Capitals: Jealousy/Sinking Ships double-A Single

Photograph by Tim Zweistra and Marten Van Gelder

Photograph by Tim Zweistra and Marten Van Gelder

Partly haunting, fully atmospheric, touchingly emotive, and completely consuming, the impressive weave the debut official release from Edinburgh duo Capitals lays upon the heart.  Just released their double A sided single brings a warmth and chilled tingle to the senses with a measure and skill as concise and far reaching as any laser. It tantalises and coaxes whilst wrapping caring arms around the ear to create an unsettling yet safe place to immerse within. Dark and electronically driven the single is a deeply engaging and satisfying release, music to lighten up the dark but also to add provocative shadows to one own light.

Capitals consist of Angus Carbarns (ex The Cinematics and Theatre Fall) and Keir Macculloch (ex Araya, Benbecula Records).  The pair has already instigated much attention through their live shows and festival appearances, including taking in a short European tour and headlining club NME in Berlin. This was strengthened with the critically acclaimed free downloads Hello World and A Spectre is Haunting Europe the duo released last year and now with the new single made up of the two songs Jealousy and Sinking  Ships, they are rising up to even stronger and sure to be more intense heights of attention.

Jealousy‘ soaks the senses in sparking keys and darker morose tones. The guitars sound down hearted offering a weary grace to temper the light elsewhere yet they equally ignite the song with their emotive feel and perfect understanding with the lyrical passion. The vocals drip the same unfettered emotion, the song sprawling within the heart bringing up deeply laid emotions and pushed aside thoughts. It is wonderful stuff, beautifully crafted and expertly delivered.

The intriguing ‘Sinking Ships‘ is a companion which is similar in its unbridled emotion but diverse in its unveiling of the breath within. The song is bleaker and less vibrant than its sister song but just as impressively wraps itself around its recipient. It feels stark and cold at times though the sound is full and expansive. Both songs are an imaginative creation where they offer a minimal flavour but actually carry a wealth of ideas and thick atmospheric sounds, the evidence of accomplished songwriting and inventive vision. The track often dips into drone like essences whilst at other moments lifts the ambient spirit within into grey but radiant skies.

One can listen to both songs all day, their inviting hands leading one to immerse wholly into their shadowed worlds and hearts. To make songs as infectious and yet as dark, bordering on disturbing, as this is the proof of a great band and songwriters. The world will hear a lot more of Capitals, maybe one should warn your emotions.

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