The Amputees – Commence The Slaughter

US punk n roll band The Amputees first came to our notice with their excellent contribution to the We Love Trash compilation album from Garage Punk Hideout, with their growling middle finger up slice of feistiness Ted. September 1st sees the release of the debut EP from the band Commence The Slaughter, an EP which sees more of the same eagerly given as well as other unexpected pleasures. Raw and mischievous, it teases and antagonises with equal relish to leave one quite spoilt.

The band has members from several states and consists of Louis Ramos (vocalist/guitarist) who is based in Harlem, Gary Young (guitar) from the Bronx, Kaleen Reading (drums/guitar) from New Jersey, Carrie Ramos (tambourine/vocals) from Long Island, and Geena Spigarelli (bassist/vocals) out of Texas. Also in the band there is half Brit half Ecuadorian Nova Luz (vocals/guitar/bass) and Juliet Eldred (guitar/bass) to make for a multi flavoured energised unit.

The EP consists of four songs which offer a diverse canvas of ideas and sounds to enjoy. The title track is a dirty garage rock n roll scowl upon the ear, its combative punk rock breath lined with a melodic discord which makes it as infectious as it is belligerent. Far too brief to give a slightly moan, the song is a grizzled joy to rile up the senses.

Beater is a similar attitude loaded track with an in your face stance within a storm of electrified energy. Ramos growls with perfect spite whilst the female vocals behind liven up the air with an added wickedness. A punk song of the highest order it makes a strong claim as best song on the release.

It is closely challenged though by the excellent fiery rock crawl of Devil With The Red Dress. The song swaggers with lust and wanton urges whilst its melodies lick their lips with insatiable eagerness. The song shows the full diversity in the band and their rock based sound, its scorched energy incendiary and a completely different variant to the punk which infused other songs. It is impossible to tell you who actually contributes what on each song apart from Ramos, but simply the band is a collective of musicians able to equally bring quality to songs, and this song yet another example of invention and raw rock music at its best.

The fourth song to complete the release is Lunch, a strange and to be honest still hard to get a handle on song in relation to the other tracks. It is a subdued almost folk shadowed dark song with just female vocals and a hollow sound, slightly Pixies like if a comparison is sought. Though it does not really fit with the other tracks it is intriguing and offers again a variety to the music of The Amputees which only ignites interest.

Commence The Slaughter is an excellent debut from an exciting emerging band. If garage rock, punk, and unwashed rock is your type of joy than The Amputees could just be your new best friends.

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Various: We Love Trash The Best Of The Garage Punk Hideout Vol.7

Seemingly compilation albums and certainly a series of them is a rare thing these days. In the seventies/eighties they were a common occurrence as independent labels helped new bands find a platform to be heard. Possibly with the internet the need is not as strong as it was but there is nothing more thrilling than a compilation of unknown bands to trawl within and feast upon. One of the few and best series of compilations are the Hideout Comp Series. Released on GRGPNK Records, a label created by the GaragePunk Hideout trashy rock n roll social networking site to feature its members and bands, the series of releases to date have brought some of the best, exciting and openly distinct new artists around which fall within the spheres of punk, garage rock and punk, trash, psych and psycho edged sounds in their various outfits, basically anything that is wild and rock n roll.

We Love Trash is the seventh in the series and follows in aim and quality the previous sextet of releases. Each has brought an array of diverse bands and sounds to thrill and incite further investigation of to varying degrees and the latest is no different. What is good about the releases is even if a track does not ignite any burning eagerness to hear more you still recognise and respect the promise and unique breath of each band, undoubtedly the result of the good selection process at the label.

Consisting of twenty two tracks from bands around the globe the album is a full and rewarding chunk of schizo sounds and energy in their many shades. With a random selection we will mention a few of the treats to find on the release but each and every track is an eager and perfect irrepressible bedlam of ear blistering inciting sounds.

The album opens with Blackout from German band Trash Emperors, the track setting the release off with a fine brew of scuzzed garage punk and agitated energy. Leaving the senses in an awakened state of pleasure the song makes way for the excellent Ted from Brooklyn band The Amputees. Raw punk n roll at its best the song is a catchy middle finger piece of growling contempt to stir up the heart.

Swizz garage punks The Monofones and lo-fi fuzz duo The Happy Kids keep things brewing with pleasing variation and a persistent manic air with their respective tracks Alright and Seven Are The Horns of Satan. The first is an urgent psych punk grazing of hypnotic pulses and scraping discord with a sixties air of Cradle whilst the latter is a simpering electrified surge which treats every brain cell to an electrified sonic scratch, both songs further showing the diverse and enterprising talent within the ranks of the album and the series of releases as a whole.

With such a spread of styles and levels of production different parts of the album will thrill some more than others and vice versa but We Love Trash is never less than pleasing and insistently mischievous with songs like the irrepressible Cigarette from the Austrian garage punks The Shirley MacLaines and the sonic hip swaggering My Groupie from Thee Martian Boyfriends leading the ear and heart into a welcome wicked dance.

Favourite tracks from the release for us here come in the shape of the outstanding psychotically snaring Good Night, Sleep Tight from San Diego based The Bloody Hollies, the pissed blues punk Black Garage Door from The Chrome Cranks, and the Ramones infected contagion that is Turn That TV Off from Boris The Sprinkler. The trio of songs tick all the right boxes and ignite the fiercest sparks of satisfaction but there is something for everyone on what is an excellent album you just have to go and enjoy

We Love Trash and previous releases come at a real steal of a price and can be checked out at Join the site, make an active contribution and the treats come at an even more impressive value.

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Track line-up:

1. Trash Emperors -Blackout (Hamburg, Germany)
2. The Amputees- Ted(Brooklyn, NY USA)
3. The Evil Eyes – Honey Please (Toronto, ON CAN)
4. The Del Lames – Feel So Lame (Albany, CA USA)
5  The Bloody Hollies – Good Night, Sleep Tight (San Diego, CA USA)
6. The Monofones – Alright(Bern, Switzerland)
7.  The Happy Kids – Seven Are the Horns of Satan(Vienna, Austria)
8.  Die Zorros – Baby Goodbye (Bern, Switzerland)
9.  Kicks – The Defeatist Beat(Toronto, ON CAN)
10. The Gooeys – Lay Down and Die (Calgary, AL CAN)
11. The Get Wets – Beat Beat (Columbia, SC USA)
12. The Shirley MacLaines – Cigarette (Innsbruck, Austria)
13. The Chrome Cranks – Black Garage Door (Hudson, NY USA)
14.  Wild Evel & The Thrashbones – Why Can’t We Be (Vienna, Austria)
15.  Thee Martian Boyfriends – My Groupie (Brussels, Belgium)
16.  The Pulsebeats – Cynical Ride (Santander, Spain)
17.  Uzis – I Wanna Go (Kansas City, MO USA)
18.  Boris The Sprinkler – Turn That TV Off (Green Bay, WI USA)
19.  Haywire – Gone for Good (Sheboygan, WI USA)
20.  The Branded – Drive Me Outta My Mind (Malmö, Sweden)
21.  Thee Witch Hazel Martinis – What You Deserve (Fontana, CA USA)
22.  Light Bulb Alley – Pepper Spray (Montreal, QC CAN)

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