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2012 and ’13 saw the release of The Treatment EP and the album Save As I Save respectively from UK melodic metallers Zoltar Speaks. Both encounters seriously impressed so it was with disappointment that the band subsequently folded. Out of its ashes in 2015 though, came Pretty Little Enemy, a quartet formed by vocalist Louise Body, bassist Jason Coles, and drummer Ben Dean.  Completing their line-up with guitarist Georgia Bell, Pretty Little Enemy quickly stirred up attention on the live scene, taking in shows supporting the likes of Syren City, Embers of Eden, and Chasing Cadence amongst their own stage firing shows. Now they are grabbing attention with the Bitch PLEase! EP, three tracks of muscular yet siren-esque alternative rock leading ears into a mix of contagion and danger.

As opener Myles grumbles on the senses with its metal scented invitation, a swift appetite is bred but soon taken aback by the sudden slip into an almost pop rock moment with the appearance of Body’s distinctive  voice. Reminding a touch of eighties band The Photos, the band soon re-establishes its hold especially as the song blossoms into a more Skunk Anansie inspired snarl. Bell’s grooves dances on the ear in no time, her sonic enterprise skirted by the grouchier lure of Cole’s bass and the firmly landing beats of Dean. Continuing to blend aggression and melodic endeavour, the song makes for a potent start to the release though it is soon eclipsed by successor Vertebreak.

The second song is a roar which instantly grips ears and attention, Body sharing her powerful and skilful vocal range to bring back memories of her previous band, a spicing backed up by the track’s irritable yet beguiling character in sound and imagination. Their new single, it is a striking and forcibly magnetic proposal stealing best song honours while confirming an already brewing appetite for the Pretty Little Enemy invention.

What Makes You completes the trio of tracks; it also quickly enticing rich focus with a spidery web of grooves around the ever impressing drama of Body’s vocals. Rhythmically it is the least dramatic but both Coles and Dean perfectly back up the leading elements of the song without ever feeling like they are just supporting textures.

With Bitch PLEase!, Pretty Little Enemy are not yet at a place to rival Zoltar Speaks but already the hints are there that it is a potential in the making and something to eagerly await while thoroughly enjoying the band’s debut proposition.

The Bitch PLEase! EP is out now through all stores.

Pete RingMaster 24/06/2016

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Zoltar Speaks Online Promo Shot

ZOLTAR SPEAKS lift new video single from their debut album.


Rising female-fronted Brit metal crew ‘Zoltar Speaks’ have just released their explosive debut album ‘Save As I Save’ and now the melodic metallers set loose their new video single ‘Nothing In The World’ on Monday 12th May.

Pulling from everyone from the likes of Avenged Sevenfold and Iron Maiden to Coheed and Cambria, Zoltar Speaks are here to shake your world with a sound that merges both fiery and majestic vocals with hearty riffs and elephantine choruses.

Formed in 2009 and bursting out of the rural plains of Somerset, Zoltar Speaks are fronted by enigmatic vocalist Louise Body, with Ben Dean hammering at the drums, Simon Roocroft providing the backbone on bass, and Daniel Pratt and Jason Coles shredding it up on the guitars. The unstoppable five-piece have built up an army of dedicated followers fuelled by extensive touring throughout Southern England and Wales where they notched up supports with Idiom and Malefice. The release of the band’s debut EP ‘Treatment’ further increased their national profile, and now with the launch of their new full length album ‘Save As I Save’, the ascending metal crew are set to soar.

The south west melodic metal crew’s debut album ‘Save As I Save’ features twelve stunning slabs of cutting metal and has already racked up critical acclaim from Big Cheese, Metal Hammer, Rocksound and Powerplay. Metal Hammer in particular have been very supportive of the band by placing a track from the record on their cover CD. The band now surge forward with the release of the video single ‘Nothing In The World’, out this May and the cut is destined to grace TV screens.



Zoltar Speaks – Save As I Save


The appearance of the Treatment EP, the debut release from UK metallers Zoltar Speaks, was one of the very best introductions to any band in 2012, a collection of potent and intensive songs which showed the band as having all the weaponry to leave a deeply impressive and long lasting mark on British melodic metal. Now with the release of first album Save As I Save, the Somerset quintet not only confirms all the promise and qualities paraded on its predecessor but ignites them to greater and richer effect and results. The album is a masterful blaze of sound which whether carnivorously snarling or tenderly seducing is a superbly crafted and insatiably attentive provocateur of thoughts and passions.

Zoltar Speaks made their first firm steps in 2009, the band soon breeding a loyal and passionate following throughout the South of England and Wales with their impressive live show and the sharing of stages with bands like Malefice and Sworn to Oath. The Treatment EP sparked critical acclaim from the metal underground and more whilst sparking a greater awareness for the band around the country, a growing devotion for their captivating sound nurtured and expanded through their stage performances. Now as Save As I Save is uncaged you can only suspect and expect the band to trigger the fullest attention with its skilful furies and enchanting persuasions as the band’s ascent to the fore of UK’s melodic metal scene accelerates.

From the piano sculpted Intro, band and release erupts into a sizzling suasion with See You In Another Life, guitars and the Zoltar Speaks - Save As I Save Coveroutstanding fiery vocals of Louise Body enslaving ears and thoughts from the start. It is a tempered entrance by the track but one soon given a boost of aggressive adrenaline and incisive passion as the guitars of Dan Pratt and Jason Coles encase the ears in hungry riffs and sonic enterprise.  The sinewy track easily holds attention from start to finish, forging a strong and tall stature for the album which is followed by the first single from the release, Last Man Standing. As its predecessor the song has a hard and rapacious intent to its start, the rhythms of drummer Ben Dean framing the creative guitar play and scorching range of tone and delivery from Body, her craft and vocals even more impressive than on Treatment. Though maybe not the obvious lead song from the album for personal thoughts, it still makes an accomplished and intrigue sparking invitation into Save As I Save.

The excellent I’m Coming sets the heat and intensity up another notch, predacious riffs matched by the dark bass tones crafted by Simon Roocroft alongside again the commanding beats of Dean. Like a raging fire, the song dances around the senses with melody soaked flames and testing rhythms aligned to those similarly predatory riffs. It is a formidable encounter which sets up the imagination and emotions perfectly for the adventurous Cannot Be. There is a swagger to the invention of the song, its melodic enticements and sonic endeavour whilst a stomping swing drives the intent and gait of the track. Together it makes for a song which is invigorating and musically anthemic but still a thoughtful and caring guide for the imagination as it runs with the engaging narrative.

The album is still climbing in quality at this point, each song bringing a little more to devour eagerly and be inspired by. The ballad Flesh And Blood makes for a relatively gentle persuasion next, one which allows a breath to be taken in the drive of the album and though maybe it does slip from the heady heights set it is a beautifully crafted and skilled attraction which makes a flavoursome spice for the strong appetite already awoken by the album. That gulp for air is needed in preparation for Face The Claymore, the track stepping forward to rabidly ravage and ignite the passions. Intensively aggressive and almost bordering malevolent in its attack, the track is a glorious merger of harsh and melodic adventure, a brawling tempest which brings a further rigorous diversity and tormented energy to the release.

Through the magnetic Take It Away, an enthralling evolving anthem with a solo seemingly soaked in the finest Eagles seeding, the smouldering ballad Braver, and the devastating Nothing In The World, the band continues to incite the fullest satisfaction and strongest emotions for its offering, the last of the three a dazzling display of vocal diversity, clean and spiteful declarations storming through its core with Coles providing growls to compliment and inspire equally extreme and passionate attacks from Body.

Completed by the enjoyably imposing and creatively exploratory I Can, I Can’t, its aggression and lingering melodies pure enslavement, and the constantly building climactic Treatment, the album is a tremendous encounter. As powerful and impressive as it is Save As I Save also suggests that there is much more to come from Zoltar Speaks, an even stronger uniqueness inside which is something to keenly anticipate and get excited over.


RingMaster 12/11/2013

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Zoltar Speaks: Treatment EP

To be honest whilst reviewing releases consistently it is not an irregular thing to be impressed by a band, album or particular song. It is much rarer though to be openly surprised and virtually awe struck by something. The debut EP from UK metallers Zoltar Speaks is one such rarity, a distinctly appetising and very pleasing treat. The Treatment EP is a mighty piece of metallic power and striking imagination which leads the senses through a fury of belligerent riffs, crushing rhythms, and classic guitar invention as well as introducing one of the best emerging vocalists in UK metal.

The quintet from Somerset first emerged in 2009 immediately grabbing attention and a devout following throughout the South of England and Wales with their impressive live show and the sharing of stages with bands like Malefice and Sworn to Oath. Their sound brings an irresistible blend of metal and rock into intensified adrenaline fuelled energy and senses igniting invention. With angry riffs and scorching mesmeric melodic play from guitarists Ollie Smith and Jason Coles, threatening lines from bassist Shane Yard, plus brutal rhythms from drummer Ben Dean smashing the ear into willing submission, their music explodes with strikingly  impressive craft and ideas. On top of the stirring invention of the band the vocals of Louise Body grab the already submissive emotions and willing heart, lighting them up with a stunning ability and captivating power. Altogether the band remind a little of Skunk Anansie it is arguable if that band offer the complete and devastating unique pleasure that Zoltar Speaks offer on their EP, with no disrespect to Skin and co.

Released June 11th, the EP opens on A Metaphor and immediately floors the ear with towering melodic strikes and vicious riffs. It is a towering entrance but once the voice of Brody soars the air the song erupts to even loftier heights. Behind her hard to tear the ear from vocals, the music creates a brewing storm of muscular intent and formidable energy though it never truly explodes into the suggested devastation it teases up throughout.

That is soon addressed with the excellent How Could You Blame? The drums of Dean thump with a lingering resonance whilst the riffs carry a ravenous appetite to their venomous aggression. At times the song releases an unrelenting attack which is as infectious as you could wish and once the song hits the same insatiable addictive vein as Senser did in their early days with tracks like No Comply there is no losing the infection that has set in. The song persistently snarls and bites with a strong jaw and bestial tenacity for the fullest satisfaction.

The Best Revenge and Treatment complete the release with equal strength and quality. The first strokes with a melodic guitar beckoning before corrupting with bludgeoning riffs and stinging melodic ingenuity. Like the song before it the track takes bites out of the senses with sharp rampaging clusters of heavy riffs whilst triggering fires with its blistering white hot guitar conjurations. The closing title track reveals the other equally immense side of the band with a song flowing on a crest of melodic enterprise and poised craft, the band at ease and skilful at punishing or flooding the senses with intelligent and inventive melodic warmth. Not that the track is a soft touch, it still sears the flesh with harsh venomous backing vocals and twisted dark hearted riffs.

The Treatment EP is easily one of the best debuts heard this year and the first step in what one suspects will be the steep rise of Zoltar Speaks, surely a band that will eventually leave a long lasting and deeply impressive mark on metal.

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