When Giants Collide – No One Is Safe

UK metalers When Giants Collide have not just made their debut with a release that is powerful and ferocious but one that leaves their audience sprawled on the floor as empty husks from their sonic onslaught. No One Is Safe is a very apt title and fair warning for the demanding series of violations within the EP’s muscular walls.

The West Yorkshire quintet, originally formed in 2008, really started to put their stamp upon UK metal when they re-energised with a new, and the current line-up in 2010. This point saw the band and sound really come together and things begin to gel and move distinctly forward for them. They began drawing in eager and strong attention through the sharing of stages with the likes of Martyr Defiled, Silent Screams, Panic Cell, Sworn Amongst, and Texas in July to name a few, their highly intense mix of destructive riffs, mind bending rhythms, and incisive technical metal creativity riling up audiences to great effect.

Immediately the EP opens it is obvious the ability of the musicians involved, the songs carefully crafted and strikingly presented to display the skill of those involved. When Giants Collide bring a fusion of influences from bands like Meshuggah, Sikth, Between the Buried and Me, and TesseracT, the band using these flavours in a collision (the band’s name really the perfect representation) with their own immense ideas to create precise yet bludgeoning music that cannot be denied. It comes with the intent of attaching to and equally numbing and mesmerising the senses.

First track ‘Wasteland’ eases itself in with simplistic crystalline guitar melodies and an air of impending menace. The acidic melodies persist as intrusive riffs demand attention combining into a partly hypnotic and partly abusive maelstrom of creativity. The guitars of William Luke Downing and Rory Cavanagh pierce and splinter within the ear into testing intimidating aggression and mesmeric sparkling melodies. Powered by the impressive drumming of Damian Clarke and the growling bestial lines of bassist Anthony Green the song erupts and expands like a living beast, breathing and throbbing with an eager pulse.

Every song within the EP warrants that description, such as the antagonistic ‘Codename 47’, a track that feels like it is examining and judging ones limits before unleashing the stunning and challenging ‘Defcon ‘ to consume and eat away all defences before its insatiable heavy sound. As with every track, as harsh and full of violate intent as they are the band temper them wonderfully with their technical and melodic interplay. Beautifully blended it is almost as if the songs have a cannibalistic quality, the intensity and the fierce side of the sound wanting to consume and feast upon the melodic and technical progressive like grooves and those cleaner blistering elements wanting to slice apart the heavy artillery of the band. It all combines into an impressive and constantly intriguing experience with ‘Balboa’ and ‘Swansong’ matching and completing a fine release.

Throughout No One Is Safe vocalist Scott Jenkins growls and spews lyrics as if his throat is in dispute with his voice, bile coated and verging on inhuman his harsh delivery enhances and burdens each track. Many bands seem to have gone this way whether by choice only they know but certainly with When Giants Collide the lack of variety within Jenkin’s delivery does hinder at times. He is a strong vocalist and at times his ‘cruel’ delivery is perfect but in other moments as the bands melodic sway exudes out, a shift in attack or variation in tone feels needed.

This does not stop No One Is Safe being a more than fine debut and though the band need a little more individuality to their music to really stand out one can only anticipate that it will be a certainty in the future of When Giants Collide.


RingMaster 10/02/2012

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Save Your Grace – The Arms Of Idiocy

There has been a great and deeply promising burst of new British metal/Hardcore/metalcore type bands forcing their way to bigger attention and focus this year with the likes of Adelphia Of Kings, Doomed From Day One, and Gacy’s Threads, all make their distinctive deeply scarring mark on UK metal with sounds to crush and inspire. Another band to be solidly added to this impressive bunch is Birmingham band Save Your Grace. Their new EP The Arms Of Idiocy the overwhelming and perfect evidence as to why they should and will be one of the future forces in UK metal.

The quintet from the Midlands first made their appearance in 2010 and continued through hard work and shows to increase a more than ardent following. A full UK tour and the sharing of stages with the likes of Devil Sold His Soul, While She Sleeps, Martyr Defiled, Heights, Silent Screams and many more has only gone to make the band one of the more exiting certainties to break big for a great growing many. It will be with this their second EP that most positive damage will be done as its intense muscular charms spread wide and far.

Consisting of Dazz Jones, Luke Sheppard, Joe Geach, Dan Morris, and Eddy Geach, Save Your Grace have unleashed an EP of five tracks fuelled by uncompromising might and deliberately malevolent intent that will inflame a great many metallic hearts. The EP is raw and in need of a fuller and more rounded production to fully meet its potential but despite this it is a mighty and impressive debut any band would be proud of.

The release starts laying waste to the senses with ‘Intensity’, its senses shattering riffs and consuming rhythms an instant satisfaction upon demanding ears. The guitars grind and groove deeply into flesh as destructively as the heavy riffs crumble defences. The grating growls are harsh and venomous and even the appearance of clean vocals midway carry a sinister tone to their harmonies.

Next track named ‘Interlude’ shows the melodic skill and creativity of the band, its incisive and emotive guitar sounds making the two minute instrumental a mesmeric piece and subtle lead into next song ‘Limitless’. Though not as instantly addictive as the other songs this third song is a menacingly lumbering track veined by scorching guitar play and caustic vocals showing just how well the band can vary their sound.

The title track is the real standout moment. Bursting in on a cutting groove and senses wilting riffs coupled with acidic threats and brutality posing as vocals, it is an impressively persuasive and compelling song that is as vibrant as it is intense. Though the band is still in its informative musical years this of all the songs shows why the promise and acclaim coming their way is so strong. Creative , diverse and unrelenting it with a warm welcome lingers in the ear and head long after it lays down its last thoughtful note.

As mentioned the production is lacking a little preventing the full effect of the band’s sound to truly numb its recipients. The hollow tones especially on the vocals is a shame as is the fact the drums sound held back far more than personally is preferred, but the music and quality still shines through with great effect. The Arms Of Idiocy  gives all the evidence and belief that Save Your Grace will turn into one of the bands whose strength and ability will guide British metal to greater heights in the near and future times ahead. With bands like this UK’s extreme metal future is in safe hands.

Download ‘The Arms Of Idiocy’ for free @  http://www.mediafire.com/?kt5uuo1o2p4m7s5

RingMaster 28/11/2011

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Silent Screams-When It Rains

The new album When It Rains from Coventry band Silent Screams marks not only an impressive debut for the UK metalcore band but the initial release from Ghost Music, the new label founded by Ghostfest creator Toyan St Hilaire, who made the band his first signing. Immediately impressed by the band’s album St Hilaire threw himself into unleashing it on the world; commenting about the release he said “As soon as I heard the new SILENT SCREAMS record, I just knew it was gold – I just knew I had to do something with it… ‘When It Rains’ made such an impact on me that I’ve decided to finally put my money where my mouth is; hence GHOST MUSIC was born! I’m super excited to be working with this band and their record!”  Upon hearing When It Rains it is easy to understand his enthusiasm as the album is a power house of intent and creation. For a debut it is immense and though it may not be flawless it carries an edge and purpose as well as thoroughly stunning sounds that many if not most releases lack.

The band already have impressed during their rise up the UK metal ranks, tours and shared stages with the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Your Demise, For The Fallen Dreams, and Emmure around not only the UK but Europe and Australia, bringing constant upward surge in their following and anticipation for their debut release. When It Rains produced by renowned producer/engineer Joey Sturgis (Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, Miss May I), does not disappoint at all only pleases.  

To some extent When It Rains takes a little work when first diving into its feast of sound, there is not an immediate connection. Well not strictly true as musically it does light up the senses and offers intrigue and thrills at every twist and turn in its varied soundscape of hardcore, progressive and melodic metalcore. Where it struggled to make an impact initially was vocally though repeated listens, which all releases deserve for a true assessment, found the blend much easier to come to terms with. It is hard to work out if it is the production or James Ryan’s natural delivery but his growls and shouts at times lack definition and are too unrefined to make them easy at first to take in. To be fair it does not help when alongside him bassist Tom Craig provides clean vocals that are glorious and give a wonderful scope to the songs. Personally the hope more use will be made of his voice in the future to bring a greater even mix between them both brings eager anticipation.

That is the only issue there is with an excellent debut form the band. Musically they are tight and unafraid to infuse varied directions and ideas which provide a constant interest and invitation within their release. Opening track ‘Assume The Worst’ strikes with full aggression and intent providing a mighty wave of fierce drumming from the explosive Adam Mallabone and cutting guitars sounds and bludgeoning riffs from Sam Varney and Ozzi Osman. The first half of the track paces itself with a firm steadiness holding back its diverse moment when with a growling riff and resonating bass from Craig it starts exploring and expanding its limits, the vocals from the bassist soaring out over the gruffness of Ryan.

The consistency across the album is perfect, not one track dipping below the high level set with the opener. Songs like ‘Desperation’ with its commanding teasing groove, the strongly emotive ‘Til There’s Nothing Left’, and the album’s best track ‘Sinking’ all raise the bar with sounds and performance lined with fierce assertiveness and incisive delivery. The latter of the three unveils its kaleidoscope of inspired songwriting, intricate play, and diversity wonderfully, engaging forcibly as it permeates the senses. It is the strongest example of what the whole album achieves and which is bringing menacing and brutal sounds together with stirring harmonies and delicious melodies that enthuse as equally as the forthright and irrepressible riffs.

When It Rains is an immense debut and gives strong excitement for future releases from Silent Screams, and if they find sort out the vocals a little more the band will tower over most rivals.

RingMaster 25/10/2011

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