanks once again; anything else you would like to add?

Find the beauty within the horrors of your wonderful life.

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The RingMaster Review 14/08/2022

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