Between The Lines – To The Wind

We can debate whether two tracks constitutes an EP or a single as in the ‘old days’ but what was easy to agree on at The RR is that To The Wind, the debut release from UK outfit Between The Lines, is one very enjoyable and blatantly contagious affair. Creating a mix of pop punk and alternative rock, the Bedfordshire based quintet has introduced themselves in fine energetic style.

Formed in 2017, Between The Lines soon inspired potent local and further afield support before earning shows alongside the likes of Better Than Never, The Young & Restless, SEASONS, and Reckless Intentions. There has been real energy to the emergence of the melodic punks which has been as infectious as the spirit in the two tracks which have attention locked, pleasure loaded, and the body bouncing within their debut.

To The Wind starts with its title track, a distant rhythmic heartbeat swiftly looming in with that seemingly instinctive spunkiness quickly being joined by an animated hook amidst lively riffs. Settling into its snappy stroll, the enticing vocals of Alex Lewis step forward with a delivery which reveals potent variety as the song continues. Driving the track, the beats of Tom Hogan nag and harry ears, inviting eager physical response as the guitars of Adam Brewster and Sam Burnage spin their web of melodic and spiky goodness. Perpetually cored by that flirtatious hook, the track leaves ears wanting little; certainly there is something strongly familiar about the track but it only adds to its vivacity as the band’s more individual potential hints.

Second song is Anywhere But Here and it too needs a mere breath to manipulate feet and attention as riffs and tenacious rhythms get to work. Whereas the bass of Lewis Wolton was sunk a touch too much into the mix of its predecessor for personal tastes, it is a throbbing lure at the forefront of the final song with his lines as inescapably virile as the rousing vocal roar and the urgency of the guitars. Punk rock unapologetically catchy and punchy with great zeal in its heart the song hit the spot with ease.

Being suggested for those with an appetite of bands such as Four Year Strong, Chunk! No Captain Chunk, and State Champs, Between The Lines is a band worthy of keeping a close ear upon especially if they can realise the promise of their excellent debut and fuel it with the uniqueness they are already giving glimpses of.

To The Wind is released July 6th digitally and on CD.

Pete RingMaster 05/07/2018

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Seasons – Self Titled EP


Their Facebook page suggests that alternative rock band Seasons were formed just a few weeks back in mid-February. Listening to their self-titled debut EP, you get the feeling the band might have stepped into the open then but its members have been working on their music for a touch or two longer. The four track introduction is a potent and lively affair, and sure to be one of the most accomplished debuts heard on the UK rock scene this year. You would not say it startles but everything about the band’s proposition is imaginatively crafted, confident, and boldly captures the imagination enough to spark the want to know much more.

Formed by vocalist Grant Tuffs, guitarist/vocalist Matt Turnbull, and bassist Brad Beech, Seasons recorded a couple of tracks before seeing its line-up completed with the addition of drummer/vocalist Antony Cardinal and guitarist/vocalist Steve Watts. Recording their EP with producer Dan J Lambert at Valhalla Studios, Seasons are now poised to launch themselves fully with its release with opener video/single Sailed Ships as its potent lead.

Saesons-Cover_RingMasterReviewSailed Ships instantly grabs ears with its opening infectious riff against the just as swiftly impressing tones of Tuffs. In no time rhythms are jabbing with open eagerness too as melodies and hooks unite for a web of sonic enterprise as vibrant as the union of vocals from across the band. Continuing to entice and offer great twists with spicy grooves, anthemically roaming rhythms, and emotional angst to the fore, the track is a mighty start and first taste of the band.

To be honest, the track is the pinnacle of the release, the star of the show but closely challenged by second track Rumours. It has a leaner body of sound but the same zeal in its imagination and rousing emotions as its predecessor, as well as the adventurous air to songwriting and delivery. Scything riffs and robust rhythms unite with evocative melodies and harmonies throughout, holding ears and satisfaction tight before making way for Seven Years and its gentler and equally emotive hug. Tuffs again excels, impressing with his expressive voice, as too the guitar craft of Turnbull and Watts as they shape a song breeding more volatility and tenacious energy over time. Driven by the magnetic beats of Cardinal, the song has a strongly familiar character to its pleasing presence but comes wrapped in the band’s own inventive touch to only leave satisfied thoughts

The EP is completed by The Runaway; a song as boisterous as it is melodically mellow and flourishing on the suggestive tones of Beech’s bass and more ear catching harmonies and vocal dexterity from Tuffs and band. It is a fiery end to a thoroughly enjoyable first encounter with Seasons. From the release alone, it seems that the Bedford hailing band has all the qualities and ideas to become a potent presence, especially if they can hone real distinctiveness in a sound already luring comparisons to band such as Young Guns and Mallory Knox.

The Seasons EP is released as a free download March 25th.

Pete Ringmaster 23/03/2016

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Silver Coast – Seasons


Breeding a loyal fan-base and earning a potent reputation for their sound and live presence in their home city of Inverness and beyond, Scottish quartet Silver Coast is now getting to grips with stirring up broader attention across the UK. Latest mini album Seasons is leading the persuasion, the release an emotive roar of alternative and melodic rock with an invitation for ears which commands to be taken notice of. It is an introduction to a wider spread audience which will certainly not stir any real surprise if and when it sparks a new flood of eager ears the way of Silver Coast.

Formed late 2012, Silver Coast was soon lighting up appetites on the local live scene with highlights including supporting the likes of Fatherson, lostAlone, and King Charles in the city. Over time they began sharing their presence and sound further afield, backed by the release of the highly praised 2014 single Believe. Last year saw the foursome of vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Aaron Murray, guitarist Andrew Thomas, bassist Jason Simpson, and drummer Michael Cappie playing the main stage at Belladrum and end 2015 with a show at Glasgow’s King Tuts, and with Seasons already beginning to stir things up, this year looks like following suit in success and raising attention.

art_RingMasterReviewAs Seasons opens with Pictures, there is an immediate lure of popping guitar strings as a seductive melody wraps around ears. It is a swiftly engaging entrance to release and song reinforced by the strong melodic tones of Murray and subsequently the darker heavy hues of bass amidst crisp beats. As things evolve, a sultry country tinged twang escapes guitars, sparking brightly against the sombre yet warm atmospheric sky of the song. As it continues, ears are lured deeper into the song’s creative heart, every passing minute a discovery of subtle but openly inventive twists and elements which have laid in wait for their moment to please and intrigue. The band has cited inspirations as coming from bands such as Feeder, You Me at Six, and Twin Atlantic, and similar spices, if not direct comparisons, certainly colour the opener and its following companions.

Needing You Needing Me slips in next and instantly builds upon the great start with its magnetic coaxing of sonic enterprise and vocal prowess. Through never nearing an explosion of energy, the track is as catchy as hell, even in its quietest moments, and even more compelling when it raises its creative and emotional temperature. Again without exactly sounding like them, the song brings thoughts of The Mighty Lemon Drops to the fore and also frees a scent of Orange Juice to its jangling resourcefulness before making way for the similarly infectious Wake Up. Enticing ears into following its title, the song saunters along with a melodic smile and emotive edge; further feeding an already keen appetite for the band’s highly engaging rock ‘n’ roll.

A beefier intensity is uncaged by Taking Chances next, its tempestuous air thick drama around the emerging melodic and harmonic contagiousness of the song. Rhythms add a punch and imposing shadowing whilst Thomas spins a web of sonic expression with his fingers as Murray potently croons. It is fair to say that each Silver Coast song is a kaleidoscope of flavour and textures, here light and dark colliding and colluding for another arousal of air and ears before parting for the album’s title track. A calmer hug of emotive sound, the final song is a reflective serenade of voice and piano wrapped in the expressive arms of guitar. It too bares new sides to its inventive and emotive soul with rhythms building up a brooding atmosphere which becomes subsequently laced with the provocative romancing of keys and melodies.

It is a fine end to a release which is certainly thoroughly enjoyable on the first listen or two but really comes into its own over time and with further exploration. At times it feels like Silver Coast pull back on their boldness, hinting at losing any creative restraints but in the end keeping that final spark which anticipations wants under wraps. Nevertheless Seasons is a potent first look for a great many at a band really beginning to creatively blossom.

Seasons is out now @

Pete RingMaster 15/03/2016

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