Scent of the Shameless

Tick Tock, the voice of the clock sets a welcome for the another ear bracing visit,

Anticipation knowing that with a tapestry of sounds, the seduction will be rich and explicit….

With that thought ringing in our thoughts we again recently welcomed our friend Shauna of dreamscape duo Ummagma and Shameless Promotion PR, her hands bearing another clutch of sounds she sensed might spark our own ears and instincts. Unsurprisingly listen after listen set in motion our words and a need to bring our suggestions to page, particular standout encounters for you to contemplate starting with…

    You Are A Star is the new single from American alternative pop artist Jenn Vix, a song seeing her linking up in collaboration with Ali Score, original drummer of legendary Grammy-winning A Flock Of Seagulls. It is a track which is a mix of organic power and similarly instinctive seduction, a slice of new wave fueled synth pop which sizzled upon the senses.

The new track is the successor to Vix’s acclaimed single PTSD, a track bearing her own experiences with the disorder. Also part of post-punk/electronic rock duo Feeney Vix, bringing a personal and intimate aspect to her music is a potent aspect to multi-instrumentalist Vix’s songwriting and there is a sense of the same to the new single. Discovering A Flock Of Seagulls as a kid in a NYC record shop, the band has been a passion with Score’s rhythmic prowess alone a particular draw. That sense of fan energy merges with her and his individual craft within the song, an encounter which surges through ears with relish and a certain intensity yet also sharing a calm contemplation which beguiled.

Its crystalline beginning is part celestial part heart bred romance within a company of shadows. Vix’s voice is all temptation as too the sounds around her but the tempestuousness which courts that radiance gripped the imagination even more, a sense of bigger things and power with a hint of threat but is all compelling drama. Score’s rhythmic intimation shapes and drives that mercurial aspect of the Umbrella Music Co released track, the duo uniting in a song keenly inciting keen attention.

    Evoking its own powerful presence and imagery within the imagination is Weight of You, the new track from Paris-based American artist Julia Gaeta. It is a dark seduction of music and suggestion, an immersion into a tenebrific enticement and ethereal romance of shadows and sound.

 Calling on the senses in a fusion of synth pop, gothic rock and post punk within an electronic almost industrial embrace, Weight of You ripples with sensuality and tension. Its suggestion is cinematic and breath angst accompanied seduction, temptation brought with a trip-hop hue to further escalate the richness of flavours and textures making up its body.

Gaeta’s voice similarly has layers to its nature and intent, persistently alluring yet in certain aspects with a sense of menace; a beguiling protagonist at the heart of a just as powerful and rousing sound.

The first temptation of her forthcoming debut EP, the James “Perturbator” Kent produced Weight of You revealed itself a new striking and fascinating venture in to the enthralling enterprise of Julia Gaeta.

    Keeping with that electronic nurtured captivation, Sun and Moon is the new offering from US duo Panjoma. Taken from their Sun & Moon EP, just released through GRID Discs, the song is an evocative stroll through atypically infectious electronic skies and darkwave wrapped intimation.

The track marks the return of Austin based Panjoma, a project created in 2006 by Mary Panjoma (vocals, keyboard, production) and Patrik Nilsson (bass, drum machines, samplers, production), the EP their first offering in eight years. It is marked by tracks like Sun and Moon, a song which draws ears like a beacon before taking them into a realm of rhythmic pulsation and unpredictable imagination.

Like a slowly revolving kaleidoscope, the track constantly reveals new temptation and aspects to its design and enterprise with Mary’s effect washed tones just as curious and compelling as the almost sizzling sounds around her.

References to the likes of Aphex Twin and Daft Punk accompanied the track and they do give a good clue to the prowess and character of Sun and Moon, but a song with its own defined individuality and quickly proving an irresistible unorthodox tempting.

     Home proves that the UK has its own captivation in electronic adventure out right now too, it the new single from indie pop project 22 Oceans. The song is a mesmeric slice of Americana-lined dream pop, a calm but infectious contemplation in sound and voice which blooms in seductive beauty and layered tempting.

The Merseyside based 22 Oceans is the creation of Mike Guy, originally a solo project which has grown to a trio with the addition of the vocal and songwriting talents of twin sisters Carys and Keeley Hughes. They too have a new EP, also called Home, out drawing attention and acclaim, a body of charm and enterprise which its title track epitomizes.

Keys instantly invoked the imagination, the celestial beauty of the twin’s tones effortlessly captivating within the song’s own evocative air and impassioned reflection. It echoes in breath and presence those moments when one feels the safest, the place that feels like ‘home’ with that Americana hue like an implication of the journey to that tranquility.

Haunting and spellbinding, the 72rpm Records released Home was a siren to these ears, a call to one’s own reflection within the song’s diaphanous but rich beauty.

     Lastly we spotlight the new Friendmaker single out now through House of Strange Vinyl. You, Me and Everything Else is the debut track from the Irish outfit and a moment of indie alt-folk which offered its own particular captivation.

Hailing from Carrickmacross in Monaghan County, Friendmaker is the creation of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter David Marron (Sanzkrit, Somefinn), a project borne in the lockdowns of 2020. Completed by Maolíosa McMahon (vocals and keys), Paul Finn (guitar and vocals), Paul Markey (bass) and Fintan Marron (drums), the band creates an alt folk sound with a rock edge to its energy and enterprise, a presence and prowess which soon hooked ears within their first single.

The acoustic contemplation of voice and guitar opens up the track, its gentle rumination though slowly wrapped in electronic suggestion with a sense of darker shadows. Once the more rock inclinations of the song does break so does its pop hued catchiness, the impassioned energy of the song leading to a sense of volatility. It all makes for a rousing and impacting encounter which fair to say has only becoming more compelling by the listen.   

    So five songs which we invite you to run your ears over, most of which leading to larger adventures we for one will be exploring.

Pete RingMaster 10/03/2022

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