Interview with Paile from Beastmilk

A release which ‘…swamps the ear and senses with an unrelenting intensity, a shadowed energetic breath and doom coloured melodic mesmerism’ was how we described the excellent Use Your Deluge EP from Finnish post punk band Beastmilk . The four track release is an outstanding feast of self proclaimed apocalyptic post punk which unrelentingly grabs hold from the very beginning and grips and twists tighter as it consumes the ear persistently. With pleasure we had the chance to find out more about the band and release thanks to bassist Paile taking time out to answer a few questions.

Hi Paile and welcome to The Ringmaster Review

Firstly for those new to the band could you simply introduce yourselves?

Hello, and thank you. If fluids in general feel intriguing to you, our music should be to your liking. Please have a sip and a listen!

We have to ask about the band name, Beastmilk. It inspires many thoughts and images not all healthy haha but what are its seeds?

The contaminated seed is of our fathers and other homosexual men. And one should never belittle the value of taste. All beasts produce liquid substances of varying density and color.

Tell us about the beginning of the band and how you all met?

It was cold, very cold. Much snow. And very dark. Paile wanted to play drums in a band, so Goatspeed invited him to a cellar to play some songs he’d written. They needed a bottom end to it all and called bassist Arino, asking if he’d like to come and play some punk music. Arino showed up, and on that instant, White Stains on Black Tape was recorded. Goatspeed knew Kvohst from before, and the vocals were recorded later that same night when the quartet met each other for the first time.

There is already a strong history musically to the members of the band I believe?

We must all be winners then.

How would you describe your music from the inside?

Inside it’s always throbbing, between the gushes. We try not to get stuck in there too long, one tends to lose perspective that way.

The press release to your new release states the intent of the band was to bring forth music that was a mixture of various acts like The Cure, Misfits, and Dead Kennedys. Listening to your music though one feels there are many more influences and inspirations which have spiced your style and music?

In a clever way we copy other people’s music and disguise it as our own original creation. We are also inspired by female sweat. Licking armpits can be very educating.

Maybe it was our ears but we heard a definite eighties UK post punk flavouring reminding of the likes of Joy Division, Leitmotiv and Crispy Ambulance. Coincidence or do you have a heart for those sounds too?

Our sound is calculated and constructed artificially using advanced machinery. We’ve all stepped outside our comfort zones for this band, and that’s where all the tension and the flavours are coming from.

The release we mentioned is your stunning Use Your Deluge EP, four songs which for us swamps the ear and senses with an unrelenting intensity and doom coloured melodic mesmerism for the fullest aural addiction.

Thank you kindly! We trust in the vibe that seems to arise by itself when the four of us are put in a tiny space for a limited time. There is always present a balance of sceptical curiosity for what the guys will play, and yet the outcome always sounds smashing.

Tell us about the songs on the EP, what inspired them and were they written specifically for the release?

The songs are always written quite quickly, and specifically for the upcoming release. At least Ms. Chapman and A.O. Spare should feel particularly honoured this time.

Do songs emerge in the songwriting from one person or is a full band contribution throughout?

It’s always interesting to listen back to the original demos and drafts of Goatspeed after a song has been recorded in the studio. They appear to go through a natural metamorphosis. The demos usually get their specific feel and direction once Kvohst has written the vocals. Then everything crystallizes when Paile and Arino build up the backbeat.

When reviewing the EP, we talked about the track Children of the Atom Bomb which we loved by the way, as the perfect example of ‘repetition when used right and with thought is irresistible,’ In hindsight though we still know it to be true, we were wondering how you guys think about the repetition comment, if you see the song using that too quite as much as our ears do?

Never thought of it that way. Repetition in thought and in practice is a fine thing.

Use Your Deluge was only released as a 7” vinyl. An old school return we love and endorse but do you think you are restricting yourselves in the spreading of your sounds and presence by no CD release?

We love the sound of vinyl (and cassette). Do people still buy CD’s?

Was this always the intention to do a vinyl physical release?

The vinyl comes with a download code as well. But somehow things tend to exist a little more when they take physical shape, like seed and eggs.

In the studio did the way you were releasing the material make any impact on how you recorded the songs?

Not so much. Red Majesty is quite long in comparison, so it had to be paired with a shorter one.

The songs on the EP have a delicious and powerful raw edge to them leading us to wonder if you recorded them like a live cut.

We’re very quick in the studio. It all comes down to the communication between Goatspeed and Paile. They look each other passionately in the eyes until the tension gets unbearable. That’s when the main arrangements just seem to appear. Then we add the bass and the vocals and some additional overdubs. It’s not live, but we leave a lot of room for spontaneous solutions and unobstructed expression.

Is the release just a teaser for something more substantial in the near future or is there going to be a wait ahead for our impatient ears


I believe you have ‘real’ lives alongside Beastmilk, how does this impact on the band if at all?

Unfortunately you are mistaken, we do not have ‘real’ lives alongside Beastmilk. Beastmilk is everywhere

Is there a live side to Beastmilk, I ask as it was hard to find any dates upcoming or recent for you.

We are currently in the process of booking festival gigs for summer 2013. So dig out your aprons and buckets and get ready for some milking!

What does come next for you and as a band?

What does come next for us and as a band?

Thank you for sparing time to talk with us.

Thank you for showing interest and for the nice compliments!

Would you like to end with a final thought?

We hope not to have any final thoughts yet.

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The Ringmaster Review 03/08/2012

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Beastmilk – Use Your Deluge EP

As the four songs making up the Use Your Deluge EP from Finnish post punk band Beastmilk  consume  and  permeate every pore it is impossible not to be taken back to the time when their sound first was seeded and spread its icy fingers and stark shadows. Comparisons placed upon the band include the likes of early Misfits, Dead Kennedys, and Danzig but as the far too brief a release took over the ear the trip back to the sounds of bands like Joy Division and even more so Leitmotiv and Crispy Ambulance was unmissable. Whether mere coincidence or actual flavours that influenced the quartet the EP ignited distinct passions assumed lost to time, feelings resurrected with freshness of the now. Simply Use Your Deluge is outstanding.

Beastmilk was formed in 2010 by British vocalist/songwriter Mathew McNerney, better known as Kvohst. Already renowned from his work with and in bands such as Code, Void, and Dødheimsgard, he pulled in friends guitarist Goatspeed, bassist Paile, and Arino on drums for the band. According to their press release they were to bring forth music that was a mixture of various acts like The Cure, Misfits, and Dead Kennedys. This they have achieved though there are many more and maybe more prominent flavours that stands out in their sound.

Released through Svart Records and following on from acclaimed self released two song demo White Stains on Black Tape, the band and the EP unleash their self proclaimed apocalyptic post punk upon the world with a deeply intrusive and satisfying contagion. The release swamps the ear and senses with an unrelenting intensity, a shadowed energetic breath and doom coloured melodic mesmerism. From the first compulsive consuming note to the last Use Your Deluge leaves one breathless and blackened, the need to immerse even longer in the thick smog of aural mass an addiction.

The EP opens with Void Mother, the track instantly swamping the ear with a dirty atmosphere and scuzzed guitars. As the dust settles the hypnotic bass and leading rhythms seize control of the ear allowing the guitar to roughen up the senses whilst the vocals of Kvohst sway and draw attention like a cobra, smooth and magnetic but full of power and intent. The track is very Danzig like with splashes of Play Dead and drips of Type O Negative added for taste. Aggressive and attentive the track is a stunning opener soon to be eclipsed by the following glorious track.

Children of the Atom Bomb picks up the already elevated reins of the release like a possessed entity. It rampages with a sure and controlled pace whilst delving into every pore with its consumption of black melodies and exhausting atmosphere. Reminding deeply of Leitmotive and their Caress + Curse EP, the track and its successor are overwhelmingly infectious. There is simplicity in the construct of lyrics and music that makes it so easy to be part of and impossible to resist being so. Repetition when used right and with thought is irresistible, a word that perfectly covers the Use Your Deluge EP as a whole.

The equally brilliant Forever Animal stalks and paces incessantly, another song that denies escape from its devouring rhythms and cold sirenesque pull. The bass conjures up riffs which are definitely as inspirational as those the Dead Kennedys excelled in and the comparison is understandable.

The mountainous closing Red Majesty is a prowling less eager track though no less impressive. When it raises its temperature it rages like a fire to then sit back and assess the damage with melodic glee and acidic smirking hooks. It is a venomous track and the one where you feel its aggressive energy blistering every vein the most. The droned resonance of the vocals of Kvohst is immense throughout the release and especially here bring a stunning companion and contrast to the coarse and caustic sounds around him.

Use Your Deluge is a classic with the fact it is only a foursome of great songs running barely fourteen minutes the negative. The need for and exasperation at not having more is overwhelming by the end, something hopefully that will be remedied in the near future. Released as a 7” vinyl only Beastmilk has given a true must have release, arguably the first of the year and sure to be just the first of many from them.

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