Dead Winter – Erasing Glaciers


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   Formed in 2011, UK post hardcore band Dead Winter has bred an eagerly growing buzz around their emergence, an attention which especially over the past year has found a real potency which the Blackpool sextet hope to reap greater success from with the re-release of their debut EP Erasing Glaciers. A reboot of their first introduction, the six track fury of melodic metal and hardcore ferocity is a resourceful and magnetic beast of an encounter and the highly suggestive evidence that the band’s time is about to explode into wide recognition.

    Pulling inspirations from bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Underoath, Oh, Sleeper, and Parkway Drive into their sound, Dead Winter were soon gripping attention locally and further afield from their early days. Comparisons to the likes of Memphis May Fire, A Day To Remember, and Parkway Drive were lofted on to their inventive sound as the band impressed on stage and with their Romesh Dodangoda produced debut release. Still missed by many at the time of its unleashing though, the record has a second refuelled chance to make the mark it deserves and it is hard not to see EP and band reaching into the passions of a great many more this time around.

    Consisting of guitarists Jamie Townsend and Martin Worsnip, bassist Adam Roberts, and drummer Danny Dawkins alongside Dead Winter Cover Artworkthe fiery screams of Laura Russell and the clean melodic tones of Ant Jones, Dead Winter take little time in gripping attention with EP opener Bribe For The Ferryman. A strong blaze of guitar and rolling rhythms enclose the ears initially before the rhythmic tempting strengthens its grip for the appearance of the throat raw squalls of Russell. It all combines for a dramatic and intriguing enticement which only deepens its bait with breaking muscular stabs of riffery and carnivorous aggression. Into its stride the now in place blend of clean and voracious vocals make a potent and alluring draw within a well-crafted and imaginative tempest of sound. The previously mentioned comparisons do come to mind as the song twists and ripples with inventive spite and enterprise but equally there is an individualistic essence to the provocation setting the band aside of other similar like-minded and sounding bands.

     The intense and strong start is not maintained by the following Snakebites & Streetfights as immediately the clean vocals of Jones feel out of kilter to the rapacious sounds around him and at times his own notes. Elsewhere on the EP he is masterful and impressive but for some reason the clean aspect does not feel right in what otherwise is a pretty decent adventure. There is still plenty in the track to convince that this is a rare aberration in the creative puissance of the band, the proof coming right after as the release rises up in gear and levels starting with Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud. A gentle guitar coaxing is soon exposed to a vitriolic vocal causticity and senses splitting intensity driven by equally predacious rhythmic provocation. It is an exciting assault which merges merciless savagery with a melodic soaking led by the back on form vocals of Jones. An unpredictable and exhausting maelstrom of energy and impressive individual endeavour uniting in a superbly sculpted and absorbing invention, the song is quite simply a barbarous incitement for imagination and passions.

     The title track comes next and unleashes a similarly brutal breath and body as its predecessor from its opening second. The riffs come armed with senses tearing teeth and rhythms with an armoury of sinews which bruise and ignite the ears, but it is the excellent mix of vocals from Jones and Russell which steer the impressive and ruthlessly intensive ship to another richly thrilling and irresistible triumph. With the previous song, the two tracks alone make Dead Winter a proposition to feel confidence and anticipation for their future but as You’re Not The Only One shows they are not alone in offering the fullest persuasion of this being a band with a blazing horizon ahead of them. This time taking an almost tempered approach to the listener at first, the song is soon storming within the ears with vocals impressing once more within inventive but unfussy guitar craft from Townsend and Worsnip whilst the rhythmic impact of the band again seizes a full hunger for their impact. With pleasing additives of keys to the masterful display, the song provides another lingering memorable suasion, which is not always something you can say about many other same genre bands and efforts over recent times.

    The closing Survival, like You’re Not The Only One, is a new song on the release from its original appearance at the tail end of 2012, and again with the other newcomer shows the band is evolving and growing in a potent and riveting direction. Soaked in a greater voracity and antagonism than elsewhere on the EP, the track also explores a stronger contagious depth to its body. It is a tremendous conclusion to an outstanding release, one which hopefully should take Dead Winter into a spotlight befitting their rewarding and tasty sound. British post hardcore has a new furnace of creative severity in its midst, an inventive scourge which only leaves unbridled pleasure.


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Rumours – Letters From The Memory Box

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    A fusion of rock and pop created within a melodic caress which easily seduces the imagination, Letters From The Memory Box is a very pleasing attention sparking introduction from UK band Rumours. The debut release from the young emerging quartet, it is fair to say it is not exactly presenting anything new or stretching borders for the ears but with a charm and lingering persuasion to its songs it is hard not to be tempted by the enticing release.

    Formed last year, the foursome of vocalist/guitarist Alex Mcmain, guitarist Neil Oliver, bassist Dan Mur, and drummer Jamie Hadley were soon drawing in a crowd of attention for their sound and live performances with strong support from the likes of Kerrang! Radio’s Alex Baker aiding their emergence. Inspired by the likes of Artist Vs Poet and Fall Out Boy the band as shown by their EP, crafts an instinctive and flavoursome blend of rock energy with pop enticement within openly thoughtful and inventive songwriting. As mentioned their release is not carving out new plateaus but it certainly brings a potency and adventure to its resourceful endeavour.

    Opener Forever Young appears riding bulging rhythms before offering a wash of melodic guitar and vocal temptation. It is aRumours Cover Artwork strong if less than dramatic entrance but one which firmly lures in attention especially as the song opens up its musically poetic arms and fluent harmonic temptation. Like the release, it is not a song to leave jaws hanging in awe but with strong vocals and cultured melodic endeavour it makes an endearing and infectious proposition setting up keen appetite for the following offerings. This aroused intrigue is soon fed wholesomely by the next up treat, Make Believe. From its opening breath ripe hooks are dangled before the imagination and even when it relaxes into a gentle stroll, the song still spears the ears with addictive barbs of rhythmic incitement amidst a melodic weave with similarly contagious bait. With an energy to match its exciting craft, the dynamic stomp of a song grips tighter than its predecessor to reinforce the already potent presence of Rumours whilst confirming the loud whisper suggesting their goodness which has covered the band in recent months.

    If You Could See Me Now is a rousing power of a ballad which again leaves thoughts and emotions satisfied and keenly contented. There is a familiarity to the encounter, something which in varying degrees applies to the whole EP, which arguably denies it reaping the full acclaim it probably deserves but it cannot prevent band and track brewing up another enjoyable melodic proposition. The deceptively anthemic Meet Me Half Way with its evocative narrative of keys is similarly awash with a recognisable if indefinable essence but with sinew built rhythms, jangling guitar temptation, and the ever impressive vocals painting a vibrant and melodically emotive picture alongside those elegant keys, the song seduces from start to finish.

    Both Just A Kiss and Lost Without You provide easily accessible encounters, the first confidently aligning melodic eloquence vocally and musically with a lyrical caress whilst its successor brings a tender reflection wrapped in charm from the keys and guitar which colours the emotive tones and descript brought by Mcmain. Though neither lives up to the earlier tracks the pair still embrace ears with a warm and ultimately persuasive smouldering of infectious melodies and rippling creativity.

     Closing with the acoustically bred Sense Of Direction, a decent enough and enjoyably accomplished if underwhelming song, Letters From The Memory Box is a very satisfying and melodically luxurious treat even if one which does not ignite the passions as intensely as it might. The EP undoubtedly provides enough evidence and quality though, not forgetting pleasure, to predict that Rumours will exploit their obvious potential for very successful and appealing horizons ahead, times we will be continually enthralled by you can only suspect.


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Spirytus unleash their new video


SPIRYTUS:‘Brutal and Soulful… Spirytus has endless potential’ – Laz Pina, Ill Niño

2013 saw the much-anticipated follow up to Spirytus’ self-titled 2010 debut with the release of ‘The Fundamentals EP’ followed recently by the thrilling new video for  forthcoming single ‘Man Dem’.

The band has been described as a full speed car crash between Faith No More and Korn, sprinkled with Rage Against the Machine and a few surprises in there for good measure, with their stage show being just as entertaining, aggressive, energetic and downright funky as their music.

Spirytus released their self-titled debut album at the end of 2010 with the single “Bullet Ride” being featured on the cover CD for Metal Hammer of Up and Coming bands to watch out for and has been played on radio stations all across the country.

The funk metallers are serving their time on the road and have played throughout the country racking up notable festival appearances, including playing Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hell Road Trip for three consecutive years where the band played alongside Skindred, Panic Cell, Breed 77, Wolf, Evile and more (the band actually headlined the event in 2012).  In 2011, Spirytus opened for Ill Nino, as well as playing the Kick Out The Jams Festival and Hammerfest, where they headlined the Fresh Blood Stage. Spirytus also played Hammerfest again in 2012, after they beat over 1000 bands at the Highway to Hell competition to win a slot to appear at the festival. Along the way, Ryan from the band, has also managed to sing on stage with Fred Durst on three separate occasions; his band mate, Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit, refers to Ryan as ‘the guy with the loudest voice on the planet’.

After the success of their debut album, the band wanted to tweak their sound and parted ways with one of their guitarists, recruiting a turntablist to further augment their funky tendencies. With a refreshed line-up consisting of Ryan Walton (Vocals), Ben Edis (Bass), Alistair Bell (Guitar), Ben McAlonan (Drums) and Daniel Jones (Turntablist) and a revitalised sound that pitches a bouncy mix of upbeat party-time funk crossed with the grit and brutal aggression of modern metal, Spirytus set to work on the‘The Fundamentals EP’, eight slabs of biting groove metal, including the new video single for ‘Mandem’.


‘The guy with the loudest voice on the planet’ – Wes Borland, Limp Bizkit

‘Brutal and Soulful… Spirytus has endless potential’ – Laz Pina, Ill Niño


ANIMUS declare the ‘Fall Of The Elite’, on 3rd March‏

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Drawing musical influence from a host of sources stemming from After The Burial, Suicide Silence, Bring Me The Horizon, Whitechapel and Tesseract, Scotland death metal progsters ‘Animus’ are primed to take the UK by storm with their cutting blend of crossover metal. The rising five piece release ‘Fall Of The Elite’ on Monday 3rd March through all stores.

Animus began life in 2010, with beatmaster Poul Thomassen on drums and Sam Gilmour handling the guitar. The duo soon enlisted Sam’s old college buddy Graham Brown on second guitar and new friend Gavin Holloway on bass. For the next two years, the band played throughout Scotland, wrestling to hold down a permanent and reliable vocalist. However, all of this changed in the Summer of 2012 when the four-piece hooked up with Aaron Fawns, and everything just clicked into place. Aaron immediately joined the band as full-time vocalist and the revitalised noiseniks soon picked up the pace with a flurry of explosive shows throughout the northern territory supporting the likes of Bleed From Within, To Kill Achilles, Here Lies A Warning, Heights, Silent Screams, Chronographs, Hero In Error, Our People Versus Yours and I Divide.

The five-some closed 2012 by heading into the studio to lay down their official release in the shape of their “Fall Of The Elite” EP. Because the EP only received a regional and limited release during the early part of 2013, the band have decided to unleash the record with a full national release and extensive touring for Spring 2014. And rightly so, as the record deserves to be thrust into the limelight. From the full bloodied fury of the opener track ‘Damnation’ to the death prog beatings of the EP’s namesake ‘Fall Of The Elite’, the record showcases a band that will be a prominent force in the UK metal scene for many years to come.


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ALEXIS KINGS to release ‘Keep It Sexy’, on 10th March‏

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With a sound that takes from classic rock icons such as The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, and modern rocksters such as Kings Of Leon and Arctic Monkey fused with the band’s affection for old school hip hop, Alexis Kings have genuinely crafted a sound that will quench the thirst of fans needing something solid, fresh, and inspiring from the rock genre. Alexis Kings will rise high as they nationally release ‘Keep It Sexy’ on Monday 10th March, available through all major outlets.
Hailing from St Albans and officially formed in 2010, members Brendan Aherne (Vocals and Guitar) and Sam Privett (Lead Guitar) were brought together by their shared love for rock, particularly classic rock. The guys wasted no time, and began to extensively play throughout the London area, soon amassing a dedicated following. The band have since gone out to play sell out shows at The Camden Barfly, St Albans The Horn, Camden Enterprise and Nambucca, as well as supporting The Happy Monday’s and Futureproof. Alexis Kings have also garnered strong interest and support from BBC Radio and NME.
Onwards and upwards, Alexis Kings recently headed off to the recording studio to put their sound down to tape, strutting out of the studio armed with a killer mini EP. Entitled ‘Keep It Sexy’, the record highlights the band’s deft ability to ink a tune. Short and compact in size, the EP gives a real indication of the combo’s guile and songwriting wizardry. From the swagger and rousing gritty groove of their previous single ‘1972’, to the twisty and engaging rhythms of their new video single ‘Brothers’ (which can be viewed here –, the record is an impressive debut that is sure to harvest widespread national praise.

Alexis Kings Cover Artwork