Say Just Words: Screams in the Darkness- A Collection


Screams in the Darkness- A Collection is the new album from a band which has emerged as an enveloping impressive force within the world of harsh dark electro and EBM. Say Just Words grabbed the attention of a strongly growing allegiance of now fans with their EP The Perfect Killer at the very end of last year leading into this and with its release December 21st through Engraved Ritual and Mutante Records, Screams in the Darkness will end the year with a high for dance floors and passions just as the band marked its start.

As the title suggests the album is the coming together of tracks from various areas from the band, songs which have been culled from the six year history and earliest recordings of the band. A limited edition CD release in hand–numbered form as well as available digitally, it is an album sure to inspire a ‘brawl’ for its physical ownership. The tracks ignite the senses with a variation of melodic and sinister encounters which leave only elevated satisfaction in their wake and an impatience for more from the band over the next year.

Hailing from Chile, Say Just Words is the project of José Brantes (all instruments, music, vocals) and Eduardo Espinosa (Eduardo Cid (lyrics, live synth)). Early releases A Dark Desire Machine and first album The Shadow Of The Chaos, both self released, certainly marked the band as one to watch in their limited introduction but with the arrival of The Perfect Killer, the band stepped up into one which was promising to have a big say in the direction of the genre, something despite the older material within, the new album continues that impression.

Screams in the Darkness takes over mind and emotions within moments of the opening title track, the dawning melodic ambience and insidious vocal effects evoking chills before the song unleashes its rampage of thumping beats and acidic discord within sonic elegance. The distorted vocals the band are noted for as much as their sounds, lick at the ear with a serpent tongue which brings a caustic edge whilst only engaging and tempering the smouldering beauty wrapped around it and the energetic gait. The track features vocals by Ralph Stahlnebel of Stahlnebel & Black Selket, one of a number of guest appearances upon the release.

The outstanding and disorientating sonic bruising of Infeccion lies its verging on debilitating presence and hungry energy upon the ear next, and is easily one of the best tracks on the album. It is a tsunami of heat and intensity which treats the senses to an unrelenting wash of abrasive breath and synapse challenging enterprise.  Say Just Words is a band with a mastery of fusing melodic wonder and unforgiving sonic intensity and one certainly going by this song, which relishes offering a spiteful intrusive breath to their accomplished triumphant weaves.

It is fair to say in what is really a compilation in many ways there are no fillers which you enjoy but swiftly move on from, all tracks a diverse and invigorating pleasure and emotive soundscape to investigate. Personal highlights though come with firstly This Is Not Salvation, the single which teased us before the album release with its golden shafts of aural sun and electronic caresses. It is a track which treats limbs and emotions like a puppeteer, taking them to lofty raptures and equalled in their own distinct presences by the darkest shadows of Terror Horror featuring the always menacing yet compulsive vocals of Fredrik Croona (Project Rotten, Cynical Existence) and the blistering intimidation of Noise of Broken Souls. Both tracks whip the senses into a storm of malevolence and delicious sonic trials to survive, the latter a seductive weave which kisses the ear whilst ripping fissures of danger deeper within.

Further guest contributions come from Katia Braut of Die Braut on Agreement of Death and Exsubte of Reaxion Guerrilla upon Controlling Me (Skullfucked Mix), again tracks which evoke imaginative thoughts and reactions to their skilled touch upon the senses.

Screams in the Darkness- A Collection is an excellent album which either as a retrospective feast of older material for existing fans or an introduction to Say Just Words for new, inspires nothing but impacting thrills and deeply satisfied emotions. You feel 20123 is going to be a giant year for the band with this album the perfect lead in.

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God Destruction: Illuminatus

On the recent compilation Synthetic Rage Volume 1 from label Engraved Ritual, one of the tracks that stood out dominantly amongst many great artists on the very strong release was from Mexican harsh EBM band God Destruction. Anticristo was a raging highlight introducing the band and their lingering and destructive blend of dark electro, black metal, blasphemous intent, and satanic heart. The song festered and incinerated the senses with its intrusive and infectious sound waking up a keen anticipation for more from the band. Iluminatus also through Engraved Ritual is the debut album from God Destruction and not only reinforces all the immensely positive reactions the song nurtured but has gone way beyond to be one of the most impressive and deeply rewarding releases this year.

The music and creativity which pervades the senses is as distinct and far reaching as the venomous blackened intensity that pours in a torrent from every track on the release. Illuminatus is the soundtrack to the rise and return of the horned one, an aural perversion of the finest craft to mark and manipulate the emotions to his wishes and intent. Most of all it is one stunning album of music that manipulates the senses and body like a maniacal hell spawn puppeteer, it refuses to be ignored, makes it impossible to resist, and sets in motion the deepest and most fulfilling union between it and those falling within its corruption.

The album is one of the most highly consistent to be heard in a long time, and though some tracks emerge as favourites each and every one vies for top honours on each and every satisfying immersion into its sweltering vibrant mass. The opening Lvzbel enters on a defined electro mission with samples as striking as the energised yet patient synths that spread around them. The mid paced stomp across the ear resonates with each mighty beat demanding and pulling an immediate subservience to its intense uncompromising sounds. The duo of Charles Black and Satan Imperor crush, tantalise and mesmerise with equal effect from the start with sounds that envelope and search out every corner of the senses opening them up for the rasping serpentine vocals that wonderfully scorch and scrape every surface they touch.

The unrelenting imagination and intrusive electro violations continue unabated and in open diversity on the album, the likes of Become Death and the rapture/ contagion that oozes at every varied twist and turn, the aforementioned scathing aural colossus Antichristo, and the two church corruptions In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas and Prometheus just a quartet of the striking invention unleashed.  The second of these last two is a rampant and unrepentant provocation that strikes at the heart of he who will become second best.

     Illuminatus ends its eleven original tracks on a blistering high with the trio of songs Armageddon, Son of Satan, and Across the Light. The first is a metal infused destructive and malevolent crawl over the senses, its caustic surface dazzling with crystal melodies as sharp and intrusive as the always wonderfully abrasive vocals and the withering ingenuity brought by the incisive synths and acidic melodies. Son of Satan is another agitated and malicious assault on the senses, its evil grin dripping adrenaline and vindictiveness. The song is the most violent and intrusive on the album, its fingers going places that were unknown even to its recipients. Across the Light finishes off the trio with an expansive and hypnotic mesh of atmospheric grandeur, dawning light, and creeping consuming disease. It is a perfect bringing together of beauty and pit borne malice that brings a finality to the album perfectly.

The album also comes with remixes from Stahlnebel & Black Selket, Mas-Si-Osare and Reaxion Guerrilla to add an extra pleasure to a mighty album. Every aspect of Illuminatus is intense and of the highest quality musically, vocally and in invention. It niggles, persists and never leaves one alone throughout its ninety minute purge of the senses and is an enthralling pleasure for every second. The album is mastered by Mario Carrasco from Sin D.N.A. with his fine expressive and receptive mix bringing an obvious understanding and additional expertise to the thoughts and ideas of the band.

There have been a few very impressive and unique harsh EBM/dark electro tracks and releases over the past few months but Illuminatus sits at the top easily and with sure strength. God Destruction has opened the door to hell, they its fanfare and companion and ensuring more from them will be eagerly awaited.

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