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There is a melodic humidity to On Blonde, the new album from Canadian indie rockers Yukon Blonde, a sultry and almost sticky feel and ambience embracing and seducing the senses song by song. Already renowned for their seamlessly crafted and contagious pop songs, the Vancouver band went into experimentation mode for their latest endeavour, weaving in textures and sounds bred within psychedelic, digital, and synthetic adventure. It was a move bringing bolder and more fascinating character to music and release whilst breeding an even greater virulence for their maybe unexpectedly purest pop encounter yet.

It is easy to expect infectious proposals from a Yukon Blonde release but the quartet of Graham Jones, Jeffrey Innes, Brandon Scott, and James Younger have found a new epidemic of persuasion and catchiness despite venturing into the ‘unknown’ with On Blonde. Frontman Innes has said about the album, “We were more ambitious writing On Blonde so it’s sort of ironic that in experimenting we created a more accessible record than ever before.” Easy to slip into and embrace, the Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Dan Mangan, Sleepy Sun) produced, Tony Hoffer (M83, Beck, Foster the People, Air, Depeche Mode) mixed album simply backs up his words, starting straight away with opener Confused.

The first song instantly swamps ears with a buzzing electro tempting, the potent coaxing quickly joined by spicy guitar and crunchy rhythms. It is soon a stroll of magnetic melodic and vocal tenacity, eighties and spatial breezes a lively simmering within the vibrant body and energy of the song. Down below though there is an underlying rumble in the heart of the encounter, a stirring dark intent which gives real depth and intrigue to the refreshing pop romp. There is a bit of Weezer to the song, a bit of Super Happy Fun Club too, but it emerges as something distinct to Yukon Blonde just like Make U Mine which follows. Its body moves with a funky gait within a mellower more reserved energy, vocals and harmonies floating around ears as they forcibly flirt with the imagination alongside musical echoes of bands like Heaven 17 and Röyksopp.

Variety is a swift essence of On Blonde too, the first pair of tracks coming with individual characters but not as openly as the outstanding Como which follows them. Its acoustic lead soon lures the appetite into a summery canter of endearing melodies and vivacious vocals, all tempered by another great shadow wrapped bassline. A tinge of China Crisis teases throughout but equally a whisper of The Beach Boys floats with the tantalising harmonies as guitars dance with sparkling adventure and revelry within the hazy romance of a song.

yb-onblonde-Reputation Radio/RingMaster Review     I Wanna Be Your Man slips into a fuzzier and grittier landscape, one seemingly blossomed from a Bolan-esque seeding. It saunters around which attitude and confidence, every resonating bassy lure and sonic sizzle carrying a glint in their mischievous eye whilst unpredictable and tantalising twists and turns merge with the warm fluid flow of the bewitching proposition. In no time it has seduced and enslaved ears and emotions, an inescapable success and potency cultured just as powerfully by the similarly mouth-watering Saturday Night straight after. The song pounds ears with relentless rhythmic incitement around which eventful vocals and an elegant embrace of melodies rigorously serenade. Every second comes with a flirtation of sound and ideation but also that unpredictable essence which again as much as the fresh investigations of sound infused right across the album, is the spark to new adventure and ingenuity in the Yukon Blonde persuasion.

A sixties hued, folkish ballad in the shape of Hannah steps forward next; its harmonic charm an easy snare for ears. Once it has full focus it unveils bulbous bass tones and evocative drizzles of melodic expression to tighten its hold, though whilst again pushing the diversity of the album, it never manages to come up to the persuasive levels of its predecessors, something the admittedly enthralling Your Broke The Law also cannot quite emulate. In context though both songs are like a lover’s romance with the listener, never leaving them less than enamoured whilst allowing the likes of Starvation to steal more of the limelight which it does with consummate craft. Carrying a Depeche Mode/Daniel Miller like dark croon to its intoxicating enveloping of body and thoughts, the track swings and sways with irresistible and addictive ingenuity, never startling with its temptation but smouldering away for the same long-term effect.

From one triumph to another as the indie rock sculpted Favourite People bounces around with varied guitar jangles and contented bass grumbling within another rosy veil of keys. Just as the energetic musical creativity of the track, the vocals have an animated and frisky intent to their presence and enjoyment, and though once more it is a song which you can only really compare to Yukon Blonde themselves, there is a small urge to suggest the likes of XTC and Talk Talk as hints.

The release ends with the electro rock stomp of Jezebel, a sultry temptress of a song adding a final rich twist and spark in one masterful slab of aural gold. On Blonde is seriously compelling, a whole diverse summer in one spellbinding embrace. Yukon Blonde do not light a blazing fire in the belly and heart with the album but it is the hottest, spiciest warm glow felt from a release in a long time.

On Blonde is available now via Dine Alone Records / Caroline UK digitally and on CD/Vinyl through most online stores.

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WetMoss: Self Titled EP

Wet Moss

If you are looking for some fresh psychedelic rock caresses to spark up your day then you could do far worse than checking out Swiss quarter WetMoss. Having just released their self-titled debut, the young band from Baden is a promising and imaginative collection of like-minded musicians who explore their musical vision as fully as they realise it with exploratory and inventive sounds. The EP is not a release which explodes upon the senses to thrust them into another state of mind but one which caresses and coaxes with melodic elegance and sonic teasing whilst guiding thoughts and emotions to a warmer expansive place.

The bio for the band states it was in 2010 that the band escaped the winter locked in with their instruments to create long jam sessions until the realisation of taking it all public was the next step. The band name came about at the same time when ‘while rushing out one of us slipped and landed with his face into something muddy. He then turned his head and said: “F***ing Moss, why does this sh*t have to be so wet?”’ Gigs followed before venturing into the studio to record their first release. At the time of its release WetMoss also supported US band Sleepy Sun the show marking another step in their adventure alongside one of their favourite bands. The EP is an accomplished and inventive release which will find a ready home with fans of psychedelic rock whilst finding further welcomes with many melodic rock fans. If like us a bruising and destructive lilt to your sound is a preference the band has a muscular and intense aspect to their sound which offers much to find satisfaction from.

After the atmospheric instrumental Introduction which is like an aural dawning sunrise, chilled yet welcoming, the release 4167166274-1stretches its arms with Empty Hands. A gentle strummed stroking of the ear leads one into the charming presence of the song; the sultry guitar wines a delicious heated dazzle amongst the mellow caressing vocals of bassist Pierfrancesco Monteleone and acoustic kisses which make for the strongest compelling persuasion. Guitarists Tobias Stich and Stephan Ryf, with his additional rewarding keys, help thoughts drift off into emotive avenues though it is the combination of all which seals the ticket for the impassioned journey of the song.

From the great start the release steps into the more unpredictable world of Arms Of The Universe. Starting with a pulsating bass prowl from Monteleone and tender rhythmic taps from drummer Mike Schweigler the song reveals a snarl lyrically and vocally to match a raise in temperature and energy. Like the first it is a slowly strolling piece of songwriting which invites interpretation alongside its open intent whilst continually sparking flames of sizzling guitar play and sending sonic shards of melodic spearing through its skies. At times more from the vocals than anything there is an Arctic Monkeys spited whisper shouting out which offers something different to an already open show of variation on the release.

Both Hidden Signs and Revolution bring further diversity to the EP within the enveloping warm soak of progressive and psychedelic breath. The first is a smouldering wash of passion and expressive touches which is mesmeric before evolving into a more generous energetic stomp which gives voice to the heart and affections. It is a superbly crafted song which captivates from start to finish with equal effect across its whole shifting presence brought by the constant impressive musicianship. The second of the two is a fiery piece which takes one back further to the seventies whilst holding a likeness to band such as The Brimstone Days now. Once more the band mixes things up to continually intrigue and delight and offer something for most tastes and preferences within their aural remit.

Closing song Lines though admittedly not finding the same enthused acceptance as previous songs is still a track which gives evidence of the skill and invention of the band. A slow burning weave of sound which is a progressive trip all of its own, it is a tightly sculpted yet organic flow of ideas and music which will please core fans of psychedelic rock anywhere even if lacking the spark to thrill as the songs on the rest of the EP.

WetMoss is a promising and inventive band which uses the strengths of its chosen genre to great and appealing effect, their EP a definite investigation for all psychedelic and progressive rock fans.



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