The Secret: Angus Dei

If the thought of being smothered with the most obese intensity possible whilst being ravaged by a carnal pit of sonic hateful vehemence has got the appetite going then Angus Dei the new album from Italian extreme metallers The Secret is a release for you. Destructive and vengeful the album is an unrelenting brutal assault of black metal, blackened hardcore, crust punk and blistering grind. It is merciless, a rampant beast of passion and rage borne of the blackest emotions and intent. It leaves ears ringing, senses cowering, and thoughts in turmoil, but enjoyment surging as fully as the crushing sounds.

Formed in 2003, The Secret made a mark from the start, their debut album Luce the initial attention grabber followed and built upon by Disintoxication and Solve Et Coagula. Fourth album Agnus Dei finds the Trieste quartet at its strongest yet and most violent. From the opening title track through to the final onslaught of Seven Billion Graves the album is a storm of sonic hunger and caustic malevolence, an impending cataclysm realised by its final act.

The track Agnus Dei sets the tone, its godly ‘words’ consumed by a sonic acid, the track eroding and melting the senses. The vocals of Marco Coslovich scowl and spit bile alongside the equally venomous rub from the guitar of Michael Bertoldini. With the drums of Tommaso Corte pummelling life from any previously unaffected part of the body and the bass of Lorenzo Gulminelli gnawing away vigorously at the open wounds, the track sets the scene and frame for the upcoming pit spawn malice.

The tracks come thick and fast and in varied explosives lengths, the likes of May God Damn All Of Us and Violent Infection barely around long enough to threaten the clock but with a ferocity to melt bone and extinguish hope to match the longer standing tsunamis of intensity such as Geometric Power and Post Mortem Nihil Est. The rich and tumultuous fusion of hardcore and black metal across all is thrilling, admittedly there is an initial surface similarity to the tempest offered but the brave delving beneath will discover skilled grooves and twisting discord which are impressive and invigorating.

The vicious Daily Lies alongside Vermin Of Dust with its groove magnetism and the caustic sonic lime pit that is Obscure Dogma are the pinnacles of a perpetually rewarding and satisfying onslaught. Imaginative and diversely creative maybe is not the description one would lay at the feet of Angus Dei upon the first combative engagement but given the time to come to terms with the decimation in progress there is no denying the inventive craft and invention underlying the sea of venomous atrocity.

The Secret has unleashed in Agnus Dei an album which takes no prisoners but leaves an impressive depth of pleasure and satisfaction which is undeniable. Produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge), it may be painful at times with a threat which many will crumble before but the album is without doubt extreme metal at its most imposing, primitive, and best.

RingMaster 05/11/2012

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Grime: Self Titled

With parts of the UK right now being consumed with unprecedented torrents of rain and storms, intrusive merciless floods, and oppressive land and mudslides, the perfect soundtrack to it all comes in the shape of the debut self titled release from Italian sludge metallers Grime. The six track album is a destructive monster of unrelenting ravenous aural filth, a dirty and vicious assault of expansive grievous grooves and crushing vile riffs to devour the senses. It is arguably maybe not the most original but certainly stands as one of the most severe and brutal which can never be a bad thing.

From Trieste the quartet of vocalist/guitarist Marco, guitarist Lorenzo, bassist Paulo, and Chris on drums, came together mid 2010 with a shared passion for the likes of Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Grief, Sourvein, Eyehategod, and Buzzov’en and the want to create their own intrusive and to be feared sounds. What emerges as evidenced by this release is a sound which leaves a wasted carcass in its wake, their combination of slow towering riffs, caustically scorching grooves, and murderous rhythms an annihilatory assault brought with the uncontrollable intensity of an avalanche. The band which features ex-members of The Secret and Pianoearthquake, has shared stages with the likes of Cough, The Secret, Tombs, Morkobot, and Leechfeast and increasingly pulling in acclaim which their debut can only accelerate.

Released via Mordgrimm the album offers an intense and inescapable maelstrom of sludge metal escalated to inhuman levels with equally abusive doom oppression and stoner melodic greed, all mutated and distorted into a mugging of decaying hungry intensity. It is harsh, at times almost unbearable but ultimately very rewarding. The opening track Self Contempt immediately overwhelms the ear with an insistent brew of corruptive riffs and drum bitch slaps entwined with a plaintive groove as inwardly insatiable and sadistic as the song title suggests. The vocals are sonically acidic within the spewing scrambling growls to further draw every vindictive and venomous essence the track can find within its black heart.

It is an impressive start easily backed up and bettered by following song The Journey. With a lumbering energy and groove as additive as it is manipulative beside the wonderful the ear flaying vocals of Marco, the track leads the senses through a cess pit of staggering onerous intent. It is nasty, it is insatiable and it is glorious dare one say even beautiful.

The album is in full consumptive near excruciating malevolence now, something Charon and Chasm only force home with further brutality and to dehabilitating effect. The first emerges from the lowest downtuned depths to create the thickest and rawest tsunami of bulk dragging intensity. The riffs turn lethargy into an art form, their punishing ponderous crawl borne of the mightiest predator. The second of the pair is a charnel house of festering senses and twisted emotions, a bedlam of dragging visceral insanity. Midway the track lurches into a resemblance of energetic intent to throw unpredictability into the underlining inventive textures beneath the wall of sonic mud, its effect thrusting the already unhinged assault into overload.

Completed by the unbridled spite and ignited stoner energised attack of the outstanding Born Sick and the excellent swamp fresh blistering of Wife Beater, the album is an equally testing and deeply satisfying release. It does and brings exactly what it says on the tin, well the band name, with a quality one can only hungrily feast upon and shout about. It is borne from a similar thick pit of soiled passion as from the neighbouring likes of Noothgrush, Eyehategod, and Sourvein, but fuelled with its own nasty intent to stand apart. Grime is stuff of nightmares and the perpetrators with their debut release of pure satisfaction.

RingMaster 07/07/2012

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