The Art of Amputation – Distorted Pop Song/ Californian English

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Listening to Distorted Pop Song, one half of the new AA-sided single from UK progressive rock band The Art of Amputation, is like being wrapped up in a warm duvet against a squalling wind. It is a thick haze of melodic and sonic enterprise which gives you a fuzzy feeling in the senses warding off shadows and at times reality. Aligned to the more tenacious and incendiary Californian English, song and single is a captivating offering from the London quintet, not a startling one but an encounter which though an instant enjoyment takes its time truly seducing the emotions.

Formed when Hugh Fox (drums, programming, percussion) and Allan Harrod (vocals, guitar, keyboards) linked up as a duo after the break-up of a previous band, The Art of Amputation soon Picture 172became a trio as the pair began writing and recording their debut EP. Realising they needed another guitarist to realise their explorations inspired by the likes of Weezer, Pixies, The Beatles, and David Bowie, they recruited Mark Hyden (guitars, vocals). Next Freddy de Lord (keyboards, vocals, saxophone) was enlisted with subsequently their acclaimed self-titled EP unveiled in April this year. With a line-up now completed by Tim Harrod (vocals, percussion), the band unveil their new single, a release which as mentioned does not take the listener by the scruff of the neck but as it smoulders vibrantly, leads them into a sultrily twisted seduction which in turn recruits a keen appetite.

Distorted Pop Song emerges from a distant horizon, keys and sonic endeavour light smog which spreads as the song nears and mellow vocals glides resourcefully across the senses. In full view the song becomes a rich and thick tapestry of emotive vocal hues and evocative melodic colour immersing a heavier rhythmic and shadowed enticement. It ebbs and flows with bulging waves of sound and enterprising textures to toy with the imagination whilst its blustery climate and provocative embrace comes superbly lit by voice, keys, and exotic flames of sax.

Its companion Californian English has a more indie rock essence to its breath and presence, thoughts of Editors coming to the fore as the song opens up a persuasion of jangling guitars and flowing keys around a great varied vocal enticement. Again there is a rich and dense atmosphere to the song, psychedelic breezes colluding with jazz and rock intrigue for an enthralling weave of sound. With slightly more bite to its presence, the song is the peak of the pair but both tracks of the single standout and raise a hunger to know and hear more from the band.

Alongside the darkly enchanting EP, The Art of Amputation’s feistier new single reinforces their impressive emergence whilst showing further adventure and character to their songwriting and sound. The single is not the spark to a fire in passion’s belly but definitely a richly satisfying stoking of their embers from one of the more exciting prospects within the British scene.

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Peur – Explosions

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Big, bold, and drenched in just as sizeable passion, Explosions the new single from UK rock band Peur is one stirring and dramatic proposition. It is not a song which bursts with open originality yet its thick textures and melodic enterprise make for an invigorating and fresh adventure which leaves only the healthiest appetite for song and band.

Hailing out of Manchester in the early days of 2013, Peur spent their first year drawing increasing attention and support through their emerging sound, impassioned live performances, and well –received debut single Anarchy. Backed by an equally potent video, the track was the teaser to bigger things in the shape of the band’s acclaimed We Can Build Astronauts EP also last year. The success of the release took Peur’s presence beyond the local scene, attracting attention across the UK whilst one of its tracks, Persued By Bears ignited the ears of Korn guitarist Munky. It is easy to expect Explosions to breed an even greedier spotlight such its rampant blaze of heavy and melodic rock tinged with melodic metal and bordering on punk tenacity. Time will tell but certainly the single will take the trio of Joe Lomax (guitar/vocals), Ryan Greenhalgh (bass/vocals) and Sam Tempest (drums/percussion) to broader recognition.

Explosions opens as its titles suggest, erupting in ears with thumping beats and grouchy riffs cored by a dark throated bassline. There is a definite Queens Of The Stone Age feel to the start which persists throughout but it is soon tempered as vocals emotively roar and the skilled melodic adventure of the song casts its intrigue. It is a fiery mix with a predatory hunger fuelling the rhythmic side of the track, bass and drums baiting ears with uncompromising temptation whilst guitars and voice colour their imposing web. As suggested there is a familiarity to the track but it only spices up a pungent and voracious bellow of a song which without reserve ignites ears and passions swiftly and persistently.

With a tinge of Foo Fighters, Reuben, and 28 Days to its air too, Explosions is a thrilling stomp of a song, another excuse to wax lyrical about one exciting emerging band, whilst the single is the perfect way to get in on the ground floor of an easy to expect eventful ascent for Peur.

Explosions is available now via Ruby Music @

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