Inca Babies: Deep Dark Blue

Inca Babies

    Deep Dark Blue is easily one of the best albums of 2012 and one of our favourites, a release which shows that the creativity of Inca Babies just gets richer and more delicious. The thirteen track album is a sensational treat which teases and ignite the passions with all the expected shadows conjured by the band brewed in a sweltering vat of new imagination and mesmeric enterprise.

Since its beginnings in 1982, the Manchester band has brought a distinct and hypnotic presence to rock n roll with their punk spine combining trash rock, surf punk, garage blues. The early days brought great acclaim and popularity, the band playing four John Peel Show sessions over the years, frequently topping indie charts, and playing tours and dates across Europe, not to forget releasing four acclaimed albums and numerous equally received singles. The time also saw the band struggle with holding onto drummers and singers to remain alongside guitarist Harry Stafford and bassist Bill Marten. This eventually led to the demise of the band in the late eighties, Inca Babies running out of suitable options. The release of the Best Of… compilation album Plutonium in 2006, ignited great interest on the band again and it reformed the following year with Gold Blade drummer Rob Haynes joining Stafford  who took on vocals too, and Marten. As gigs followed inside and beyond the UK, the band began working on their first original album since reforming but sadly midway through Marten passed away and everything was put on hold as the band came to terms with the devastating loss. Eventually in tribute to and to keep his legacy alive the band, with friend and former A Witness bass player Vince Hunt coming into the setup, completed the album Death Message Blues which was released late 2010.johnn

Released on their own Black Lagoon Records, their sixth studio album is quite possibly their best work yet, the maturity and DDB album coverexperiences of the band leading to songs which just lay organically on the heart as if born from your own personal passion. Rightly or wrongly we have always thought of Inca Babies as the UK version of The Birthday Party, not necessarily in sound but in journeying through the darkest of shadows and using them as a wrapping to their unique vision. Deep Dark Blue again gives plenty of evidence for us to remain casting that ‘shadow’ over them whilst continuing to mark the band as something which is one of a kind.

The album opens with is their first single for twenty five years, My Sick Suburb. Opening on simple beats and a grouchy bass the track is an instant bluesy attraction especially with the jangly guitar and vocals of Stafford soon adding their presence. It is an uncluttered track with a sure swagger which ticks all the boxes, and though the choice of single from the album would have been different for us you can see why it was chosen and not argue with its open effectiveness.

From a strong start the album just gets better and better. The following But Not This Time is a fiery stomp of sonic guitar rubs and what in no time becomes an addictive element of the whole release, that heavily prowling and throaty bass invention. Throughout many of the songs the Cramps like breath which lacquers the sound is irresistible with this song and the next up title track the first such pleasures. This track is a smouldering stroll through a heated atmosphere with caging rhythms and sizzling guitar sonics which place the senses on edge and set the heart alight. It is a twisted blues piece of grandeur with an acidic twang and viral infection to its gait.

It is so tempting to wax lyrical about every track on the album but will resist and just mention personal highlights amongst only nonstop irrepressible and contagious slices of delight. Firstly there is the twin scintillation of the gallows themed Following Jorges and the psyche elegant Bikini Quicksand, both with a similar yet different heat to their coruscate air. Tracks like Tower Of Babel and Monologues Of Madness also trigger all the passions possible but all are exceeded by two songs, Endgame Check Out Club and Sven Hassel v Billy The Kid. The first of the pair is a track which plays like a psychobilly Johnny Cash track spiced with The Screaming Blue Messiahs, its infectious groove and scorching solo a welcome sonic branding which any one would be proud to bear. The second is just brilliance in action, everything about the song an ‘orgasmic’ addiction. Punk guitars graze the ear whilst sharing time with vocal and bass lures just impossible to resist, their combined mischief sheer genius. Easily one of the best songs heard this year its mix of bruising storms and magnetic simplicity is quite masterful and a true triumph.

As declared earlier every track on Deep Dark Blue is outstanding, making for an album which should stand to the fore of any best of lists and the heart of all who engage its magnificent company.

RingMaster 07/12/2012

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EndAnd: Adventures of Fi in Space

EndAnd is one of those bands which instantly strikes up a rapport with the senses, heart and mind. They are refreshing, honest, and more than a little mischievous which is always a plus but most of all they create music which you feel you need. The trio barge through the ear with a brew of garage rock and melodic punk which is all passion, an insatiable noise to excite the palate and thrill the extremities.

Their new album Adventures of Fi in Space is made up of two EPs, Adventures of Hi-Fi in Space and Adventures of Lo-Fi in Space. The first is a five song adventure consisting of pristine studio recordings whilst the latter brings a collection of DIY recordings. Together they combine for a release which provokes and incites in equal measure and most of all gives the fullest pleasure.

Formed in early 2011 in Brooklyn, New York, EndAnd was originally the project of duo of vocalist and guitarist Daniel Fern and drummer Mike Morales. As their stock rose and acclaim gathered around them the band expanded to a trio with the addition of bassist and vocalist Bill Fitzgerald, a man they found playing for Capita Clip who the pair shared a stage with one night. Asking him to sit in on a practice he became a full member from that point and EndAnd from a project became a power trio.

Adventures of Hi-Fi in Space is a breathtaking quintet of songs which fire up the senses with explosive rock n roll at its finest. The opening Far In Between is an openly infectious feast of sticky hooks and melodic teasing driven with addictive rhythms and vocal harmonies to devour greedily. The song is impossible to refuse and soon has voice and limbs let alone passions, in sync to its compulsive eagerness. It is as poppy as is possible without any lost of power and in many ways takes one back to the eighties when power pop found a foothold in punk rock.

The Pixies flavoured Labor Force continues the stunning start. The guitar of Fern churns up the senses through inciteful discord whilst the bass of Fitzgerald stokes up any dormant embers within for more raging flames of pleasure. With elements of bands like The Melvins joining the sound the song scampers through the ear with relish intent to ruffle up the edges of the constant enjoyment instigated by its melodic presence. The track works on every level and leaves a big grin inside by its end.

The scuzz littered So What Now and Commando, a track which bristles with an intensity which leaves one gasping, both take the ear and beyond on a riotous electrified journey, brief and explosive it may be especially with the first of the pair but gloriously rewarding. The closing Death Song too is a storm of riled sounds brought with a relentless abrasive energy. Looking in to every corner and cranny of the EP to try and find some less successful element to temper the unbridled enthusiasm towards the release the realism that there is nothing soon emerges, the release hitting every spot dead centre for the greatest satisfaction.

Of course we have Adventures of Lo-Fi in Space yet to maybe bring a balance to the adoration so far. Made up of four songs the second EP is a raw warts and all slice of unpolished punk n roll. The untouched sound gives a different organic feel to the companion EP but is no less absorbing as songs like Dawl and Legend arguably reveal more about the strength and craft of the songwriting and the band. It also shows how DIY can spawn the most pure and honest sounds, the two songs just mentioned alone taking you emotionally places a studio cut can only dream of. The second of the pair brings a mix of The Jam, Pere Ubu, and Screaming Blue Messiahs to mind as it lights up the ear whilst the garage rock distillery of sound within Sweet is a Kinks borne hybrid which one can only relish deeply.

Bottom line, Adventures of Fi in Space is quite brilliant, an outstanding treat of punk and garage rock all can delight and get dirty within. Oh, and its available at a name your own price offer @ so basically all your birthdays have just gathered at your door, go enjoy!

RingMaster 14/08/2012

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