Playboy Manbaby – Don’t Let It Be



With their recent single still inciting mischief and bad behaviour, Arizona post funk punksters Playboy Manbaby have just uncaged their new album Don’t Let It Be, eleven tracks of creatively nefarious goodness infesting body and spirit.

The union of You Can Be A Fascist Too and I’d Like To Meet Your Parents was a devilish punk riot of a single leaving greed part of appetite and anticipation awaiting the band’s third album. The Dirty Waters/Lollypops Records released Don’t Let It Be soon shows that the Playboy Manbaby sound is broader than ever, bigger than an elephant’s backside in flavour and sound. Having caught up with their previous full-lengths in Bummeritaville and Electric Babyman, both released 2014, that variety will be no surprise to fans but their successor has really gone to town in adventure and diverse fun to truly leave all before it in the shade.

The Phoenix hailing sextet of Robbie Pfeffer (vocals), Chris Hudson( bass), TJ Friga (guitar), David Cosme (trumpet), Chad Dennis (drums), and Austin Rickert (sax) have become a big deal locally and across their homeland, shows alongside the likes of  Mike Watt & The Missing Men, King Khan & BBQ Show, King Khan & The Shrines, Rocket From The Crypt, Thee Oh Sees, Cosmonauts, The Spits, Black Flag, The Descendents, The Replacements, The Slackers,  and Teenage Bottlerocket to name just a few, pushing their reputation as potently as their sounds. Now having been already tenderised by the last single, global attention is surely poised to embrace Playboy Manbaby and Don’t Let It Be. Justice is never a given of course but neither do anything to deter that expected and deserved embrace.

You Can Be a Fascist Too gets the revelry going, a surge of guitar jangle and bass throbbing swiftly joined by the slightly derange and excitable tones of Pfeffer. Spicy melodies and tenacious riffs almost barge into each other as the garage and punk essences of the track bound through ears, salacious harmonies sparking thoughts of UK band The Tuesday Club. For less obvious reason, The Tubes also come to mind a little too as the song stomps around like a belligerent pup, its raw power pop punk quite irresistible.

art_RingMasterReviewThe zeal pumped diversity quickly comes to the fore with the following Last One Standing, brass instantly flirting with ears with saucy flames as the bass swaggers with deceptive innocence. There is an agenda at play; an intent to turn the listener into a physical puppet and there is no escape for feet and hips to the virulent lures of the rhythms and grooves teasing and taunting within the ska kissed funk escapade. The earnest screwy tones of Pfeffer again are sheer magnetism as too the evolving dark bait pulsating out of Hudson’s bass.

The outstanding track is quickly matched by the even livelier dance of Bored Broke And Sober, its catchy jazz funk garage punk as loco as it is skilfully woven to lure untied bodies. Hooks are as flirtatious as rhythms, every fondling by and flash from the Friga’s guitar ear chaining rascality, and the whole song as those before slavery.

Cadillac Car saunters in next, its low slung groove temptress like as vocals dance with drooling expression of defiance and attitude in the garage punk crawl before Self-Loathing In Bright Clothing throws its post punk/punk tendencies into the ring. A few blows short of a brawl, the track springs its creative agitation with infection loaded enterprise creating a rough and ready tango of fiercely captivating Reuben meets Dead Boys like provocation.

The sultry flirtatious garage r&b of Cheap Wine and the scuzzy pop punk of Popular bring body and soul to the boil again, the latter like a raw Mighty Mighty Bosstones in some ways while I’m So Affluent slips in with a slinky grace as noir lit air hugs skittish rhythms and vocal suggestion. Jazzy with a dark indie jangle recalling The Jazz Butcher, the song quickly blossoms its dark rock ‘’n roll into another majorly bewitching moment within Don’t Let It Be, one with an increasingly tenacious bounce complete with band calls just impossible to be left out of.

That indie sound fills next up Oprichniki too though as all songs it soon shows a jumble of spices and styles in its ballsy pop with Don Knotts In A Wind Tunnel straight after  engaging in dirty rock ‘n’ roll with a certain Rocket From The Crypt fever to its irritable bawl and brass igniting flames. For us it is joy to be unable to pin a sound down, this pair alone showing Playboy Manbaby get just as big a kick from defeating any attempt whilst pleasing their own devious imaginations.

Dark rock ‘n’ roll brings the album’s closing treat of White Jesus to ears, its meandering stroll and creatively incisive accosting portrait of a certain new world leader initially Nick Cave/Tom Waits like before ending as a concussive explosion of Dead Kennedys toned ferocity and bedlam.

The last Playboy Manbaby single set up anticipation for Don’t Let It Be perfectly but barely hinted at the bold inescapable fun and adventure to be found, both which will be hard to find any better on any release across the rest of the year too we suspect.

Don’t Let It Be is out now on CD through Dirty Water Records and cassette from Lollipop Records @ with its digital outing available @

Pete RingMaster 03/03/2017

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Playboy Manbaby – You Can Be A Fascist Too b/w I’d Like To Meet Your Parents


How to describe Playboy Manbaby? Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, they are a six piece punk band where imagining the Banana Splits meets Swell Maps in cahoots with The Tuesday Club and Zebrahead feels the closest in portraying the band’s deliciously creative rioting. They are mayhem in the speakers, irreverence in the imagination and quite simply and as shown by their new single, irresistible.

Described as “the contradictory soundtrack to the contemporary life experience”, Playboy Manbaby is made up by the combined creative mania of Robbie Pfeffer (vocals), Chris Hudson (bass), TJ Friga (guitar), David Cosme (trumpet), Chad Dennis (drums), and Austin Rickert (sax). The past five years has seen the band steal the hearts and support of their local music scene and tear up stages alongside the likes of Mike Watt & The Missing Men, King Khan & BBQ Show, King Khan & The Shrines, Rocket From The Crypt, Thee Oh Sees, Cosmonauts, The Spits, Black Flag, The Descendents, The Replacements, The Slackers, Teenage Bottlerocket and many more. Grabbing major attention on broader landscapes has yet to find Playboy Manbaby, we ourselves only being introduced to them through latest proposal You Can Be A Fascist Too b/w I’d Like To Meet Your Parents, but thanks to the ever impressive discovery of talent by Dirty Water Records, things could be about to explode for the band.

art_RingMasterReviewWith new album Don’t Let It Be in the works, Playboy Manbaby tease the appetite with You Can Be A Fascist Too, the first single from the impending release. Originally scheduled for a February unveiling, it was brought forward to coincide with the US presidential inauguration. From the off it assaults and lures with a belligerent guitar jangle quickly followed by the raw incitement of Pfeffer’s vocals. Second by second new invasive hooks and salacious grooves fling themselves into the punk mayhem, band shouts and off kilter harmonies wagging a beckoning finger as effectively as the caustic riffs and tenacious rhythms.

The track is a treat and mischievous brawl easy to devour as too is its companion I’d Like To Meet Your Parents. In fact it just about steals the show with its less intrusive but just as virulent dexterity in sound and flirtation. Leading up to a chorus which needs mere seconds to recruit and chain listener participation, the song strolls with minimalistic yet alluring melodies and enticing hooks as vocals make a plaintive proposal with a similarly swinging canter. It is glorious stuff with a foot in seventies punk as the band’s unique modern day mania bellows.

Dirty Water Records have a growing reputation for the eclectic range of their releases, the Playboy Manbaby adding yet another thrilling facet and while becoming one of the label’s best singles yet.

You Can Be A Fascist Too b/w I’d Like To Meet Your Parents is out now on Dirty Water Records and through and

Pete RingMaster 01/02/2017

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As I Lay Dying: Awakened

As bruising and titanic as ever, As I Lay Dying unleash their rampaging sixth album Awakened to show why the band are still one of the formidable benchmarks aspiring bands look to emulate. Never less than destructively venomous and a creative explosion of intrusive intensity, the San Diego quintet have brought a towering presence of freshness and inspiring energy to metal over the past decade but with the new album arguably they have dug deeper for even more power and keenly shaped aggression. Awakened may not see the band at the height of their groundbreaking powers but it is certainly is one of the most spiteful, barbed, and muscularly satisfying albums of the year and shows the band rippling with even greater personal invention and merciless intensity.

Released September 25th via Metal Blade Records, the album is the first recorded with The Descendents drummer and acclaimed producer Bill Stevenson (Rise Against, Comeback Kid, NOFX). Looking for someone outside of metal with different ideas and ear to understand and compliment  their own evolved shift in direction with the new material, the choice of Stevenson it has to be said was inspired, the sound on the album crisp without distilling the overwhelming intensity the band always erupts with whilst bringing a sharpness and incendiary presence to the streams of melodic imagination which flare up magnificently throughout the songs. Musically and lyrically the band has ignited deeper wells of vitriolic urgency and energy whilst leaving their previous levels of aggression as the weaker brother to this, possibly their best album to date. As mentioned, strong melodies are rife throughout the release,  their addictive radiation brought with immensely skilled craft for a fully sparking and inciteful effect, its fusion with their natural anger and aural violence immediately and persistently impressive.

Some reviewers as the new album nears its arrival have accused Awakened as lacking the passion found in earlier albums, something which is hard to agree with from the opening track Cauterize alone, the song a riot of guttural bile from Tim Lambesis and bone crumbling riffs which insistently spray anger and emotion from its dark heart. An unrelenting onslaught with the ever outstanding bass of Josh Gilbert snarling with the menace of a pack of wolves within the overwhelming guitar skills of Phil Sgrosso and Nick Hipa, the track leaves one breathless and sets one up eagerly for the even better violations to come. Maybe the fine melodic veins, especially the warm vocal harmonies alongside Lambesis, distil some of the barbaric acrobatic sounds for some, but truly they only enforce the acidic nature and manipulative skill of the band even further.

The stunning A Greater Foundation pounds on the already emerging wounds with magnetic and perpetual excellence, its spine of rifling rhythms and corrosive riffs layered with blistering sonics and vocal caustic tones. It is an irresistible corruption which in every aspect leaves the senses smarting and grinning from the given trauma. The annihilatory drums of Jordan Mancino show no qualms about snapping synapses in to splinters with his beats though it is offset by the great combined vocals, the clean vocals of Gilbert more prominent than ever on the album, bringing a Billy Talent like feel to the insatiable outrage.

Tracks like the wonderfully sizzling Wasted Words with its predatory groove and belligerent riffs, Whispering Silence with a whisper of U2 to its melodic opening and sonic scorching, and a bear of a track in No Lungs To Breathe, find the band further exploring their new evolution of ideas successfully and impressively. These and to be honest every song on the album are impossible to offer any real obstacle up against to deny full acclaim upon them, yes maybe other bands are also producing similarly fuelled and quality material not to far apart in sound but it is hard to think of any releases as dramatically striking.

The hungry and ferocious Defender is a further peak on the album, the bass finding an even deeper growl to its breath whilst the guitars burn with a furious fire in their belly and sheer strength in their play. Not the most barbarous song on the album to be fair it is still as powerful and piercing as any other with its razor sharp invention and gnawing riffing.

Awakened is without doubt one of the highlights of the year, an album which even the diehard fans who may have been wary of the newer melodic feel will devour with ease and greed. As I Lay Dying is still showing all how it is done and keeping that bar of excellence very high.

RingMaster 22/09/2012

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