The Dukes of Bordello – Deaf or Gory

Just three years short of unleashing their acclaimed debut album, Lowdown ‘N’ Dirty, UK rockers The Dukes of Bordello uncage a new EP to again get us all riled up with four slices of  voracious rock ‘n’ roll. The band breeds a sound, which lives up to the title of their long player, through a fusion of rockabilly, punk, hard rock, and psychobilly and once more across the four tracks of Deaf or Gory, the trio left ears and appetite greedy for more.

The Deaf or Gory EP sees guitarist/vocalist Andy Barrott, drummer Craz Taylor, and Chip Waite on doghouse bass share the band’s first recordings since that greedily received first album, a brand new track joined by a couple of striking covers and one live roar.

It opens up with Think I’m Turning Psycho and immediately winds an enticing groove around ears before leaping into its virulent stomp. The resonating slaps upon Waite’s bass instantly got under the skin, the bone clipping beats of Taylor adding to the virulent temptation which is only accentuated by the punkish riffs and psychobilly nurtured grooves of Barrott. Like a mix of Grumpynators and Nekromantix with Barrott’s tones leading the tempestuousness increasingly encroaching on its composure, the track is superb; prime schizo Dukes of Bordello.

It is followed by a cover of Strychnine by legendary garage rockers The Sonics. From its first breath, The Dukes of Bordello bring the dirtier side of the feral track to the surface; its natural growl elevated as the threesome fill its veins with punkabilly voracity. Barely kissing the two minute mark, the track simply stole attention as effortlessly as its predecessor before making way for another inimitable Dukes of Bordello makeover this time on Australian garage punk/hard rockers Coloured Balls’ song, Won’t You Make Up Your Mind. The original itself is a dirty slab of rock ‘n’ roll, almost a portent of punk rock to come a few short years later, yet the British outfit manage to lure even more feral aspects to its breath and character ensuring thick attention and keen appetite is readily given.

A rousing live cut of fan favourite All in the Name Of Rock ́N ́Roll completes the release, the track taken from Lowdown ‘N’ Dirty showing exactly why the band’s live reputation is as potent as the praise earned by their recordings.  It is a fine end to another irresistible outing with The Dukes of Bordello, a band surely on the precipice of thick attention.

The Deaf or Gory EP is released April 3rd via Undead Artists Records digitally on CD: available @  and  with a Limited Edition Red 7” Vinyl release in May via Sick Taste Records.

Pete RingMaster 04/04/2020

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