Infected Society/F is for Fuck You/Miserable Failure – Miserable Fucking Society Split


If you ask us, and I know you were going to, there are simply not enough compilations and spilt releases around these days to highlight and thrust upon the world the wealth of emerging talent out there. Luckily the seemingly can do little wrong at the moment Kaotoxin Records has the same mentality as they shove the Miserable Fucking Society Split release firmly down our throats with clenched passionate fists. Consisting of nineteen hate spewing tracks from three talented and angry French grindcore talents in the vitriolic shapes of Infected Society, F is for Fuck You, and Miserable Failure, the EP or should that be album, is a raging torrent of hardcore antagonism and grindcore brutality with a core of metallic vengeance. It leaves body and thoughts exhausted and passions riled through a trio of bands which maybe you will end up with a favourite from but all will leave a lingering welcome brand on the psyche.

First up is Infected Society with seven acts of barbarous intent. Formed by guitarist Fack (ex-Yyrkoon, ex-Drowning, ex-Decline Of infected societyHumanity, ex-Burgul Torkhaïn, ex-Ashura) and vocalist Brédin (Decline Of Humanity, ex-DSK, ex-Tridus Elasticus, ex-Altered Beast) in 2010, the band has already impressed and set out a formidable stature with the also Kaotoxin released Get Infected EP of last year and another spilt, Snuff Fetish Infection earlier in this. Their contribution to this release is as uncompromising as ever and arguably their most vicious and corrosive presentation yet. From the opener Old-School Traditional Butchery, the title telling you all you need to know, the band let rip a furious creative maelstrom which buckles knees and has synapses weeping. The first song is a torrential shower of crippling rhythms and devastating riffs speared by flesh failing sonic malice and grinding grooves which strip layers and skin from the senses. With an equally malicious dual vocal attack it is a mouthwatering blood curdling introduction which only is a portent of what is to come.

Both Definitely-Dead and Ultimate Slavery savage the already set in wounds with greater venom and predation, their notes and aggression pack like and just as vicious, yet especially in the second incitement there is a distraction from the carnivorous assault of irresistible grooves and hooks, though venom always wins out. This is in full evidence with the just plain ferocious Mentally Derange and the intensive pestilence that is Crack-Whores. Addictive and magnetic the second of the two is a major highlight of the album though surpassed, after the more than ok but underwhelming in comparison Life Eraser, by the excellent Raw Quad Orgy. Led in by thumping beats, and it has to be said that the drum and bass work on the tracks is exceptional, the track explodes into a tempest of abrasive ferociousness and rhythmic battering veined with grooves and virulently barbed lures which remind of Coilguns and Kunz at times. The most inventive and exploratory of their songs it is a stunning conclusion to their part of the split.

F is for Fuck You    Next band up is F Stands For Fuck You, and it has to be said the band right away kidnapped the passions and emerged as our clear favourites on the release. Making their recording debut on Miserable Fucking Society Split, the St-Etienne trio of drummer Kevin Foley (Sepultura, Benighted, Nervecell, Mumakil, The Seven Gates), vocalist Adrien Guérin (Benighted), and guitarist Alexis Lieu bring an inventive and scintillating breath to a central grindcore heart. From the growled squall of vocals marking the start of Zero, the song twists and writhes with imagination and lethally infectious hooks and grooves driven by excellent rhythmic enterprise and skill of Foley. The track ignites a ‘light-bulb’ in the passions almost instantly and has them celebrating something fresh and magnetically compelling. Thrusting waspish grinning grooves through the ear from the start before roughing up the same victims with bruising intensity and desire, Sound Of Nothing continues the impressive offering from the band  before both Fit and the sensationally riveting metal cored The Dead Men stomp and rampage on a swollen appetite with further furies of creative ingenuity and lung sucking energy. Debatably more hardcore than grindcore for these tastes with the band reminding at times of Irish bands Gacys Threads and Lantern For A Gale, both tracks set up a greater hunger which is immediately satisfied by the best song on the whole release.

     Fuck Off is pure sonic and anthemic alchemy, making its initial persuasion as a brawling hardcore bred outrage before with a drop of its shoulder slipping into a virulently contagious dance of hypnotic devilry and sonic festivities. Already in control of the emotions the track then invites in a southern Pantera and stoner like blaze of seduction to run off smiling broadly with the passions. Easily one of the best songs heard this year it is one of those tracks which marks a band as a keeper.

With their offering completed by Firesky and The Bombing, two more songs that only impress with their raw and rapacious creative rabidity, F Stands For Fuck You declares themselves as one of the most thrilling and promising bands to emerge this year anywhere.

Made up of vocalist Bleu, guitarist/vocalist Rom Sanchez, bassist John Culbuto, and drummer Elvis Jagger Abdul Jabbar, Miserable Failure doMiserable Failure not worry about making gentle introductions, well gentle anything as their five slices of rabid violence soon show. The Marseille quartet is pure anger and vitriol which pours uncontrollable from their first track Summoning Chaos right through to the last. The song opens with a menacing spoken vocal upon a slowly dawning ambience though it has no time to take hold as the band expose a heavy handed oppressive breath and launch into two minutes of unbridled sonic and vocal animosity. It is a nasty destructive confrontation which leaves senses and thoughts running scared and satisfaction widely awoken.

As the following even shorter red hot hellacious stabs the senses through the equally severe fires All Women Must Die, No More Friends, and None Shall Be Saved, Miserable Failure leave no doubt as to their promise and powerful craft but are given no favours by the production on their contribution which swings too far to the raw and caustic extreme leaving elements lost and almost toothless. In saying that, as they close with the acutely turbulent Inside Me you only want to hear more, just with a more understanding hand around the maliciousness.

     Quite simply the Miserable Fucking Society Split is an outstanding release bringing attention to three promising and impressive bands. What more could you ask for?

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Infected Society 8.5/10

F Stands For Fuck You 9.5/10

Miserable Failure 7.5/10

Miserable Fucking Society Split 8.5/10

RingMaster 04/09/2013

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