MFC Chicken – Fast Food & Broken Hearts

The promo sheet accompanying the new album from MFC Chicken ends with “this album just might be their best yet!” Well we can eagerly declare that the suggestion is right on the money, Fast Food & Broken Hearts a devilish lure of temptation and manipulation basking in the band’s inimitable fusion of rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm and blues, surf, garage rock not forgetting multi-flavoured mischief.

The beginnings of MFC Chicken are well documented in the array of reviews we have offered their previous quartet of albums so we will go straight to the new endeavour from the London based rockers. Recorded with the legendary Mike Mariconda in Barcelona, Fast Food & Broken Hearts leaps upon ears and bodies with that familiar inimitable mischievousness of the UK outfit, uniqueness just as potent in their devil greased sound. Unsurprisingly its fourteen dish menu consists of poultry based temptations but as its titles suggests with episodes of twisted romance and more besides proving just as irresistible.

Band founder Spencer Evoy again leads the album’s shenanigans with his distinct vocals and just as rascal sax, the rhythmic devilry of bassist Zig Criscuolo and drummer Ravi Low-Beer courting persistent manipulation track by track and the guitars of Al Zioli and Dan Criscuoloa a relentless flirtation. Fair to say you know what to expect from these MFC Chicken guys but again what is familiar is still uniquely fresh and richly tastier to what has come before from them and anything else on offer.

Always, Always, Always opens up the revelry, rhythms immediately sparking movement and attention before the flames of sax and lure of guitar provide an animated shuffle around the keen incitement of Evoy. In no time vocal chords were united in his, the contagion of the song instantly viral with the body soon swerving with the swinging hips of the track.

The superb start is swiftly matched by the rawer air and antagonism of KFC Called The Cops On Me, the band blasting out defiance and attitude whilst springing another round of rock ‘n’ roll virulence lit up by voice and the incendiary spark of sax; that mix of rich tempting quickly shaping the following Who Gave What To Who? and its hook equipped antics. Evoy’s great vocals again just stoked participation and attention alone though the creative misbehaviour around him was just as much an instigator to the bounce which infested bodies at the same time.

It is truly hard not to react to a MFC Chicken song, whether with a grin, movement or holler, and maybe no more hungrily than through Fast Food & Broken Hearts and the likes of Shell of a Man with its sax led hookery and the similarly salacious creative flirtation of I’m Lost. Both songs were under the skin in seconds using the body like a puppet as Evoy’s longing words and saxophonist agility raised further captivation though both were slightly eclipsed by the bad habit forming antics of I Couldn’t Say No, that grin at its broadest possible.

Fresh Chicken, Straight From The Trash sparked a grimace amidst contemplation at its suggestion whilst energetically jumping with the inescapable rhythmic incitement offered while the glorious instrumental Spy Wail had us evading suggested searchlights as its melodic intrigue and sax feed drama toyed with the imagination. Set on a rhythmic canter which furthered the drama, the track was soon matched in delicious diablerie by the just as sinister and riveting Spontaneous Combust; its feral breath and irritable trespass soaked in raw catchiness and another moment within the album which just had us at its mercy.

Hunger was induced by Breakfast Taters, an appetite for its food and creative carry-on greedier by the listen, and only pronounced by the need to replenish the energy spent dancing to its tune though Fuck You, Me allowed no moment as it sparked attitude and attention in equal measure with its untamed infection.

The harmonic enriched Free Range Man quickly proved an addiction for swinging hips, its old school rock ‘n’ roll and surf kissed sway mandatory before Tipi Tapa had feet quick-stepping with all the zeal of bare skin on hot coals. Again there was an infection under the skin at play within both songs and only the want to succumb to that rascality; a desire just as unbridled with album closer Waste Of Space. Its bag of melodic wired hooks and grooves across another inexorable rhythmic exploitation pure addiction only accentuated by Evoy’s prowess in voice and sax.

And that is Fast Food & Broken Hearts which we can again confirm is the finest outing with MFC Chicken to date and a release which in a time of fast food home deliveries only is the tastiest order you could make.

Fast Food & Broken Hearts is out now via Dirty Water Records and FOLC Records; available @

Pete RingMaster 03/04/2020

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