the blueveils: Quiet Riot


    Following the success of their Out Of The Blue EP last year, UK rock band the blueveils are set to push things further with new single Quiet Riot. The three track single is more of the same which made their previous release an enterprising and openly enjoyable proposition and like the EP sits well within the well-established parameters and sounds of alternative and indie rock. The trio of songs again are not worrying any boundaries but once more show the band to be an easy to engage with and thoroughly enjoyable companion.

Hailing from Harrow, the quintet of vocalist Will Jackson, guitarists Craig Kirrane and Sean Durkan, bassist Adrian Rhoades, and drummer Martin Kirrane, has earned a strong reputation for their energetic live shows which has seen them thrill audiences across venues such as Water Rats, Barfly, and Dublin Castle across the UK. A wider awareness still awaits the band though their EP certainly did them no harm and the same can be said about the single, a release which without admittedly stretching their limits offers very more than decent rock n roll.

     Quiet Riot immediately puts the ear at ease, the song like a returning old friend which brings pleasure and satisfaction with their undemanding company. Energetic without being urgent the track offers addictive hooks, of which one has a whisper of Altered Images to its melodic invitation, and a relatively raucous graze of riffs which in combination with the firm rhythms and expressive vocals ensures the song holds the listener in a keen grip.

Second song on the release is Odyssey which for personal tastes stands out above the other pair of tracks. With a deep resonating bass lure throughout and a jangly essence to the riffs, the song has a punk pop breath to its infectious dance upon the ear. Every aspect of the song shows that the band whilst still missing that distinctive voice to their sound which sets them apart from the rest, know how to craft a song which can find a lingering place within the listener.

The closing Waiting Around like the opener is a familiar but fresh slice of rock. It has a small americana feel to its tone and a subdued energy but again leaves a more than happy satisfaction with its presence. The song like the single as a whole is arguably a lost opportunity as throughout there are glimpses of an individual stance from the band but the sparks are never truly realised, yet it is still a release which connects and satisfies with ease.


RingMaster 25/03/2013

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the blueveils – Out Of The Blue EP

The Out Of The Blue EP from UK rock band the blueveils is a release which makes no demands but gives plenty of enjoyable sounds to spend time with. With no disrespect to the quintet the EP suggests they are a band with no real urge to leap into new and ground breaking musical adventures but is perfectly comfortable with the steady and eager rock n roll they make. This makes the band and release an instant friend to the ear from the very start with sounds which whilst having a sure familiarity are engineered from their own design.

Consisting of vocalist Will Jackson, guitarist Craig Kirrane, bassist Adrian Rhoades, drummer Martin Kirrane, and recent addition second guitarist Sean Durkan, the Harrow band has made a solid name for themselves throughout London, lighting up the likes of Water Rats, Barfly, and Dublin Castle to name a few as well as other notable venues around the UK. Out Of The Blue shows what the band is all about and why they have strong respect towards them with its quartet of well crafted and presented songs.

I Am Karma opens up the release and immediately has one involved with a roving pulsating bass, keen guitar play and group vocal harmonies which add an anthemic air to the song. The riffs are crisp and melodies warmly inviting in a track which has toes and voice soon playing their part in the interaction.

The following Come My Way has a rawer and feistier breath to its approach which though it is rock n roll has the edgy raw surface of seventies punk. Offering a riled up groove and near ignitions of explosive intensity the more attitude loaded song, like its predecessor makes an easy companion for the ear. At times one wishes the song would move into the heavier and harsher places it teasingly suggests it is heading for throughout its length but even with its restraint the track is strong and satisfying.

The variety the band has in their songbook is shown with Dirty Tricks, a slow weave of melodic prowess but arguably unfulfilled promise. The strings addition is excellent and brings a full emotive passion to the song which again is one which threatens to find a riot within its midst. It does though hold back in many other moments to leave it slightly hollow, it seemingly holding back or reluctant to expand on the promise brewing within its crafted body.  It is though still a good song to keep the consistently of the release on a strong level.

The best track Bolivia closes the EP with fine style. From its opening bulging bassline and strolling riffs the song swaggers with confidence and keenness through the ear. Like previous songs it has that catchiness which is hard to refuse and soon has limbs playing its tune to make for a strong finish to the release.

the blueveils to make a major impression on UK music really needs to cultivate its own distinct breed of sound but as the Out Of The Blue EP proves right now they certainly leave satisfaction in their wake.

RingMaster 28/07/2012

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