4th Street Traffic – Innocence (Don’t Walk Away)

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Welsh band 4th Street Traffic describe their sound as stadium rock, a tag which means very little to our mind, but when a song like Innocence (Don’t Walk Away) roars with an energy and emotion which reveals all in merely four minutes, there really is no need for labels. The new single from the Caerphilly quartet is a bellow of a song, a resourceful tempest of melodic tenacity and emotional drive leaving a rather healthy new interest and appetite for a band already no strangers to acclaim.

Formed in 2001, 4th Street Traffic has earned their spurs through an undeterred assault on the national music scene. Their emergence has constantly garnered increasing attention and support. From debut album Wake Up Call through to its successor, the 2012 Romesh Dodangoda produced Kick the Habit, the band has nudged and drawn elevated attention, a growing spotlight backed by extensive UK tours and shows including performing at Party In The Park in 2005. The second album was the spark to bigger things it is fair to say, especially once Kelly Jones and Richard Jones of Stereophonics came across it. An invitation by the pair to open up their Summer In The City concert in Cardiff City Stadium took 4th Street Traffic to even keener attention, that moment backed by the continually impressing and selling 2nd album and backed by shows alongside bands such as Electric Six, Toploader, The Darkness, Mike and the Mechanics, The Stranglers, 10CC, Dodgy, We Are Scientists, The Enemy and many more. Taken from their similarly well received third album Claim To Fame of 2013, Innocence (Don’t Walk Away) is the first teaser to and step in a busy year ahead for the band, and with a new line-up in place re-energising their appetite, you suspect a successful one too.

The new single launches at ears with thumping beats and a blaze of easy going but alluring riffs. Their relaxation only moments in, then allows the potent tones of vocalist Alastair Britton to open up the narrative as a resonating dark bassline courts his every syllable. It is a magnetic start with a touch of a southern rock whisper to the brewing enterprise and energy. Taking on a pungent stride thereafter, one constantly guided by the crisp jabs of the drums, the track is an insatiable persuasion on the senses with every blaze of its melodic endeavour and flavoursome vocal call a powerful temptation. It would be fair to say that the song is not venturing too far from established climates in heavy melodic rock but equally expectations are barely fed and imagination given a healthy croon of fiery creativity to run with.

4th Street Traffic is looking towards having a strong and successful year, which if their new songs are anywhere as rampantly convincing and enjoyable as Innocence (Don’t Walk Away), will be a sure thing.

Innocence (Don’t Walk Away) is released February 9th.

Check out upcoming festival dates for 4th Street Traffic:

May 3rd Main Stage – Sound Stock Festival / Essex

May 23rd Main Stage – Exmouth Festival/ Exmouth

May 24th Main Stage – Plymouth VolksFest/ Plymouth

Jul 10th – Main Stage – Volksstock/ Coventry

Jul 12th – Main Stage – Oakwell Festival/ West Yorkshire

Aug 15th – Main Stage – NHSOB festival/ Newport, S Wales


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Isolated Atoms – Sex War

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Ladies and Gentlemen we might just have your single of the year, definitely a very serious and potent contender at the very least.  UK rockers Isolated Atoms has arguably been in the background for a great many whilst going about their creative purpose, evolving and honing a sound which manages to be familiar and distinctively new. Live performances and releases have ‘chronicled’ a band exploring and evolving its sound and presence whilst building a loyal and passionate fan-base. Acclaim has been no stranger to the Black Country quartet but you sense as their new single Sex Wars teases and coaxes the largest fires yet out of the passions that their time for full awareness and recognition has come. The single is delicious, a fiery anthemic entrapment which can only be devoured wholeheartedly and without restraint such its bait and lure.

Hailing from Dudley, the foursome of vocalist Grant Leon Ashman, guitarist Mark Neat, bassist David Davies, and drummer Yang first gripped attention with their debut single Tell Me What I Want of 2009 which drew enthusiastic notice from the likes of Derek Forbes (Simple Minds) and Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order). Last year the Illuminate EP expanded their stature with its collection of songs seemingly inspired by the likes of Joy Division and New Order within its rock imagination whilst also whispering bands like Editors and Dommin. It was a potent encounter matched earlier this year by the excellent Hold On single. Though maybe not their finest song at that point it still left thoughts and emotions awash with creative flavour and unmissable promise. Its sound had moved into a more ‘stadium’ rock type expression with flavours which could be compared to a Big Country or Doves in many ways, though still retaining the distinct voice of the band. Now Sex Wars leaves everything before behind and in its shade.

With a lone guitar teasing the air initially the song is soon standing tall with bulging rhythms, surly guitar taunts and exciting vocal harmonies. It is a blaze of a start which settles slightly as the distinctive expressive tones of Ashman take control of the narrative, with an inviting bass swagger and seductive keys skirting his every word. It soon forges a magnetic tempestuous and anthemic stomp through the ear with a seductive blues taste throughout and a chorus which holds a wanton freedom with a more than a hint of glam rock to its mischievous devilry. There is rawness to the track at times which only accelerates the passions whilst its virulent contagion ensures that rapture is bred by its climactic conclusion. Whispers of Simple Minds and Associates at the start move to those of The Black Crowes and The Black Keys by the end of the triumph, but really that is just a loose description of their unique and irrepressible sound.

Sex Wars is easily the finest moment to date in the history of Isolated Atoms and sees them finally out of the shadows and standing as one of the UK’s most impressive and exciting rock bands.



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k.N.O.T.S. – Feel The Change EP

Barely six months old as a band, Dublin trio k.N.O.T.S. made their full introduction to the world with what is easily one of the more refreshing releases this year in their Feel The Change EP. The five track release offers the accomplishment and skill of veterans with the vibrant passion of youth and though the members of the band have evolved and honed their abilities in previous bands and projects, the brief length k.N.O.T.S. has been together makes for a remarkable entrance. One can only imagine the hours toiled to bring their sound and songwriting to the levels impressively unveiled on the EP.

Consisting of vocalist and guitarist Botham, bassist Ciaran, and Rob on drums, the band came together in January. With inspirations coming from the likes of Pearl Jam, U2 and Jeff Buckley, the threesome evolved their own startling sound through constant songwriting, gigging, and recording. What emerged was a sound which employs the stirring attributes of stadium and melodic rock into a heart borne emotive breath which wraps around the senses. It is an addictive, compulsive, and evocative force which leaves one shaking under its expansive and intimate power.

The release opens with the title track, a song which from the first time it came to attention through a video captured the imagination and eager enthusiasm.  Feel the Change is a glorious song, a track to make the heart pump faster and elevate pulse rates. A constant ride of building intensity and melodic crescendos, the song leaves one breathless and desperate for much more. From a slow burning start with the excellent emotional vocals of Botham accompanying his guitar, the track slowly opens its arms with the twitching restrained rhythms of Rob flicking at the ear. Unable to hold back any longer everything explodes in a vent of melodic beauty to capture the last of any undecided focus. From now on in until the final teasing note, it is a ride of quality infectious hooks, excellent shadowed bass articulation from Ciaran, and the linked enterprise of vocals and guitar. From the song alone one could only enthuse over the EP but the treats keep coming.

The following Falling opens with eighties jangling guitar and vocals which actually reminded of ABC initially. It soon explores the air with thumping rhythms, inciteful riffs, and the dangling of melodic imagination which has one hooked immediately. As much as avoidance of the comparison was tried it has to be said that as the song ignites the atmosphere thoughts of early U2 were at large, k.N.O.T.S. creating their own but similarly robust and stirring rock contagion.

Variety is also very evident on the EP with the piano led Shy and the thoughtful Waiting Still firing up the passions in their own distinct ways. The first is a thumping slowly brewing stomp across the heart, its intention and emotion bringing the fullest responses and passions in exchange for its magnificent sounds. The track is inventive adding mesmeric asides to dazzle the ear but the pumping core of the song reigns and leads one by the hand into a riveting and heated weave of melodic and passionate intensity. The second of the pair exchanges incendiary climatic choruses with heart driven caresses from the continually impressing vocals for a seamless and inciteful journey. It is another stunning track to join the others on a release which the word classic is never too far from the lips.

The closing Home finally allows one to take a breath, though its positioning might have been better earlier. It is again fully impressive with striking power and passion, but there is a slight anticlimax after the grandeur and heights before. The song is excellent though, once more showing the strength of the songwriting and craft the band have within them.

The Feel The Change EP is stunning, a release which ignites only the fullest fires within, whilst k.N.O.T.S. announce themselves a band which is surely going to take indie music to new glorious heights. As if the pleasure could not get any better the band has released the EP as a free download @ http://knotsmusic.bandcamp.com/ but hurry it is limited and no one should miss out on such magnificence.

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