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Hailing from Reading, UK alternative rock band The Hunger Pact is continuing to emerge as one rather compelling and accomplished presence. Their self-titled EP released earlier this year triggered strong attention with its four track invitation to a new breath of inventive and richly promising multi-flavoured rock. Now the trio returns with its successor the Cold Woman EP to further the promise and reputation of a rather fine new band.

Consisting of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist (drums, bass…) Ed Rogers, his guitarist brother Ollie, and rhythm guitarist James Pierce, The Hunger Pact brings a parade of eclectic and potent inspirations into their distinctive sound, the likes of Eric Clapton, BB King, Flyleaf, Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Santana, Seether, and Daughtry amongst many spicing up their invention. Originally a solo project for Ed, with The Hunger Pact EP a strong first marker, the band expanded with Ollie providing the guitars for the release and beyond, and James linking up for subsequent live shows. Now with the release of Cold Woman you can sense another big step is about to be taken; their debut release the awareness nudging introduction and the new EP a potent reinforcement and you suspect sizeable trigger to a wider recognition.

The release opens with the title track, a slowly brewing song whose initial touch is that of raw brooding guitar and sonic coaxing as the The Hunger Pact Cover Artworkvocals of Ed opens up an emotive narrative with a strong expressive delivery. The song continues well into its body with the opening slow burn of a persuasion and energy, its presence a smouldering evocation with gently stirring sonic blazes from the guitar aligned to the melancholic laced bass prowling the scenery. As mentioned it is a simmering heat which simultaneously breeds a sonic temptation and intensity that without ever scalding the air spawns a fiery finale which flows seamlessly into its successor. The track is a mesmeric lure into the release and band making the perfect canvas for Alright to spawn its busier sinewed provocation from. The second track is a sturdier more classically rock bred encounter with an element of punk rock to its breath, and whilst not quite magnetising the imagination and emotions to the same potency as its predecessor makes for another deeply satisfying temptation. There is a simplicity which cores the track, and release, a straight forward lure which teases out stronger hunger but also a craft and invention to the guitar and the enterprise of everything on offer which screams out promise and adventure.

Cold Woman is completed by the predation coated and raw Alone Again, its sound coming with a causticity which suggests it was recorded as a live take and an unpolished attraction implying that on stage the band is as equally a formidable proposition. The track seems to finish too soon, well for the enjoyment and appetite anyway, it’s closing sonic dissipation expelled seemingly mid-chorus or certainly whilst the song is in full confrontation. To be honest whilst greed wishes it had held off, the moment works very well and indicates yet again that there is an invention and imagination to the band which will see them flourish with great adventures ahead.

The Cold Woman EP is a thoroughly captivating and exciting release, and though it is one spark short of a raging fire, it burns away with a creativity and charm that will surely only see The Hunger Pact excel and emerge as a potent force ahead.


RingMaster 25/10/2013

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THE HUNGER PACT ‘Cold Woman’ EP, out 28th October

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Pooling from a wide array of influences and spanning from the angular scuzzy riffery of Soundgarden and Queens of the Stoneage, through to the classic texturing of Santana and BB King, The Hunger Pact are a fresh and exciting take on great British Rock. With solid rhythmic sections, driving guitars, and captivating vocal lines, The Hunger Pact set loose their own brand of alternative rock nationwide this Autumn in the shape of their new EP ‘Cold Woman’, out Monday 28th October.
Formed in Reading, The Hunger Pact are led by talented and multi-instrumentalist Ed Rogers, who sings and plays drums and bass, along with Ed’s brother, Ollie, and best friend, James Pierce, suitably completing the line-up by handling the guitar work. Reared on a diet of Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Santana and Foo Fighters, and brought together by a strong affection for motorbikes, rock ‘n’ roll, whiskey, films, coffee and documentaries, the threesome take their craft seriously and their music is full of raw emotion, poetic stories, uncensored authenticity and emblazoned honesty. The band’s energetic, driven and authentic personalities are exposed in the music with a sense of intuitive musicianship rarely observed in similar bands.
After rigorous rehearsals, The Hunger Pact soon realised that they had the songs, the sound, and the lasting dedication to take their music to great heights. A series of successful shows in Southern plains followed, as the band began to rack up impressive support slots with the likes of Inme and Voodoo Six; the threesome continue their ascent as they embark on a UK tour this August.
To assist with their climb, The Hunger Pact released their debut record ‘The Hunger Pact EP’ in February 2013, which garnered great support from the underground. The three-piece now press on with the national release of their sophomore EP ‘Cold Woman’ and it encapsulates the essence of modesty with genuine songwriting and youthful energy. The EP starts with the title track ‘Cold Woman’ and it’s an engulfing slab of moody alternative rock with a bluesy flair that nods its head to Soundgarden and QOTSA. The driving and up-tempo groove-ridden ‘Alright’ is next up, as it swings back and forth with jack hammer drums and twisting riffs. The record then closes with the fuzzed up pounding beatings of ‘Alone Again’, which also firmly illustrates the band’s true guile and potent songwriting ability.
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