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With feet and hips, not forgetting imagination, still sweaty from the rousing temptation of last year’s impressive single Time For Love, the increasingly addictive charm and invention of The Winachi Tribe has set out to work them up all over again with its successor Sense Of Danger. The band’s new single is a magnetic and almost imposingly infectious shuffle of pulsating electronics and skittish rhythms woven into a tapestry of evocative vocals and flirtatious melodies; a proposal which simply confirms The Winachi Tribe as one of Britain’s most mesmeric contagions.

Emerging last year out of Northern D.Funk collective China White, the Warrington/Leeds based band create a funk fuelled, soul bred, dance party which has quickly drawn references to the likes of George Clinton, Massive Attack, and The Happy Mondays, they amongst inspirations to the band which equally include Sly & The Family Stone, Primal Scream, Ian Brown, and The Rolling Stones. As Time For Love and its companion Plant The Seed eagerly showed as the band’s first single, even with those spices The Winachi Tribe only uncages unique proposals and infections of sound which gets right under the skin and into every corner of the body; a quality vocalist Liam Croker, guitarist Jamie McGregor, bassist Richie Rich, keyboardist Antony Egerton, drummer Sam Tushingham, and percussionist Inder Goldfinger have escalated for Sense Of Danger.

The song opens with the raspy but inviting tones of Croker, their echo warming the way for the pulsating rhythms and electronic radiance which swiftly link their hypnotic motion with the obeying reactions of the listener. Within a few breaths the track is in control of body and thoughts, its flirtatious movement and rhythmic dexterity colluding with the atmospheric and provocative textures of keys, guitar, and voice. At certain moments it is a Tom Tom Club meets Thompson Twins incitement and in other times leaning towards a darker The Happy Mondays/Talking Heads hue but all the time an irresistible lure impossible to resist.

Accompanying the track is I Sense Danger (Everybody’s Got Their Price – Remix); a more energetic and flirtatious take on the lead song replacing the it’s shadows with livelier shards of electronic tempting and energetic tenacity. Its predecessor was a magnetic saunter, a seductive crawl through ears whereas the second song blossoms into a boisterous canter with matching elegance and compelling revelry for similar responses.

Both tracks feed body and soul, and each suggest they are just the next step in the inevitable ascent of The Winachi Tribe into one of the UK’s most greedily devoured bands.

Sense Of Danger is out now digitally on iTunes with a Ltd Edition Hard Copy also available.

Pete RingMaster 04/02/2016

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ALEXIS KINGS to release ‘Keep It Sexy’, on 10th March‏

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With a sound that takes from classic rock icons such as The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, and modern rocksters such as Kings Of Leon and Arctic Monkey fused with the band’s affection for old school hip hop, Alexis Kings have genuinely crafted a sound that will quench the thirst of fans needing something solid, fresh, and inspiring from the rock genre. Alexis Kings will rise high as they nationally release ‘Keep It Sexy’ on Monday 10th March, available through all major outlets.
Hailing from St Albans and officially formed in 2010, members Brendan Aherne (Vocals and Guitar) and Sam Privett (Lead Guitar) were brought together by their shared love for rock, particularly classic rock. The guys wasted no time, and began to extensively play throughout the London area, soon amassing a dedicated following. The band have since gone out to play sell out shows at The Camden Barfly, St Albans The Horn, Camden Enterprise and Nambucca, as well as supporting The Happy Monday’s and Futureproof. Alexis Kings have also garnered strong interest and support from BBC Radio and NME.
Onwards and upwards, Alexis Kings recently headed off to the recording studio to put their sound down to tape, strutting out of the studio armed with a killer mini EP. Entitled ‘Keep It Sexy’, the record highlights the band’s deft ability to ink a tune. Short and compact in size, the EP gives a real indication of the combo’s guile and songwriting wizardry. From the swagger and rousing gritty groove of their previous single ‘1972’, to the twisty and engaging rhythms of their new video single ‘Brothers’ (which can be viewed here –, the record is an impressive debut that is sure to harvest widespread national praise.

Alexis Kings Cover Artwork