Unforseen Prophecy – Burn The Skies


Opening up the 2015 with a reboot of their second EP Burn The Skies, UK metallers Unforseen Prophecy are seemingly poised to awaken a greedy spotlight on their rather flavoursome sound. The three track encounter, without quite managing to find a striking uniqueness, leaves ears hungry and satisfaction full as it brews up a raw and potent blend of inspirations from the likes of Devildriver, Lamb Of God, and Malefice with a Lacuna Coil like melody and harmony rich temptation. Burn The Skies does not quite set the heart racing it is fair to say but certainly it sparks an increasingly eager appetite to thoroughly explore the Kent quintet and their accomplished invention.

Formed in 2010, Unforseen Prophecy has earned a strong live reputation, taking in shows with the likes of Malefice, Exit Ten, Silent Descent, Beholder, Bull Riff Stampede, Evil Scarecrow, and Seven Deadly along the way. Equally their five track debut EP Without Consequence stirred up keen support and attention from its release in 2012 whilst last year saw the band win the Kent Metal 2 the Masses competition which led to a successful appearance at Bloodstock. Burn The Skies revealed upon its initial release a potent step forward in the band’s imaginative songwriting and resourceful sound and its nationwide unveiling this month has the potential to open the strongest awareness of the exciting band yet.

New single and the EPs title track opens up the encounter and instantly has ears ringing and anticipation aflame as a vocal roar from Paul Wells is matched in intensity and appeal by a cover_240stamping stride of angry riffs and threatening rhythms. Bound in an equally addictive grooving it is an empowering and thrilling entrance to Burn The Skies which dips slightly when it relaxes for the entrance of the alluring melodic voice of rhythm guitarist Charis Pattison, though Wells is still there challenging with his great abrasing tones. The song is soon back in control of senses and imagination as the excellent creative swings of drummer Russ Edwards are courted by thick enticements from the guitar of Aaron Jones and bass shadows provided by Paul Gills. The song continues to flirt and intimidate with anthemic persuasion and enthralling enterprise. As the EP, arguably the song is not offering anything strikingly new but for technical craft and untainted enjoyment it leaves no doubts.

The following groove laden stroll of The Placebo Effect keeps things on a high, though it takes a little longer to grip compared to the more instant success of its predecessor. Wells is soon raging across its stirring canvas of aggressive sound and resourcefulness, the guitars a busy harrying of ears whilst rhythms are as predacious as the grooves are virulent. Unrelenting in its examination and stalking of senses and thoughts, the track emerges as our favourite confrontation upon Burn The Skies though the opening melodic charm of Oblivion soon makes a seductive argument. With the vocals of Pattison ebbing in potency at times though, and the fury of the track missing the spark of the other two incitements upon the EP, the song pleases without raising the same excitement and ardour. Technically the song is as riveting and impressive as ever though, revealing more of the band’s tenacious and imaginative enterprise ensuring the release ends on a strong if not dramatic high.

Whether Burn The Skies will open up the doorway to the major awareness it is easy to feel the band is destined to walk through of course only time will tell but it does mark Unforeseen Prophecy down as a band UK metal will be eagerly embracing sooner rather than later.

The Burn The Skies EP is released nationwide on January 5th through all digital platforms.


RingMaster 03/01/2015

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Seven Deadly – The Allegiance EP

Many a heart became heavy when the tail end of 2011 saw the demise of UK metalers Panic Cell, a band which shared and ignited stages alongside the likes of Metallica, Disturbed, Anthrax, Slayer, Alice In Chains, Papa Roach, and Megadeth, as well as hitting the thousands in cd and digital download sales and topping video charts. Those shadows though can now be driven away though there will always be a part of the band inside, with the arrival of the mighty Seven Deadly. Formed by former members of Panic Cell, the band has released their debut EP The Allegiance and has immediately declared themselves as not a replacement but a massive and impressive new beast to fill the void. They are so good that one almost whispers Panic who?

     Seven Deadly consists of former Panic Cell members bassist Bobby Town, drummer Rob Hicks, and guitarist Harj Virdee, who are joined by vocalist Archie Wilson and guitarist Dave Irving (ex-Denounce). Released a few weeks ago and following their very well received single From This Darkness and its video, The Allegiance is a stunning slab of power and invention, its bruising blend of thrash, groove, and melodic metal an insatiable imaginative assault.

The release opens with the scorching high octane rampage of Allegiance, a track which blisters flesh and senses from its first note. Riffs and rhythms surge and cluster around the ear like storm clouds, setting emotions on edge with their electrifying intensity, whilst the melodic enterprise of the guitars send shards of acidic pleasure through to the heart. Vocally Wilson is outstanding and backed up perfectly by Irving their combination is as strong and satisfying as heard anywhere. The same can be said about all aspects of the song though and its towering might and craft suggests the release already one of the most important ones to come out this year soon proved by the following pleasures.

Blood On Your Hands barges and barracks the senses next, its muscular and feisty purpose impossible to refuse. Thumping rhythms from Hicks incite the heart to pump its fuel harder whilst the unpredictable guitars of Virdee and Town explore corners and unexpected avenues within the formidable and driving frame of the song. Though the band is not the most brutal you will meet by a long way, the track has a weight and aggression not to be ignored. With an additional metalcore thrust to the song it shows an expansive depth to the sound of the band which one assumes will become even stronger and obvious ahead.

Next up End Of All opens up an even fuller melodic well in the band without losing the intensity and near violent impact brought before it. A song which maybe does not have the more instantaneous impact of the first two it thumps its chest and cruises down explosive roads and melodic soundscapes to excite and light up the ear and emotions. The skill and impact of the individual members and their invention was never going to be in doubt but they combine it to a level which arguably one would not expect at this early stage and it is immensely impressive.

Previously mentioned single From This Darkness completes the EP with further excellence and a combative bustling of the senses. The band once more find the perfect flowing blend between their inventive melodic poise and a knee buckling near destructive magnificence to leave one basking in their triumph. It is not often one gets real tingles whilst listening to music but it has to be said The Allegiance is a definite exception.

One gets the feeling that the strikingly impressive release is just a marker for Seven Deadly and there is so much more brewing inside them which is scary and very exciting.

Ringmaster 30/07/2012

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